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RELEASE DAY!! Blog tour--Dandelion Dust

Okay, people, I'm SO EXCITED! Today is the day one of my very best friend and dear critique partner releases her very first book into the world! *squeals*

I've known her for a bit over three years, and I've been waiting for this day! She puts so much heart and feeling into her stories, and I'm so very excited that you all get to experience some of her lovely writing now, too. So, without any more of my rambling, let's get on with this post.

About the Book:

Like a speck of dandelion dust riding the tides of a prairie wind, life is fleeting. Though I never realized just how fragile it was until that day . . .

Charity always had a dream. It was simple, really. Find a guy, fall in love, and get married.
The day she met Ryder, Charity knew he was the man God had chosen for her. But she never expected their relationship to be tested and tried through the fires of a freak accident. Suddenly, her world is thrown into chaos, and the bleak, white walls and sterile smells of a city hospital fill every spare minute. And then there comes the dreaded news. It was likely Ryder would never make it out of the hospital bed.
As her carefully laid plans for the future come crashing down around her and the sun seems to set on her dreams, can Charity still find hope in the dark of night?

Like a dandelion, life is beautiful. But treasure every moment. . . for one day, the flower will be gone.

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About the Author:

Faith Potts is a teenage writer, living with her family and beloved yellow labs in the southeastern US. When she's not writing stories, consuming large amounts of coffee, reading books, or creating pottery, she can be found laughing harder than is healthy, daydreaming, and – of course – blowing dandelions.

Writing blog: Stories by Firefly
Faith blog: Chosen Vessels
Social media:  Goodreads // Pinterest // Instagram

My Review: 

Oh, where do I even start?! My crituqe partner is releasing a book! And this book is just incredible. It's been so amazing to watch Faith go through the whole process of the book. Getting the idea, writing a couple lines down and planning a short story, and then it just took off from there. Sometimes, it seemed to take forever for her to finish, and I'd tease her about it. Yet, looking back, she wrote it in record time. I just wasn't the most patient person on the planet. ;)
But I'm supposed to be reviewing the book, so here goes. 
The characters were amazing. From Char to Drew, and Ry to Hannah they all played a part in the story. None of the characters were just "there" because they had to be. They were all vital to the plot. 
Ry and Char's relationship was the sweetest, and I so loved reading all the scenes between them. 
The writing was sweet and simple. It fit the story well. And it sounded like it was supposed to; like an 18 year old girl narrating her story. It was perfect. Also, have I mentioned that I adore Faith's writing style? In some ways it's similar to mine, and it's always such a treat to be able to read any story she writes! 
I think the story line came together well. And I was so happy with the ending. It wrapped up the story well, yet left room for a sequel. And after all the heartache of the book, the epilogue was like a breath of fresh, crisp, sweet mountain air. 

So yes, I love the book. I adore it. perhaps not as much as Faith's yet-to-be-published historical fiction novel, but almost as much. It's beautiful. 

So go read it. 'Kay? 

Author Interview: 

1.) This is your first book to be published. How exactly does that make you feel? (Other than excited. ;))
Ecstatic? Through the roof? I seriously feel like bouncing around like a toddler (and may or may not have already done that and got some stares...). I've been flapping my hands like the fan girl I am, and I can.not.stop.staring at the beautifulness. 

2.) If you could chose one hymn to represent the book, which one would you chose? 
Oh, tough one. *bites lip* I could give so many answers here. Someone suggested I'll Fly Away because "dandelion dust flies away"...but I'm going to say God on the Mountain. He's still God of all, no matter what hardships we're facing in life. 

Life is easy, when you're up on the mountain
And you've got peace of mind, like you've never known
But things change, when you're down in the valley
Don't lose faith, for you're never alone
For the God on the mountain, is the God in the valley
When things go wrong, He'll make them right
And the God of the good times
Is still God in the bad times
The God of the day is still God in the night
We talk of faith way up on the mountain
Talk comes so easy when life's at its best
Now down in the valleys, of trials and temptations
That's where your faith, is really put to the test
For the God on the mountain is the God in the valley
When things go wrong, He'll make them right
And the God of the good times
Is still God in the bad times
The God of the day, is still God in the night
The God of the day, is still God in the night

3.) How has your relationship with God been impacted throughout the writing and publishing process of DD?
So deeply. Like, wow. Although I didn't realize it until I was quite a ways into the story, the inspiration was from God. He helped me through the first draft, and then pointed out the areas where I had veered off and showed me what to correct. There were times I actually cried while writing/editing this book, because the themes touched me on such a personal level. 

