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Indie Christian Book Sale!

Hey y'all! Just popping in to let y'all know about this amazing book sale going on right now! And they're all Indie books! Amazing, right? Normally I'd try to add a bit more to the post . . . but I'm still rather exhausted from yesterday (whcih was amazing;)) so I'll just be quiet and let you read blow where you can find all the amazing links to books! :D

It’s that time of year. The time for buying presents, making wish lists, and planning New Year’s Resolutions. If any of those activities involve books for you, Indie Christian Books has a perfect event for you.

From Nov 24th through Nov 30th, a huge selection of independently published Christian books are on sale. You can find discounted paperbacks, dozens of books offered with free shipping, $0.99 ebooks, package deals and more. Even if your budget is depleted from Christmas shopping, we have some freebies for you! Need even more of a reason to support indie authors and fill your shelf with good stories? When you purchase a paperback book through you’ll be eligible to enter an exclusive giveaway including free books and an Amazon gift card!

You can meet our authors by visiting the Author Database on the website. Want to get to know the authors better AND have the chance to win some fun prizes? We’d love to have you join our week long Facebook party which will feature 39 authors over 7 days.

What awesome reads of 2016 are you grateful for? What books are you looking forward to reading in 2017?

A note on the Ebooks Only page. Many of the books are listed as "Sold Out." This is because we aren’t selling those directly through our site. Please click onto the product pages to find descriptions and links to discounted or free ebooks.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Leah E. Good and Kendra E. Ardnek for their work organizing this sale, and Hannah Mills for her fantastic design work on the website graphics. Hannah can be contacted at hmills(at)omorecollege(dot)edu for more information about her design services.

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Writing Update

Well, lookie here, I'm actually getting a Friday post up. And on time! Will miracles never cease. xD

Anyway, I'm here because I realized that it has been wayyy too long since I've done an update on how my writing is going. Like, I was checking the posts, and I haven't done a writing update since . .  .May?! I honestly have no idea how that happened. *coughs* Sorry, guys.

So. Anyway. I'm here to make up for that. ;) And give you an update on how writing has been going these past . . . 6 months.

Questions of War Series

 Well, the 2nd book is about to be published on the 1st (sign-ups for the blog tour are here!), and the third book is right around halfway done, thanks to NaNo. ;)

A Question of Loyalty is the third book, and the one I'm currently writing for NaNo. It's the first book I've ever attempted with 4 POVs. And I'm quite enjoying it! It's already at around 33K words, I'm not even quite at the climax yet. So I'm thinking it'll end up at around at least 65K. If not a bit longer.
And since the whole point of doing a post with a NaNo update is snippets .  . . I've included a few below for you. (Below meaning, at the end of the post. ;))

For those of you who have been following my blog for any length of time, you may have remembered that this was originally going to be a three book series.
Butttt . . . I realized there was no way I was going to fit everything that I needed to into three books. So, there will be a fourth one. The tentative timeline for the 4th and final book is 1946-1948.  Some of the characters introduce in the 2nd book will make another appearance, and it will focus on the 4th Sullivan child, Jamie.  I'm really looking forward to this one, because, first of all, it's going to need so much less research! And secondly, I think it'll be nice to take a break from writing about the war. Like someone told me, I need to focus on writing a happy story.

So yes. That's how the series is coming. ;)

In other writing . . . *crickets chirp* Yeah, I've pretty much been focusing on Questions of War. But! That's hasn't stopped me from getting ideas! Ask my critique partner; I've got enough 'future story ideas' to last me until . . . 2020? Yeah, it's pretty bad. But I am planning on writing a Christmas story for the blog this year. And then  I'd like to start work on a book that I've been toying around with for a long time. Think brothers, war, adoption, redemption, and all that fun sort of stuff. *nods* I'm excited about it. ;)

Well, yeah, that's about all. Writing has slowed a bit these past few months, but I've learned to be okay with that. After all, while writing is a huge part of my life, it's not my main focus. But I'm hoping ot get back into it more soon! I have to. These ideas are driving me insane. xD And .  . . I'll stop talking and give y'all some snippets.


