Friday, October 30, 2015

No Greater Love--Part 8

Hey Everyone! Really, so sorry about missing the post last week, but better late then never. . .right? ;) I honestly did mean to get it up and it slipped my mind.
I'll try to post a general update about how my writing is going sometime this weekend, but until then enjoy!

“December 24th, 1961. . .”
Dear Richard,
I hope this letter finds you well. Life has been so different here with you gone. Well, okay, not horribly different since you have been gone for the past year at the base, but it’s different all the same. It’s Christmas eve and the smells of Christmas are everywhere. The cider you love is bubbling away on the stove, the fire is blazing in the hearth, the Christmas tree is decorated with all the usual ornaments. The presents are stacked beneath the tree in all the normal wrapping and papa is almost ready to read the Christmas story.
The only thing missing is you. Normally all four of us would be here sitting together. You would be teasing me and mom and dad would be laughing. We would have the Christmas carols on in the background and everything would seem perfect
But I’d better stop. This is making me feel like crying. It snowed a little to day. Just a small dusting, but it will be a white Christmas after all. I miss the snowy days when we were children. Making snow angels and building forts and snowmen.Although since we've moved to Texas, we haven't done it very often due to the lack of snow. There I go again, trying to make myself cry and you homesick.
Papa is settling in the old rocker with a mug of cider in his hand and the family Bible on his knee. Mama has been on her feet all day, preparing for Christmas dinner and making sure the house is perfect. But now she's seated beside me and we’re sipping cider with papa.
I miss you so much, Richard. And I think of you and pray for you everyday. May God keep you safe from all harm, give you a blessed Christmas, and bring you home soon.
Merry Christmas! Love, Rachel
There was silence in the room for a while after Grandpa finished. Eva’s eyes were on the old fireplace and she could almost imagine the warmth from the flames, the Christmas songs, and her Aunt Rachel sitting at a chair with a book on her lap as she wrote the letter.
She was startled from her reverie when Grandpa folded the later, placed it back in the envelope, then handed it to here. “Can you get me the next one, Eva?”

Eva nodded and carefully placed the letter back in its place at the front of the chest. Then, reaching behind, she pulled out the second envelope and handed it to Grandpa.
He opened it, glanced at the date and frowned, “Eva, this letter isn’t until nearly four years later.”
Eva’s brow wrinkled in confusion. “Really? It was the next one.”
“Well here.” He handed back to her. “Let me see the third one. Maybe they got mixed up.”
Eve obeyed and handed yet another folded envelope to her grandpa.
He opened it, glanced at the date and shook his head. “Nope, this comes directly after the second one.” A puzzled look crossed his face. “Rachel was always very careful about keeping things in order.”
“Why don’t we just read the next one?” Nate asked impatiently
“No, we can’t do that!” Eva exclaimed. “Just think about all we would miss!” .
“Well, I’ll tell you what.” Grandpa sat back in her chair. “Rachel will be here this weekend and we can ask her about it the. Would that work?”
A look of disappointment crossed Eva’s face, but she quickly replaced it with a smile. “Yes, then we can hear about it from her side too!”
Grandpa smiled, “I know she’d love to share it with you.” He paused and glanced at the clock, “And it’s almost noon, so you two had better hurry home!”
“Almost noon? Wow, time sure seems to pass so much faster when we’re over here!” Eva said with a laugh.
“Yeah,” Nate remarked. “I wish it would pass just as fast during school.”
There was a general chuckle and then they gave Grandpa a hug goodbye and left.

As their footsteps faded and the door closed behind them, Grandpa sighed as he was left alone with his memories that carried him to another time.


  1. Great chapter! I love this story so much. =) Can't wait to 'meet' Rachel.

    1. Well, you may have to wait a while. . .unless you want to help. B-)

    2. You're neck-deep in NaNo, right? :P Well, I've met the 'young Rachel' I guess that's enough for now. ;)