4.) Often times, we writer's are reflected in our writing, even if it's not intentional. In what ways does DD mirror you and your life? Or, to ask it a different way, how are the story and characters like you?
Speaking of the characters, Charity is basically me. I've written several young adult girl characters, but never related to one as well as I do with Char. And the story? I see reflections of myself in some (okay, most) of Charity's inner struggles, but I can't really say I relate to the plot. I mean, I don't have a boyfriend in a hospital in Oklahoma, sooo... 

5.) What is one thing you feel God has taught you as you wrote DD? 
To cherish those nearest me. To not take things for granted. Whether it be all the amazing people in my life or small, seemingly insignificant things like friendly smiles, golden sunsets, and dandelions, they're all gifts from God that should be appreciated.


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Now go and get yourself a copy! ;) 

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RJF ~ Favorite Historical Fiction books

Hello all! Today I'm posting as a part of Deborah's Recommend June Fest. So I'm going to give you a list of my favorite Historical Fiction books. Since it's like, my favorite genre ever. I know, you never would have guessed. xD

London in the Dark: 

London, 1910

Budding Private Detective Cyril Arlington Hartwell has a conundrum. London is being ravaged by the largest run of thefts in recent history. His hunch that it is all tied together may put him and those he loves in more danger than he could have reckoned.

Olivia Larken Hartwell is just home from boarding school for the summer anticipating time with her adoring parents.She misses her absent brother, Cyril, hoping for the day he will finally come home. But tragedy strikes, causing upheaval for all concerned and changes her life in a way she never could have imagined. 

Olivia, Cyril, and their friends must bring the hidden to light, seek to execute justice, and dispel the darkness that hovers over London… and their hearts.


Munich, Germany 1942—Hans Scholl never intended to get his younger sister involved in an underground resistance. When Sophie Scholl finds out, she insists on joining Hans and his close friends in writing and distributing anti-Nazi leaflets entitled, The White Rose. The young university students call out to the German people, begging them to not allow their consciences to become dormant, but to resist their tyrannical leader and corrupt government. Hans knows the consequences for their actions—execution for committing high treason—but firm in his convictions, he’s prepared to lose his life for a righteous cause. Based on a true story, Hans, Sophie and all the members of The White Rose resistance will forever inspire and challenge us to do what is right in the midst of overwhelming evil. 


What if Jane Austen’s Emma lived in America in the year 1930? 

The talk of stock market crashes and depression isn’t going to keep Emmeline Wellington down. Born to wealth and privilege, Emmeline wants nothing more than to help her new friend, Catarina, find a husband. Emmeline sets her sights on one of the town’s most eligible bachelors, but nothing seems to go right. Even her friend and neighbor Fredrick Knight seems to question her at every turn. 

Will she help Catarina find the man of her dreams? Why is her father acting so strangely? Will the downturn affect her life, despite her best efforts? 

When Tides Turn:

Tess Beaumont is tired of being thought of as just a pretty face. Eager to do her part for the war effort, she joins the Navy's newly established WAVES program for women. Perhaps there she can convince people that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Lt. Dan Avery has been using his skills in the fight against German U-boats and hoping to make admiral. The last thing he wants to see on his radar is a girl like Tess. Convinced that romance will interfere with his goals, Dan is determined to stay the course, no matter how intriguing a distraction Tess is.

But love, like war, is unpredictable. When Dan is shipped out at the peak of the Battle of the Atlantic, he finds himself torn between his lifelong career goals and his desire to help the beguiling Tess root out a possible spy on shore. Could this fun-loving glamour girl really be the one? 

The Butterfly and the Violin:

A Mysterious painting breathes hope and beauty into the darkest corners of Auschwitz--and the loneliest hearts of Manhattan.

Manhattan art dealer Sera James watched her world crumble at the altar two years ago, and her heart is still fragile. Her desire for distraction reignites a passion for a mysterious portrait she first saw as a young girl--a painting of a young violinist with piercing blue eyes.

In her search for the painting, Sera crosses paths with William Hanover--the grandson of a wealthy California real estate mogul--who may be the key to uncovering the hidden masterpiece. Together Sera and William slowly unravel the story behind the painting's subject: Austrian violinist Adele Von Bron.

A darling of the Austrian aristocracy of 1942, talented violinist, and daughter to a high-ranking member of the Third Reich, Adele risks everything when she begins smuggling Jews out of Vienna. In a heartbeat, her life of prosperity and privilege dissolves into a world of starvation and barbed wire.

