Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet the Characters---post #1

In order of appearance.

Helena Heidenrich:

Helena is a 14 year old girl who has lived in Austria all her life. She and her family live out in the Austrian country just outside Innsbruck where they own a small farm. With the coming of Hitler and the Anschluss, her father has started working with a resistance moment, helping the Jews out of the country and to safety in Switzerland. Helena has begun to take a more active part in this as the story begins., She and her cousin Max take lessons together under the tutoring of Helena's father, Johann.

Max Autenburg:

Max's mother is Johann's sister. Max is 15 years old, and his family lives on the farm directly adjoining the Heidenrich's. 
Max and Helena have grown up together, and are close friends. Max, being slightly the older of the two, has always felt it his place to look out for Helena, who has had her share of trouble! Whether it was riding a half broken horse or falling out of a tree and landing on an important guest, Max always seems to be constantly trying to keep Helena out of trouble, and then landing himself right in the middle of it.

Major Ramond:

Ramond grew up in Germany along with his two closest friends Wilhelm and Ubel. When turing 18, he entered the German  Wehrmacht. Ramond has worked hard to get to the position of Major, and nothing is going to take that away from him., He is dedicated to his work and the cause of the new German Fuhrer, Hitler, although he refuses to use the same drastic measures that some of his fellow officers use.

Lieutenant Wilhelm (Daniel)

To a normal observer Wilhelm leads a quite and respectable life as a lieutenant in the Wehrmacht. However, as Daniel, a Jew who was adopted by German parents, his career is daring and dangerous. He uses his position and his friendship with Majors Ramond and Ubel to find valuable information and warn both Jews and those helping the Jews of the Third Reich's plans. He is a caring young man who hates to see anyone hurt; thus making it difficult for him to live the life of Wilhelm.

Major Ubel

Ubel grew up with both Ramond and Wilhelm. While he still considers them friends, neither they nor anyone else will get in his way. He is totally devoted to the cause of Hitler, and will shrink at nothing. He uses what ever method necessary to finding information,even those that may seem shameful to others.

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