The latch on the door clicked, and the rhythmic tapping of boots across the floor startled him from his reverie. 
“Arnold, get up, let’s go.” Captain Essler, his cap drawn low over his brows and the familiar frown settled on his face, slapped his riding whip on the desk.
Arnold didn’t make move to get up, nor did the sting of the whip across the dark oak startle him. He’d seen Erich like this before. 
Reaching up, he pushed back his cap and ran a finger through his thick, black hair. “Well, now, is there something the matter, Erich?”
Erich’s eyes blazed, and the look his shot Arnold would have scared many a younger officer. “Why must you always persist in acting like this? Why can’t you simply follow orders?”
Arnold chuckled, and pushed back his chair. Taking his time, he stood. “Because, I’m the only one who gets to see you act like this without getting a reprimand. Why would I want to spoil that?”


As soon as they left the hall, he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder, and Erich spun him around. “Arnold, so help me, I’m going to kill you!” Erich’s voice came out in a hiss between his clenched teeth. “No, wait, I’m going to demote you to private, then I’m going to send you to the Russian front and put you on the front line. And if the Russians don’t get the job done, I’m going to personally take a trip there and finish you myself.”
With the last word, he shoved Arnold up against the wall, as if to emphasize his point. 
Arnold chuckled as he reached up and brushed off what appeared to be flour on the front of Erich’s uniform. “And once I’m gone, how are you going to explain that you were found fraternizing with the cook, ehh? It’s not allowed, you know. “He cocked an eyebrow and met Erich’s gaze with a smile. “Even for an officer.” 


Did women seriously like flowers and chocolate? Micah wanted to shake himself. He was insane. But then again, when had he ever been anything but? The bar of chocolate was going to melt in his pocket, but there really wasn’t much more to do about it. 
Making his way out of the hospital, he tried to appear as inconspicuous as possible. However, that wasn’t very easy to manage when you were dressed in your uniform and holding a large bouquet of flowers in your hands.
He grimaced as he saw two of the nurses watching him from, the hospital lobby. In his three years working on staff at the hospital, he had never gone out with a woman. 


Micah didn’t reply, and Ann wondered if she’d touched on a difficult subject. Despite his teasing and his smile, she could tell the war had taken a toll on him. His eyes, even when he smiled, were shadowed. And a dusting of grey brushed his temples. It almost looked as if snow had drifted down and landed there, leaving the rest of his head untouched. 
The silence stretched easily between them. The sights and sounds of London still amazed Ann. They were so similar, yet so different from America. She paused for a moment and looked up at Big Ben. She’d seen pictures, but they hadn’t done it justice. 
“You’re not in Oz anymore, Dorothy.” Micah’s voice held a smile. “A lot different from Kansas, ehh?”
Rafe would have said that. The sudden realization shot a pain of homesickness through her, but she pushed it aside. “Yes, very different. For one, our landmarks . . . “ Her Voice trailed off. What Landmarks did Kansas have? The sky. The fields. Nothing that could ever compare to the massive clock tower that was a symbol of London. 
But she loved them all the same. “Our landmarks are nature.” She smiled, as images flashed through her head. “Sunsets, that seem to never end. Going on till the colors seem to turn the entire sky into a canvas of lava. Fields that go till they touch the end of the horizon Such small things. But I still love them.” Her voice came out in a whisper. 


Across the table, Ann looked up from her food, concern written on her face. “First, you seem so solemn that I’m sure something must be wrong. Then, you don’t say anything, which only reinforces that conclusion. Now, out of the blue, you’re laughing.” She frowned and pointed her spoon at him. “Were you not already a doctor I’d have you taken to the infirmary to be checked.”
The image of her sitting there and lecturing him with a spoon was so comical, he shook his head and chuckled. “Well, let it never be said that Micah Wilson was normal.”
She only glared at him. “I’m quite sure you’ve never been accused of that.”
“Oh, well actually, there was that one time I actually sat down and practiced piano like I was supposed to. Mother came in and remarked that for the moment, I looked every bit the normal child. But other then that, you’re right. I never was what you might call a model human.”
Ann took a drink of her water, and then nodded in agreement. “How could you be? You’re not German. And from what I hear, they’re the epitome of the model human race.”
It was all Micah could do to keep from laughing, which would have been disastrous seeing as to how he’d just put a bite of food in his mouth. Ann’s comebacks were second to none, and he hadn’t had as much fun since David was there. 