As Sera untangles the secrets behind the painting, she finds beauty in the most unlikely of places: the grim camps of Auschwitz and the inner recesses of her own troubled heart.

Brothers in Arms:

Franz Kappel and Japhet Buchanan never expected their friendship to be tested by the Th ird Reich. Friends from early childhood, the boys form an inseparable, brotherly bond. Growing up in a little German village, they escape most of the struggles of war until the day Japhet is banished from school for being a Jew, and later has a rib broken when other village boys beat him up. Franz learns he is putting himself in danger for spending so much time with Japhet but continues to stand up for his Jewish friend even at the risk to himself. Th en one day their lives are shattered when they see first-hand that the price of being a Jew is dangerously high. 
With the war now on their doorsteps, Franz and Japhet come up with a desperate plan to save their families and get them out of Germany alive. Leaving behind the lives they've always known, they move into Berlin with nothing to protect them but forged papers and each other. Convinced their friendship can keep them going, the boys try and make a new life for themselves while trying to keep their true identities and Japhet's heritage a secret. Taking his best friend's safety upon himself, Franz joins the Nazis in an attempt to get valuable information. At the same time, Japhet joins the Jewish Resistance, neither friend telling the other of their new occupations.
With everyone in their world telling them a Nazi and a Jew can't be friends, it is only a matter of time before they believe all the lies themselves, until neither is certain if they are fi ghting against a race of people or fi ghting for their homeland. Somehow they have to survive the horrors of World War II, even when all of Germany seems to be against them.

There are just a few of my favorites. Tell me, have you read any of them? Do any of them sound like one you'd enjoy? 

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The Dressmaker's Secret/Ivy Introspective blog tour!

Hello all! I told you I'd see you Saturday, didn't I? Well, lookie here, I forgot I signed up for a blog tour! ;)
So, without further ado about nothing, let's get on with it!

Author Interview:

1.) Why did you decide on a series for Alice and Ivy, as opposed to one book?

Originally, it was going to be just one book (The Dressmaker's Secret) ... but I honestly couldn't let go of the characters.

Besides, I felt bad that Ivy didn't get some attention, too. She was Alice's quiet, oft-forgotten sister ... but I felt that she had a story (or in this case, stories), too.

And I'd always intended to write Alice as an adult at some point. So ... I suppose a series just made sense!

2.) Your favorite genre to read and write is historical fiction. What is it that so draws you to this genre?

There's a certain magic in the past. I don't know what it is exactly ... but it's just amazing! I've always loved stories from the past (I think a great deal of it comes from my mom, who was always really into learning about the personalities behind historical characters, etc.), and it just seemed like a natural option to me.

However, I did stumble upon historical fiction by accident rather than setting out to write in that genre. I had no idea I was writing it until I'd already finished The Dressmaker's Secret! The original genre was 'something realistic that's set in the 1870s.' XD I'm really kind of stupid sometimes (and I mean that in the nicest way ... because I'm talking about myself and who wants to insult themselves?).

3.) How has music, particularly the fact that you play piano, impacted your writing?

Well, first of off, a disclaimer: I play the piano, "A LITTLE," as Mr. Rochester emphatically informs Jane Eyre of her musical talents. Yet another thing Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, and I have in common ... ;)

In Ivy Introspective, (minor spoilers, though there's a piano on the cover so ... I don't know how you wouldn't know this), Ivy learns to play the piano, and this helps her clear her head and serves as a sort of a ... thought-conductor, if you will. Music can effect people majorly - it has me, anyway - and I wanted to show that in my book ... along with the fact that some special needs children do have special talents such as music which help them focus (at least that's what my research has shown; it's not always the case, but it can be and often is).

So, I suppose music - and playing the piano - have both impacted my writing, especially my writing of IvIn. However, music can be a great source of inspiration for me. Often my plot or characters are inspired by songs.

4.) If you could choose one hymn as the theme song for each book, what would the song be for TDS? IvIn?

Ooh, that's a hard one! I have several contemporary Christian songs for each (to be fair, while I was writing these books we were going to newer churches which played more contemporary songs more often than hymns; we only started going to a church that plays hymns again recently), but I don't know if I ever assigned a particular hymn for them. What about ...

TDS: The Solid Rock
IvIn: Fairest Lord Jesus

When I started answering these questions, I wasn't sure if I could really find hymns that fit the stories, but ... I think I did!

The Solid Rock

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly lean on Jesus' name

This hymn is great for the story of Alice and her mother, both of whom need to learn to lean completely on Jesus.

