Thursday, March 10, 2016


Yep, that's right! Abi from The Left-Handed Typist tagged me for the Get-To-Know-Me tag! This looks like fun, so here we go! :)

--Vital Stats

Name: Jesseca. Spelled slightly different because it's from the biblical name Jesse, and my parents wanted to keep that spelling.

Nicknames: Augh. I was so dreading this question. Jesse, Jess, Jecca (said so that it rhymes with Becca. When they were younger, my siblings couldn't pronounce my full name, so they all called me Jecca), Jay (augh), Jessa, Jay-Jay. . .yeah. You get the idea. ;P

Place of Birth: Bellingham, Washington. It's about an hour and a half north of Seattle.


Best Friend: My sister, Faith.

Award: Ummm, I got an award in Awana. At least, I think it was an award. ;) If that doesn't count, then I got an award when I won 2nd place in a writing contest a few years back.

Sport: I literally don't play any sports. At all. Well, I can play volleyball some. So that'd have to be my answer.

Real Holiday: Going to Vancouver, B.C! I think I was 4 or 5, and I remember how beautiful to was. Someday I want to go back. :)
*sigh* Isn't it gorgeous? 

Concert: I don't think I've ever attended a "real" concert. However, I've attended multiple piano recitals!


Film: Well, at the moment it's Return to the Hiding Place. (I'm sure you all saw that coming! ;))

TV Show: The Big Valley and When Calls the Heart.  They're both favorites!

Color: Yellow! It's so bright and cheery. And the color yellow always reminds me of wheat fields reflecting the sun. Where it's quiet and there's no one around. And it makes me want to just go and run in one forever. (Don't worry, I've never done it!)

Like in this picture. ;) 

Song: Okay, lets narrow this down a bit. My favorite hymn is Abide With Me, favorite contemporary song would be Just be Held and my favorite "other" song is Heart of a Volunteer from the Pearl Harbor soundtrack. (I don't recommend the movie, but the soundtrack is amazing!)

Restaurant: Olive Garden. The place Dad always takes me for my birthday. ;)

Books: Augh. Waaayyy to many favorites of those! Dare, Deny, Songbird under a German Moon, Wings of a Dream, Chasing Jupiter. . .and yeah. I'll stop there. ;)


Feeling: Like taking a walk outside. In a word; content. The house is quiet. So I'm treasuring it. ;)

Single or Taken? I'm 17. I'll let you guess. B-)

Eating: Nothing right now! But we're about ready to have hamburgers.

Watching: These words appear on my computer screen. xD
Movie-wise, I'm not really in the middle of anything, although I'm looking forward to watching the GOP debate tonight.

Wearing:  A jean skirt, blue blouse, and sandals that I just kicked off under the desk. And my glasses, of course.


Want Children? Yes, but it depends on what God wants. ;) 

Want to be Married? Maybe someday! In other words yes, but not today. 

Careers in Mind: Writing and nursing, or something else medical.  I literally can't see myself having a career other then medical.

Where do you want to live? Here, in KS. My whole life. Seriously, this is my home and I love it! I don't ever want to move!

--Do You Believe In

God: Yes!

Miracles: Of course.

Love at first sight: No, because love isn't simply an attraction or a feeling.
. . . on the foundation of God's word and His leading, I might add!

Ghosts: As in a "disembodied spirit"? No, definitely not.

Aliens: Nope.

Heaven? Yes, praise God!

Hell:  Yes, that as well.

Kissing on the first date: Guys. Seriously, THE FIRST DATE??? That's just wrong. So no, and just for the record, you don't kiss 'till you're married. But that's just my opinion on the matter.

Yourself: Ummm. . .I think I'm alive. I may be mistaken, but. . . yeah. :D

Okidokie! That was longer then I expected! But it was fun!! :) I'm going to tag. . .

Rebekah at Rebekah Ashleigh 
Blessings Counter at Counting your Blessings one by one
And. . .Rebekah at Rebekah's Remarks.

If you don't want to do it, that's fine! But I'd love to read your answers!!