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Christmas Blog Tour!

Hello all! I'm here as a part of Rebekah Morris's blog tour! And guess what? It's all Christmas books! So let's get on with it, shall we? ;)

Home for Christmas

Feeling that life is unfair when her father is killed in the front lines of France and she has to live with her relatives on a western farm, twelve-year-old Susanna Stanson runs away to the city. She decides that all will be well when she reaches her old home, but a severe snowstorm interrupts her trip.

I really enjoyed this story! The backdrop was WWII, so how could I not? ;) It seemed to be a bit slow in the middle, but the ending made up for it! It was a very sweet story! My only complaint was that . . . well, it seemed like it could have been changed to a Civil War setting without much being changed at all. There wasn't much of a 40's feel at all.
But the ending . . . <3 Like I said, it made up for it. It was so sweet!
“Well, that ain’t my concern, though I say it’s a shame to send a young girl like you off with no bag an’ baggage. An’ right before Christmas too.” ~ Home for Christmas

Three Christmas Stories from WWII

Christmas Delays

A doctor, called up for duty in the army, spends one more Christmas with his wife in an unexpected way after God's Christmas delays strand them in a small house with another family.

Peter's Christmas
Very mild weather might not feel like Christmas, but young, orphaned Peter and his older sister find the peace and love of the season with the Hampton family in spite of the sadness of war.

I'll be Home for Christmas
Grandpa recounts the memories of his first Christmas away from home during WWII.

These stories were all amazing! The first two were sweet, and I enjoyed them, but . . . The third was my favorite by far. I need an entire novel about these guys, 'kay? Like, it had brothers, it had a long-distance Christmas, it had the song "I'll be Home for Christmas" and it had a hosptial. Need I say anything else about how amazing it was?! *hugs it* So yes. I loved it. Probably one of my favorite stories Rebekah Morris has ever written. And like I said, now I just need a book about these guys . . . ;)

The voice went on singing those tender words that brought the folks at home into clear focus for many a lonely G.I. away from home.“I’ll be home for Christmas, If only in my dreams. If only in my dreams.” ~ Christmas Delays

Rebekah was also kind enough to do an interview for the blog! So, let's here about some of her favorite things about Christmas, shall we?

1.) Favorite Christmas carol? Secular and christian. ;)
Oh, Christmas carols! There are so many that I like, but my top favorite in the Christian genre are “O Holly Night” and “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” At least those are my favorite right now. (Is it perhaps because they are both included in the Christmas story I’m currently writing? Maybe.) As for a favorite secular Christmas song, I’m going to say “Winter Wonderland” and “I’ll be Home for Christmas.” (And no, those aren’t in any story I’m writing right now.) :)
I'll be home for Christmas! *coughs* It's not like I have any special attachment to that song at all . . .

2.) Favorite Christmas tradition? 
We don’t have many traditions, but there are two that I can think of that I hope keep going on. One is that on Christmas morning we always have Cinnamon Bread and Nut Bread. My grandma (Dad’s mom) used to always send us a box at Christmas time with those special breads in it and we’d eat them on Christmas morning. Now that Grandma has passed away, my sister makes the same bread for Christmas mornings, and every time I eat it, I can taste Grandma’s love.
The other tradition is our Christmas rug. My mom’s grandma made us a latch-hook rug that is a Christmas wreath. It aways comes out and sits on the floor before the Christmas tree, and on Christmas morning that is where I always sit. But when we do Christmas with my brother’s family, the kids know that whoever child is opening their gift, they get to sit on the rug. It’s so sweet watching them scramble to get on the rug so they can open their present.
Oh, those sounds so neat! I always love hearing about traditions others have. 

3.) Favorite Christmas story?  Other then the one of the first Christmas.  
My favorite-est of favorite Christmas stories is “The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas” by Madeleine L’Engle. My mom read that story every year to us for as long as I can remember, then I started reading it, and there have been a few years when I’ve read it more than once because I read it to others. Even though I have the story practically memorized and can quote lines and phrases, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without reading that book.
That's one Christmas book I haven't read yet. I can't wait to break out the stash of Christmas books I've been saving for December. I'll have to add this to it. 