Fairest Lord Jesus

Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of all nature,
O Thou of God and man the Son,
Thee will I cherish, Thee will I honor,
Thou, my soul’s glory, joy and crown.

I can't explain this one as well ... I think it has more to do with simple beauty and God's power than the actual meaning of the lyrics, to be honest. But it does fit Ivy's story, somehow.

5.) What happened in your life to get you interested in writing and publishing?

I've always been writing. I don't really know what gave me an interest in it.

I do remember wanting to be an author when I heard a quote from author Beverly Cleary about how she wanted to write about the world of normal children. I remember thinking, "Well, I love the world of Henry Huggins and Ramona Quimby, but ... that's not my world! Maybe I should write a story about that." I haven't actually written a story about my 'world,' but maybe I will someday. We'll see.

As far as publishing ... finishing a novel, I think. I mean, I'd finished books before, but prior TDS, they weren't full-length ... they were about 10K at the longest (I think). Longer books were never finished.

Also, I wrote TDS for NaNoWriMo 2014, and one of the "prizes" for winning was a free paperback copy of your book via Createspace. I never got that free copy, but seeing Createspace, signing up, and learning how it worked gave me the courage to try publishing.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Kellyn! I loved reading all your answers. ;) 

About the Books: 

The Dressmaker’s Secret

After a revealing conversation with the first children of her age she’s ever met, curious eight-year-old Alice Chattoway realizes that one ought to have a father … and she doesn’t. Having determined that his absence is making her mother unhappy, Alice resolves to find him and create a family for herself.

However, Alice’s mother, Miss Chattoway, is reluctant to answer any questions posed about a man she’d much rather forget. While Alice investigates, Miss Chattoway tries to balance her own spiritual turmoil with her need to be both mother and provider to her daughters.

Will Alice ever unravel her mother’s secrets? Can Miss Chattoway let go of the past to reach for the future?

Ivy Introspective

Trapped in a world where she doesn’t belong, twelve-year-old Ivy Knight struggles to keep her head above water as her simplicity is brought to light by her new position as a young lady growing up at Pearlbelle Park.

Worried about their daughter’s inability to fit in, Ivy’s parents decide to send her to McCale House, a boarding school in Scotland for boys and girls like her. However, alone and frightened without her beloved mother, sister, and nurse, Ivy can’t seem to focus.

Will Ivy ever learn what Dr. McCale is trying to teach her? Or will she remain lost in her own mind forever?

About the Author: 

Kellyn Roth was born and raised in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon. Ever since she could talk, she’s had a fascination with words, always coming up with songs, poems, and stories. Now a homeschooled highschooler, she spends her spare time penning historical novels, several of which have been published.

Blog tour Schedule: 

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So... I missed Friday's post. Which was supposed to be about the missions trip. However, we're still working on getting all the pictures together, and into a file where everyone who went on the trip can access it. And until I get those, I can't do the post.

Also, as some of you know, we're in the process of selling our home. So while I will do my best to post, the blogging schedule is going to be a bit sporadic the next few months. Don't worry. I'll still try to post at least once a week! But no promises. ;) Life is a bit crazy right now.

I hope you all are having an amazing summer thus far, and I will see you Saturday for the cover reveal!

Monday, June 19, 2017

I'm back//missions trips are amazing + Cover reveal

*waves* Hello lovely peoples! I hope this blog post finds you well! It's finding me a bit tired, but content and extremely thankful for the many amazing ways God has worked these past ten days. Yesterday was spent in the air and various international airports, and by God's grace I made it safely back home around 6pm last night. Thank you all so much for your prayers! We were blessed with great weather, no delayed flights, and a really awesome time in Mexico.

The trip was just . . . wow, guys. I have so much to say, and I'm not even sure how to say it. The past week has both been incredibly challenging in my walk with the Lord, yet at the same time such a blessing. Looking back in reflection, I can truly say it was the most amazing and precious week of my life. I leaned so much. We saw God work in so, so many different ways, so many different times. And for the first time, I realized just how blessed I am. And you know what? the past ten days were nothing short of inspiring.