  1. I was counting days until someone asked me to do this was one, just for the record. ;)
    Ah, this looks like so much fun! I'll post soon. It's just too much fun to miss out on!
    I must warn you, some of my answers may look a LOT like yours. B-)

    1. Hehe, I almost didn't tag you! I know you've been doing a lot of tags lately. . .but I thought you might find it fun!

  2. Thanks so much for tagging me, Jesseca! I can’t wait to fill this out :)

    Aw, your nicknames! :) Yeah, the shortcuts siblings take in pronouncing :P

    Wow! That B.C. picture is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Haha, that single or taken question. Love your answer ;)

    1. You're welcome, Blessings! I can't wait to read your answers! :)
      Yeah. . .I think siblings make up the majority of most nicknames. ;)
      I know, isn't it beautiful! I really want to visit again sometime! Haha, thanks! That question needed a sarcastic answer. :P

  3. lol, the GOP debate...I'm curious to see if it will be as exciting as the last two! xD

    I love "Just Be Held" - it's beautiful! I love Casting Crowns. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yeah, I'd heard the last two were pretty wild! Last nights was really good, though. I watched it all the way through and it seemed to go really smoothly.
      Isn't it amazing? It's like my favorite Casting Crown's song. ;)

  4. Thank you so much for tagging me, Jesseca! :) I am looking forward to doing it!
    I had a lot of fun reading your answers. :)
    I don't play sports either. ;)
    Oh, that picture of Vancouver, B.C. is so beautiful! So is the picture of the sun reflecting off of the wheat field. :)
    Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant too.

    1. You're welcome!
      Aren't they both so pretty??? I can't imagine ever leaving "my" wheat fields. ;)
      Oh, yay! Someone else who loves it too!

  5. Oh my goodness, Olive Garden. I haven't been there in years! Now I'm really craving it. :P

    Thanks so much for doing this. Your answers were fantastic :D

    1. Oh, it's soooo good! And their bread-sticks are the best! I need their recipe. ;)
      You're welcome! Thanks for tagging me! I had a lot of fun! :)

  6. High five! My opinion/conviction too... don't kiss until your married.
    Which is one reason I was disgusted when I read When Calls the Heart.

    1. No offense meant, just opinion, Jay.(sorry, just had to throw that in because my nickname is Ray).

    2. Definitely! How much more special is it when you wait? It's something you can treasure and look forward to. :)
      Yeah, I didn't care for the books. I mean, I liked some parts of them, but the whole Wyne/Elizabeth things was sorta weird. I mean, he kisses her so that she comes out of shock??? Yeah, weird.
      Haha, that's totally fine! No offense taken!
      If anyone else had called me that. . .seriously, I'm kidding! ;) That's fun that we have rhyming nicknames!! :) Thanks for commenting, Ray! ;)

  7. I really enjoyed reading your answers! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Loved your answers, Jesseca. Hahaha I like how all of us homeschoolers responded to the kissing question. ;) Blahhh! ;) :D

    1. Thanks, Emily! I know! It was awesome. B-) I guess everyone can definitely tell we're home-schooled. ;)

  9. Haha, I enjoyed reading your answers, Jesseca! :D Cool! Now I know the reason behind the unique spelling of your name. :) A lady at church made us a video of all our 'our west' pictures and you and I are right at the end. She texted mom and asked what your name was and mom is like "yes, it's spelled with an E." ;)
    Augh! I really need "Return to the Hiding Place"... B-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)
      Yep! The only problem with it is I get called "Jesse" a lot, and then it gets confusing since my brother is named Jesse.
      Oh, cool! It must have been a really cool video and I'm sure it was fun to watch. *hint, hint*
      Yes, you do. B-) And then tell me what you think.

    2. Yeah, I can see how that would be confusing. :P Jesse is like the only one of your siblings that I can ever remember the age sequence of. ;)
      Oh, it was. It's like a movie of your own life...which is a really weird way to think of it. B-)

  10. I know you posted this awhile ago, but I just wanted to say I was born in Washington too! :) We could see Mount St. Helens out our window.

    1. Oh, that's amazing!! Washington is a beautiful state!!! We were just there last year, and it is sooo pretty. :)