4.) When you write a Christmas book, what is your favorite time period to write?
Oh, I don’t know. I’ve written stories from so many different eras that it’s hard to choose. I think I like them all equally well because what makes a Christmas story isn’t the time period it is set in, it is the warmth, the love, the joy of the season that matters most. Writing Christmas stories from different eras also brings Christmas alive no matter where it takes place, or when.
So true! I love when you read books and even though they may be set 100 years apart, many of the same traditions are cherished by families. 

5.) Random question.  ;) What part of the Christmas meal are you in charge of?
I would say none! but it depends. We don’t have a usual “Christmas meal” per say at our house. Most of that came from the fact that for thirty years we would always head up to my Grandparents on Christmas afternoon for a week with family. Grandma almost always had lasagna. But now that we are home on Christmas day, we might have snacks and do something fun. But, if we were having a “traditional meal” I make the rolls. 
Oh, fun! Cooking is so much fun . . . I almost love cooking on Christmas as much as opening the presents.;)  

Thank you so much for coming on the blog, Rebekah! I loved hearing your answers! 

Thank you so much for letting me come and chat, Jesseca. I enjoyed it!

About the Author

Rebekah A. Morris is a homeschool graduate, an enthusiastic freelance author and a passionate writing teacher. Her books include, among others, Home Fires of the Great War, The Unexpected Request, Gift from the Storm, and her bestselling Triple Creek Ranch series. Some of her favorite pastimes, when she isn't’ writing, include reading and coming up with dramatic and original things to do. The Show-Me state is where she calls home.

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A Question of Courage Blog Tour sign ups

Hello all! I'm so excited to announce that I've finally settled on a publishing date for A Question of Courage! The 2nd book in the Questions of War series will be released on December 1st. Which brings us to . . . blog tour sign-ups! It'll be a shorter tour this time, as I'm only setting side four days for it. But this time of year is busy for everyone, so I thought it best to make it short and sweet.

Also, if you would like to review and have not yet read the first book, let me know! It's kinda hard to understand the 2nd without reading the first book. ;) You can choose to either review both books, or just A Question of Honor.

I'm so excited for this! Anyone else with me? ;) If you have any questions, just let me know!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn Ramblings

Hi, my name is Jesseca. You might remember me . . . I blog here occasionally.

*sighs* I know, I haven't been on here much at all. Or anywhere in the blogging world, for that matter. I've gotten behind on reading posts and commenting. And replying to comments here on my own blog. I wish I had a legitimate reason for why I haven't been too active . . . but the truth is, I don't. Just . . . life. I don't have any stories, or life altering events to share. I don't have any happily-ever-after tales to share of someone that I met this summer.

No, life's just gotten a bit crazier. And it's weird, because normally around this time it would have settled into a nice routine and I would have plenty of time scheduled for blogging and writing. But for some reason, it hasn't been that way. And to be honest, I've struggled with it. A lot. As August passed and September rolled around, I got the distinct feeling that, somehow, this summer had changed everything. And I knew that after this year, nothing would be the same. Friends I know have gone off to college, or gotten married. Others have started serious relationships with godly young men. And while I'm happy for them, it's also bittersweet. Because things will never be quite the same as they were before.

And while that's been happening, I've been struggling with different things. Mostly in my walk with God. It's been hard and I've struggled, yet, I feel like I've grown stronger and closer to God through it.
Sooo .  . . I thought that I'd do a post explaining a bit, and talking about what God's been teaching me this year. (Also, I'm gonna say right now, this blog post is something like a bunch of my thoughts spilling from a whole bunch of different directions. You've been warned.)

One thing that's God's been teaching me this year is that even when everything else is changing around us, He is the same. He is constant. And because of that, the only way we can find our identity is in Him. That's one thing I've been thinking about a ton as of late. Who am I? What is my purpose in the world? On the surface, I'm just a normal homeschool graduate. I play piano and babysit. I help out around the house. I love my family. But does that define me?  I'm one of those people who loves the simple things. Watching a sunset, driving down a dirt road, feeling the wind through my hair. I feel things strongly, but often can't figure out a way to communicate what I'm feeling, so I don't try.  I'm passionate about history, and telling stories of times gone by. I love my country, second only to my God and my family.