Like I said above, I'm honestly not sure how to put all my thoughts and feelings into words right now. I did journal while I was gone, so I'm going to go back and re-read the entries  and take a few days to reflect on the time I spent there. And pray that God will give me the right words to share it all with you. So be looking for a post something like that on Friday. :)

For now . . . remember that hint I gave you about a cover? Well . . . it's a cover reveal. For A Question of Courage. Yes, I know, it's still around four months away for the *tentative* October publishing date. And normally that's a bit early to do a cover reveal. But . . . I've had this cover idea since last year around this time. And I've had the completed cover for around two months now. And I HAVE to share it with you guys! Hopefully you're as excited to see it as I am to show it to you. ;) The reveal will happen on July 1st, which is a Saturday. I'll send an email your way with the cover and instructions no later than the 24th.
So yes. *shoos you away toward the sign up* I can't wait to share this with you guys!

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Blogging Break

Hey all! Just jumping in here to let y'all know I'm going to be on a missions trip from the 9th(tomorrow) through the 18th. So the next two weeks there won't be any posts here on the blog. Also, I'll have no internet access, so . . . I'm pretty much taking a break from anything internet related. 

I'd also appreciate your prayers while I'm gone. For safety, of course. ;)  And also that during this time I would grow closer to Christ, and be able to serve the other believers around me. 

I have some exciting posts planned for when I get back, so stay tuned! I'll give you a hint. They have to do with books. And one of them has to do with a cover. I'll let you wonder!

Blessings, dear readers, and I hope you're enjoying the summer weather! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Day Never To Be Forgotten

Seventy-three years ago today, the largest armada of ships ever assembled set sail across the English channel, heading for the beaches of Nazi-controlled France.

No one could tell for sure what the impending battle would bring. But one thing was sure. It would be fighting unlike the men had ever seen before. And nothing in all their training could have properly prepared them for what they were about to face.

The weather wasn't all that favorable, either. But there wasn't any other option. It was either today, or delay it once again, this time for an indefinite amount of time.

They had to go. And it had to be done now.

The Leader of the Allied Forces in Europe, Dwight Eisenhower, simply said, "let's go."

By that evening, over 209,000 of the allied troops had fallen into an eternal sleep. Never to leave the battlefield they fought on.

Before the invasion, Eisenhower had written a failure message. One that would be sent back to the brass if the operations failed. It read;

“Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops,” it began.

“My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air, and the navy did all that bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt, it is mine alone."

By God's grace, that message never had to be delivered. The Allies were able to gain control of the beach, and began to work their way inland. It was a turning point in the war in Europe that would begin pushing the Germans back toward Germany.

But it came at a high cost. And may we never forget what this 209,000 men gave on this day that we could be free.

Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

~Winston Churchill 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Operation: Guadalcanal

Hello all! Welcome to our last post in this blog series! I hope you've had a good week. Mine's been a bit busy, but nothing compared to last week. ;)
I leave for the missions trip next Friday! *takes a deep breath* Hooowwwww did the time fly by so fast?!
This past weekend, my critique partner finished reading though A Question of Courage! Her comments were the sweetest, and I seriously don't know how I'd still be writing without her sweet encouragement and help. (Love ya, Faith! <3)
 I was also able to get it sent out to six, wonderful Alpha readers, and I'm eagerly awaiting their feedback. Two of these amazing girls have already finished, and their comments were super helpful, in addition to the fact that they made my week. ;)
I'm hoping for beta-readers in August . . . so I'm just gonna throw that out there now. ;) I'm not planning on having sign-ups, but if you'd like to read it, let me know!

And . . . okay, I'm gonna get on to the actual post now. xD I hope y'all enjoy!

Guadalcanal: The Battle of Guadalcanal 

While the title may sound  bit repetitive, it's... really not. ;) During the Guadalcanal operation, the major battle between the two opposing forces is known as the "Battle of Guadalcanal". Or "The Battle of the Solomon Islands." Or oftentimes known as "The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal", simply because of the fact that the majority of the battle happened on the open seas, between the American Navy, and the Japanese Navy. In reality, it wasn't really just one battle, but a series of battles that would determine who would keep control of the island.
October and November were hard months for the men on Guadalcanal. Dwindling food supplies, combined with the tropical climate, had many of the men down. Diseases like dysentery and malaria ran rampant, and the forces on both sides had taken heavy losses. 
Yet, there was an almost tangible feeling in the air. The feeling that something big was coming. And it was coming soon. 
In October, inland on the island, several battles had taken place between the American and Japanese forces. The Japanese had been on the island longer, and were worse off than the Americans. In addition to the tropical heat, the American Navy had effectively kept any of their supply ships from dropping them food. The men were, quite literally, starving. 

