Friday, September 18, 2015

No Greater Love--Part 3

It took Richard almost no time to collect his things; he hadn’t even had a chance to unpack. Picking up his bag he carried it out and set it on the dining room table. Inwardly he hated himself for leaving his sister without even a word of comfort. Why Vietnam? he wondered. Sure there had been talk about the trouble in Vietnam and there had even been rumors of American troops being sent overseas, but that was all it had been. Rumours. He sighed and walked into the kitchen where Rachel stood busily cooking the fish, her back turned toward him. He went and stood behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder, “I’ll be okay, Rachel. No matter where I am, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. And we still have tonight, right? We can do what you and mom planned.”
she turned to him, her eyes filled with tears, “Oh, Richard!” she threw her arms around his neck.
“Hey, it’s okay.” He did his best to comfort her.
She stepped back and looked up at him through her tears, “Promise me I’ll see you again.”
Richard smiled an easy smile, “Of course, Rachel. That’s the wonderful thing about knowing Jesus as Savior; you have the assurance of meeting again. If not here on this earth, then in heaven.”
Rachel smiled and took a step back, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I know you’re right, Richard.” she paused and wiped her eyes.
Richard looked up, sniffed, then glanced at the stove.
“The fish!” Rachel wailed as she hurried across the kitchen and took the cast iron skillet off the stove.
“It’s burned.” She spoke the obvious as a thick curl of smoke wafted its way up from the pan.
“Well, look on the bright side,” Richard offered, “at least you had only added one of the fish to the skillet. Besides, you don’t mind eating burnt fish, right?”
Rachel turned to him with a sweet smile, “Do you want to cook the rest of the fish?”
Richard chuckled and slowly backed out of the kitchen, “Uhh, no. I do believe the last time I tried cooking, we went out to eat.”
Rachel playfully pointed her wooden spoon at him as she turned and picked up the iron skillet, “then don’t tease me about my cooking.”
“Point taken. I’ll just go, uhh, take a look around outside and see if anything’s changed.”
“No, don’t go yet. I wanted to go with you after supper. Please?” Rachel implored, turning to face him after placing the second fish in the pan. “I want to take one last walk with you before you leave.”
Richard nodded, “All right. I guess I’ll go wander around the house and see what’s changed.” He turned to leave, then took a step back into the kitchen, “Hey, Rach, do you know--”
“If John is home?” Rachel smiled, “He’s your best friend and he’s been dying to see you, but he thought he’s wait till tomorrow so we could have the first day with you. But, yes, he’s home.”
Richard flashed a smile, “Thanks. you don’t mind--”
“If you go over and see him? Of course not, but don’t be gone too long or you’ll have to deal with me when you get back.”
Richard groaned in mock despair, “please, spare me!” He turned serious, “I promise I’ll be back in no more than an hour. When are Mother and Papa going to be back?”
“Soon. They said they’d be home around 5:30. It’s what,” she glanced at the clock, “5 o’clock now. And you know they want to see you when you get back.”
“I get the message, Rach.” He grinned, “I’ll be back soon. By the way,” he sniffed and winked at her, “I do believe you burned the second fish. So much for looking on the bright side.” he turned and dashed out the front door.
Rachel ran after him, “Richard, you get back here right now. Richard!”
Richard glanced over his shoulder and gave Rachel a sparkling grin before continuing on down their lane.
“Augh! Brothers,” Rachel exclaimed hurrying back into the kitchen. taking one glance at fish that was now black in the hot pan. She sighed, then an idea hit her and a small smile covered her lips, “Well, we’ll see how Richard likes his supper tonight.”


  1. Love it!! :-) Hmm..what's Rachel up to??

  2. Another awesome story Jesseca! :) Can't wait for part four!