But that doesn't set me apart from the millions of other people on this earth. I've struggled a lot with this. If these things can't define who I am, then what does?

Jesus. He's told me I'm redeemed. I'm chosen. I'm one of His children. And that He loves me. No matter where life takes me, and no mater what happens in the future, that will never change. And when I realized that, do you know what I discovered? When who you are is grounded in the One who made you, the future doesn't seem so intimidating. And the mundane, daily tasks that you do every day suddenly have more meaning. Because when you know who you are in Christ, then you understand that wherever you are right now in your life is where He wants you. I don't know about you, but that added a whole new level to life that I'm still trying to grasp. Every task you do, every single one, is given to you, by God to do for His glory.

Yet, even with this, so often it seems that in the day to day routine, our sense of urgency for the kingdom of God is lost. Why aren't we on fire for God? Why aren't we taking every opportunity to share about Him? It's through Christ that we have been redeemed and it's for Christ that we live. So why isn't He the central part of our every day lives?
I don't know about you, but for me, it's so easy to think of "someday" when you'll make a difference in the world for Christ. To be honest, one of my dreams is to share Christ with those in the Military. I know, it may sound . . . weird. But just think of all the people who put their lives on the line for you? Don't you wish you could be sure that, if they were killed protecting your freedom, they knew where they would spend eternity?  (I have a whole long post on this that I'll write sometime. This post is already getting long enough.)
But it's so easy to think of that one day when I'll finally be making a difference for Christ and His kingdom. Yet, if I live with that sort of view, I waste every precious day wanting the future. Yes, to have a vision is good. But every day needs lived in light of eternity. To every person you touch. Your kindness to someone at the grocery store. Your smile that stands out in a world where happiness is often only skin deep. Your service to those around you. You never know what small act God may use to touch a life though you.

So yeah. Just a few thoughts that hopefully made some small amount of sense. Though, I know it may not have. ;) I'd like to say I'll be back blogging more regularly, but I can't promise that. I have a lot of idea for different posts, so I may end posting whenever I get a minute to write them.
Also, I will get a written update up soon. I know it's been a long time since I've done one of those!

So let's talk. How are you doing? How has life been going for you? Anything God has been teaching you lately?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hymns Through History - I'll Fly Away

Hello All and welcome back to HTH! You may have noticed that I skipped a week . . . and that was because I was too busy preparing for Five Fall Favorites  to get a post up. Plus, I was getting ready to visit a dear friend, so I kinda let it slide.
But this week, I'm back! I've had a wonderful week in the beautiful NC mountains, and I can't beelive it's only four more days till I have to go home. Time flies a lot faster then I would like. ;)

Anyway, enough of my talking. Here's the next installment in the Hymns Through History blog series!

I'll Fly Away

Ahh, yes. One of my very favorite songs ever. Not onlly are the words so amazing, the tune is upbeat and joyful. It's one of the few songs that makes me think of warm summer days driving down a dirt road with the window open. (Because . . . yeah, I do that when I listen to the song.)

After deciding to have a theme song for A Question of Honor, I knew I wanted one in the next book as well.  
But how did this particular song make its way into A Question of Courage?  Well, Rafe is a pilot. And he's one of those kinds of people that never seems to slow down. He can put a smile on everyone's face, and he brightens even the dreariest of days. Though no one would readily admit it, he's the kind of person they all want around. So it only seemed right that he would be whistling a gospel tune, right?

Yup. That was one of the reasons that I chose this song for the book. Not only is he a pilot whistling about flying (which he thinks is great) . . . he also loves the song because of the promise of eternity that it brings. And that's all I'm gonna say on that accont because I dont want to give away any spoilers. 

To be honest, to date I think this is one of the favorite books I've ever written. In ways it's different they my other books, but at the same time, I leanred a lot while writing it.  And, like Rafe Sullivan, I'll Fly Away will always hold a special place in my heart. 