Most of the men are stricken with Dysentery...starvation is taking many lives, and weakening our already extended lines. We are doomed. ~ Major-General Kensaka Oda

In November, the Naval Battle took place. "The Japanese organizes four naval task forces for their operations. Two bombardment forces were to shell Henderson Fields; a third was to transport the 38th Division and it's equipment to Guadalcanal; a fourth would be in General support. 
The American naval forces were organized into two task forces. And these forces, though limited, had the task of reinforcing and resupplying Guadalcanal, as well as stopping the Japanese from taking it over." - The Road to Victory, Chapter 4, written by Robert O'Neil 

So basically, the American Navy was outnumbered, and he Japanese were on the way. Not a good way to start a battle, right?

Right. On November 13th,the Javanese forces entered the sound between Savo Island and Guadalcanal, and prepared to bomb Henderson Field. "In what would be called the First Battle for Guadalcanal, American Admiral Callaghan led his outmatched forces against the Japanese  battleships. The main action began at night, near Savo Island. The vanguards of these opposing forces intermingled, and the American column penetrated he Japanese formation. The outnumbered Americans returned fire from all directions and the the engagement degenerated into individual ship-to-ship actions. When the battle was over, both American Admirals were dead. But the Japanese had been turned back. Not one Japanese shell had struck the island, although out of the 13 U.S. ships, 12 had been sunk." The Road to Victory , Chapter 4,

The Americans had won one of the most strategic battles for the island. Another chip had been hammered away at the granite wall that was the Japanese forces. And their wall was wearing thin. 


There were several other battles that continued to be fought over the island until February of 1943. It was then that the Japanese realized they were fighting a losing battle, and they withdrew from the island. Though there were still many battles to go before the end of the war, the American victory at Guadalcanal was not only a boost to the American moral, but also a hard fought campaign that provided an example of what jungle and naval warfare in the Pacific would be like. 
It was also a battle that threw to the wind the idea of Japan's invincibility. From this battle, the commanders of the Army, Marines, and Navy were able to put into practice the theories of amphibious warfare they had been taught. From here, they were able to adapt them to where they would best work on the other islands which were soon to become battlegrounds. 
The war was far from over, but at last, the tide had changed. 

Unknown Hero: 

Mitchell Paige was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions at the battle of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. On October 26th, 1942, after all the other Marines in his platoon were either killed or wounded, Paige operated four machine guns for hours, single-handedly stopping an entire Japanese regiment. Had the position fallen and the Japanese regained Henderson Field, it is possible the outcome of World War II could have been significantly changed. 
In the years to come, Paige was repeatedly asked why he would be willing to put his life on the line for his country. He said that the answers took him back to a Pennsylvania three-room country school, where the children were so steeped in the traditions of America, that they literally felt themselves part of a glorious heritage - where they teacher opened the school day with a Bible verse and the Pledge of Allegiance, and where they memorized all the great documents that established the bedrock of America, such as the Gettysburg address.
His response went this way: "My undying love of country, and my strong loyalty to the Marines fighting by my side gave me no choice but to fight on unwavering  throughout my battles, utilizing my God-given ability to make use of what I had been taught and learned."
Paige also said, "I will never forget sitting in a foxhole, bloody, burned, and injured in the morning after the all-night, fierce, hand-to-hand battle against the overwhelming Japanese force on Guadalcanal. I was alone except for hundreds of dead bodies, of the enemy surrounding me. I emptied my pack, looking for something to stop the bleeding from a bayonet wound, and out fell my Bible. Picking it up in my dirty, bloody hands, I could scarcely believe it when it providentially opened up at Proverbs 3, and there were my mother's words. 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.'"
Mitchell Paige was a true servant and patriot of America . . . and America is proud to have had hundreds and thousands of valiant soldiers cut from the same cloth. ~ Taken from "The American Patriot's Bible". Also cross-referenced on different sites to make sure the information was true. 

The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the MEDAL OF HONOR to


for service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry in action above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the Second Battalion, Seventh Marines, First Marine Division, in combat against enemy Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands Area on October 26, 1942. When the enemy broke through the line directly in front of his position, Platoon Sergeant Paige, commanding a machine-gun section with fearless determination, continued to direct the fire of his gunners until all his men were either killed or wounded. Alone, against the deadly hail of Japanese shells, he manned his gun, and when it was destroyed, took over another, moving from gun to gun, never ceasing his withering fire against the advancing hordes until reinforcements finally arrived. Then, forming a new line, he dauntlessly and aggressively led a bayonet charge, driving the enemy back and preventing a break through in our lines. His great personal valor and unyielding devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

/S/ FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (Citation taken from Wikipedia


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