About the Song 
(Information taken from Wikipedia) 

Albert E. Brumley has been described as the "pre-eminent gospel songwriter" of the 20th century with over 600 published songs. Other titles of his include "Jesus, Hold My Hand", "Turn Your Radio On", "I'll Meet You in the Morning", and "This World Is Not My Home". 

According to interviews, Brumley came up with the idea for the song while picking cotton on his father's farm in Rock Island, Oklahoma. Brumley says that as he worked he was "humming the old ballad that went like this: 'If I had the wings of an angel, over these prison walls I would fly,' and suddenly it dawned on me that I could use this plot for a gospel-type song.” 

It was an additional three years later until Brumley worked out the rest of the song, paraphrasing one line from the secular ballad to read, "Like a bird from prison bars has flown" using prison as an analogy for earthly life. Brumley has stated, "When I wrote it, I had no idea that it would become so universally popular

Some glad morning when this life is o'er, 

I'll fly away; 
To a home on God's celestial shore, 
I'll fly away (I'll fly away). 

I'll fly away, Oh Glory 
I'll fly away; (in the morning) 
When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, 
I'll fly away (I'll fly away).

When the shadows of this life have gone,
I'll fly away;
Like a bird from prison bars has flown,
I'll fly away (I'll fly away)

Just a few more weary days and then,
I'll fly away;
To a land where joy shall never end,
I'll fly away (I'll fly away) 

And that's all for today! Do you love this song as much as I do? ;) What's a favorite gospel song of yours? 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As in Olden Days Release Day

Hello all! I'm just jumping in today to let you know that "As in Olden Days", the short prequel to "A Question of Honor", released today! You can find it here on Amazon.

The paperback isn't available quite yet,  but I'm working on It!

If you read it, be sure to let me know what you think!

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Five Fall Favorites — Day 6 — Animals

Welcome back for the last day, y'all! Can you believe it's already over?!

Today I'm the bike room, and I actually have some non WWI books for you today! Can you believe it? Honest, I didn't intend for all my other books to be mainly WWII, but as I was listing my favorites, I realized that's pretty much all I read. So hopefully all you WWII fans had an enjoyable time and found some good books on the non-official "WWII" room". xP

And doesn't this bike look so vintag-y? So WWII-ish? It's so cute! Hop on one and you can fill the basket with more books!

Circle C Adventures series

Welcome to the Circle C Adventures site, home to Andi Carter, her family, and friends. Living on the Circle C ranch in 1880s California--the heyday of the Old West--provides Andi with more than her fair share of adventures. Whether nearly trampling her schoolmaster with her palomino horse, Taffy, or outwitting an escaped convict, Andi's life is never boring. Her hair-raising escapades always end up teaching her valuable lessons about family, faith, and friends. 

I just adore this series. And meeting the author online was what got me into writing, sooo... ;) Andi is just so typical, and was super easy to relate to. All her struggles and triumphs are real things that we all face, and seeing her grow in the Lord and in her relationships with her family was just really sweet. And the adventures Andi faces are pretty great, too. Taffy, her horse, is a huge part of each book. And while I'm not one for animal/human relationships ('cause I'm not a huge animal person) Andi and Taffy's relationship was precious. 

War Horse 

A powerful tale of war, redemption and a hero's journey.

In 1914, Joey, a beautiful bay-red foal with a distinctive cross on his nose, is sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front. With his officer, he charges toward the enemy, witnessing the horror of the battles in France. But even in the desolation of the trenches, Joey's courage touches the soldiers around him and he is able to find warmth and hope. But his heart aches for Albert, the farmer's son he left behind. Will he ever see his true master again?

Sooo . . . I haven't actually read this book completely. I skimmed it and enjoyed it, but it was told by a horse. And y'all, horse stories aren't my fave. But the movie . . . <3 <3 <3 It was a completely clean war movie with no cussing or any objectionable content of any kind. It was amazing. Everyone can watch it. So go do it. And if you enjoy books like Black Beauty, read the book. ;) 

The Little Woodchopper 

One morning soon after his father's death, William awakes in the middle of the forest to find himself completely deserted by his five older brothers. Left alone in strange surroundings, William turns to God for help. After two narrow escapes, he and his faithful dog Caesar find a lone cottage on the edge of the woods where they make a remarkable discovery.

This book, guys. *hugs it* I grew up listening to this read aloud, and I never got tired of it. To this day it's a very treasured addition to my bookshelf. The timeless story is just so clear in the message, and the dog, Ceaser, is the sweetest thing ever. I want him. 

Golden Filly series

pic found online; not my pic
Sixteen-year-old Tricia Evanston and her father share something very special: their love of horses.
With Tricia as jockey and her father as trainer, the two have big dreams of winning the Triple Crown.
Tricia has other pressures, too, like declining grades, a strained relationship with her mother, and the constant worry about her father's failing health.
But Tricia's faith in God always gives her the strength to push her limits.

I read this series a month after my dad was diagnosed with cancer. And Trish's dad also had cancer. Because of that, these will forever be some of my favorite books. The struggles and spiritual lessons woven in throughout the books are pretty deep, but handled so well. Trish's relationship with the horses was also so sweet to read about. Definitely a series I'd recommend. 

Disaster on Windy Hill

When someone tries to steal Windsong, Kate is determined to find the would-be thief -- but at what cost to her family?

So, I kinda recommended this was the series on Wednesday, but this book deserves to stand alone. ;) Windsong and Breeze are my favorite horses of fiction. Ever. And also, their names... <3 I loved the wrap up to the series, and seeing how it all ended was so beautiful.

Anndddd . . . that wraps up the Five Fall Favorites blog series! Did you enjoy it? What are some of your favorite animal books? 

Also, A Question of Honor and Beyond the Horizon are $0.99 today! Be sure to pick up your copy! And visit Rebekah's blog for a wrap up of the event. :) 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Five Fall Favorites — Day 5 — Indie-published

Y'all. Today has been the day I've been waiting for all week. Why? Because . . . it's time for INDIE PUBLISHED BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS! 

*clears throat* Yes, I'm excited for this. Because I love Indie published books. (Maybe because I'm indie published myself? xD SO lets get on with it. I'm to excited to keep talking any longer. Grab a nice warm blanket, take a seat by the hearth. We have a nice fire blazing there. And get ready for me to shove some books into your hands! ;) 

War Tears: Faith Potts 

No image yet because it's not published. xD

The Carnathan’s and the Anderson’s are two families leading ordinary lives in the small town of Cana, Virginia. But all is not as it seems. Overseas, Europe is engaged in a struggle for survival and every day the pressure is increased for America to enter the war on the allies’ side. When Pearl Harbor is bombed and the nation is thrust into the middle of World War Two, the men are called up to serve their country and both are immediately shipped overseas. Back home the wives are doing their part, but though they don't know it yet, their lives are about to be forever changed. When tragic news reaches the home front, they must rely on their faith in God to see them through the difficult days ahead as the world becomes engulfed in the horrific struggle. 

Y'all, my critique partner wrote this. And it's amazing. Seriously, one of my favorite WWII fiction books ever. And no, I'm not biased. xP The faith that was interwoven through the story, the beautiful truths from the Bible, the down to life characters. . . yeah. It was beautiful. I only have one problem with it. It's not published yet. *hint hint* Can I make myself anymore clear, Faith, dear? ;) You need to publish it. 

Home Fires of the Great War: Rebekah Morris 

Thirteen-year-old Maria Mitchell, known to all as Ria, and her friend Lydia have been assigned to write a report on a hero or heroine of the Great War (World War I) for a school project. Instead of picking some well known figure, the two friends decide to search for someone forgotten or unknown. When asked to help, Emma Mitchell, Ria's Mom, brings out old letters she and a cousin wrote during the war. The girls are sure the letters hold the key to their success of finding a forgotten hero! But will they? It that all that these letters bring to light? Join Ria and Lydia, Mrs. Mitchell, an old neighbor called Corporal, and others as they re-live the years of home life during the war.

This was so different then all the other WWI fiction that I've ever read and it made me want to read more! It was told between letters from two girls, instead of being told by men or nurses on the front lines. I loved the new look at it, and it was a sweet look at the war the rocked the world. The characters were so relatable, and I loved seeing all the different aspects of their lives. 
Recommended for anyone. 

The Lady of the Vineyard: Kellyn Roth 

Since her divorce, Adele Collier has pursued her own pleasure at the expense of her daughter. When her ex-husband suddenly reappears in their lives, Adele allows him to take Judy to France with him for the summer. The time apart leads her to realize her daughter is the light of her world, yet she's still not sure she's ready to give up her lifestyle.
Six-year-old Judy is more than happy to trade her mother's neglect for her father's adoring care. She loves his vineyard and wishes she could stay there forever ... but someday she must return to England and her mother. However, Judy isn't sure she can ever trust her mother again.
A novella set in pre-WW2 Europe, this sweet story is sure to delight lovers of light-hearted historical fiction.

First off, isn't that cover amazing?! I love it so much and need in in paperback. *adds to Christmas list* People buy all my books for me now, folks. Okay, not really. xD
This book  was a delightful read, and all the scenes were described so, so well! Literally, Kellyn knows how to write descriptions that make you feel as if you're standing there with the characters. Which makes the book all the more enjoyable! And it was historical fic, sooo . . . ;) I loved the characters, and the father-daughter talks were adorable! Recommended for all ages. ;) 

Ain't we got Fun: Emily Ann Putzke and Emily Chapman 

It was never much of an issue for Bess: living contentedly on her family's farm, despite the Depression which loomed around them. But when her older sister Georgiana takes off to New York City to make a fortune and help Papa out, feelings of adventure and wanderlust strike Bess at home. Through their lively letter correspondence, the sisters recount to one another their adventures, surprises, and heartaches, leaving little room for depression. For in a world of such wonder, ain't we got fun?

Y'all. It was set in Kansas. I had no choice but to love it. It was just an adorable, sweet summer read, with some deeper things woven into it. I loved the historical backdrop, and it was perfect for the book! Speaking of which.. I need a re-read of it. ;) The letters were perfect, and I loved how each girl had her own voice through the story! And the sister relationships were spot on. Just . . . adorable! 

Sweet Remembrance: Emily Ann Putzke  

In the despair of the Warsaw Ghetto, a young Jewish woman fights the Nazis with the only thing she has left—her memories.

Would you like to read a heartbreaking, beautiful tragedy that hurts you just as you realize how precious it is? Then read this. This is the kind of story that breaks you heart in two, yet at the same time, it holds a beautiful, precious hope. I'm really not sure how else to describe it. This dealt with a harsh subject. There's mot any way to get around that fact. Yet, there were small sparks that shone through the darkness of the ghetto. Because hope can be found, even if the darkest places. (One outright misuse of God's name by a German soldier) Recommended for ages 15+ 

Bonus: Martin Hospitality: Abigayle Claire 

Gemma Ebworthy is eighteen, pregnant, and alone. Now that she's been evicted, she finds herself sleeping in a barn, never dreaming that tomorrow could bring kindness of a life-changing magnitude. 
The Martins aren't a typical family—even for rural Kansas. With more kids than can be counted on one hand and a full-time farm, Gemma must make a lot of adjustments to fit in. But despite their many differences, Gemma finds herself drawn to this family and their radical Christian faith. 
When Gemma's past collides with her yet again, she must begin revealing her colorful history. With every detail Gemma concedes, she fears she will lose the Martins' trust and the stable environment she desires for herself and her unborn child. Just how far can the Martins' love and God's forgiveness go?

Another book set in Kansas! Want to make me instantly love a book? Set it in Kansas. xD
The characters were just as amazing as the setting! I really loved seeing Gemma grow throughout the course of the book. She was totally different at the end than she was at the beginning. Her journey was beautiful! And Farris! *squeals* He was adorable, 'kay? Like, he was the perfect little baby and I just wanted to hold and cuddle him! So yes. Recommended to pretty much everyone. ;)

Yes, these are all indi published. Yes, they are all favorites of mine. Yes, you need to go read them right now. ;) Tell me, have you read any of them? What is one of your favorite Indie-published books? Be sure and check out Rebekah's blog for another amazing post and more books! ;) And yes, I had six books again. *winces* Y'all don't mind, do you?