Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Goodbye ... May?

Wait ... is May over?! Didn't I just say that April was over? I'm going to join all those who are asking 'where has the time gone'?! If I have yet to comment on your monthly wrap-up post, be assured that I will! It'll just take me some time to catch up on everything. ;) Well, since I have a lot to write for this post, I'm just going to get right to it!

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Let's see. . .the month started off with three of my friend's graduations, which were amazing to attend! There's something about seeing others finish high-school that is inspiring. Well, for me at least!
We also had a lot of Dr.'s appointments this month. Not because any of us were sick, just because May/June is always when we have them. Dentist, Orthodontist, Oral surgeon,  Eye Dr. etc. And we only go two people at a time, so ...they kept us busy. ;) 
I also got two of my wisdom teeth pulled. I stayed awake and it actually wasn't near as bad as I expected! And after that I got a whole week of recovery time, which meant no chores. It was awesome. I got a lot of reading done! 
I think that's pretty much all the major things that happened this month. Nothing earth-shattering, but we were still busy! There was also the time that a freind and I broke our van window.  But y'all don't want to hear that story. ;P

Writing-wise I think I wrote a grand total of around 800 words. Which I'm okay with, since I've been editing, and I'm kinda in-between projects. This moth I think I finished two or three more edits on The Silent Blade, and sent it off to the last few people who were reading through it for me. Then I got  ordered the first proof copy! (I'll probably end up with two) You can see the post on that here. 
And. Guys. I finished the first edit/re-write  of A Question of Honor, which stand at around 63,000 words. I ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH IT. I wrote it last year in November, during NaNo. And guys, 50K words in one month is crazy. I didn't want to edit at all once I had finished it. So I put it off. Thus I am finishing the first edit nearly six months later. ;P  But it now looks a lot more orderly, and I'm so excited to keep editing and changing things in it! :) 

So ... I got around 20 books read this month! 

Books 1-10 in the Golden Filly series, by Lauraine Snelling
You'll be Like Faye, by J.C Buchanan
Where the Light May Lead, by various authors
The Heart Mender, by Andy Andrews 
Salt to Sea, by Ruta Sepetys
The Girl from the Train, by Irma Joubert
Defy, by Tricia Mingerink 
Maggie's Hope Chest, by Amanda Tero
Letters from a Scatter Brained Sister, by Amanda Tero
Kate's Innocence, by Sarah Holman
Adventures and Adversities, by Sarah Holman 

My favorites would have to be Kate's Innocence, You'll be like Faye, Defy, The Heart Mender, and Letters from a Scatter-brained Sister!
The ones that were kinda disappointing?  The Girl from the Train and Salt to Sea. The just kinda fell flat, and they both had scenes that made me uncomfortable.

 I got to 43 followers this month. Like, I added 13 followers.Which was a surprise! You guys are all so awesome! I didn't have a goal to get any more followers or anything, so it was a pleasant surprise! I also found some amazing new blogs to stalk. ;)
There were also many good posts this month, despite the fact the it seems like May was super busy for everyone. ;) Some of my favorites were. . .

Memorial Day at Living for the Other Side
Love, love, LOVED the peom and short story Livi wrote for memorial day. So, so good!!

A Day of Remembrance at Rebekah's Remarks 
Rebekah's poems are always so good, and the one she wrote for this memorial day was no exception!

USO show at Taking Dictation 
So, I LOVE WWII. Most of you know it's my favorite time period EVER. And THIS! It's like stepping back in time! I loved hearing all about the "reenactment" of the USO show. :)
Memorial Day {2016} at Chosen Vessels. 
By now I think you all are getting the impression that the memorial day posts were my favorite. You're right. ;) All the poems written were amazing! I especially loved the 2nd on in this post.

Remember the Sacrifice at Looking through my Lens
You guessed it. Another memorial day post, but this one was told in pictures! I loved that idea! :)

The Old River Road Blog tour sign-up at Lakeside Publications
I was able to Beta-read Ivy's novel last month, and IT WAS AMAZING! She is now having sign-ups for a blog tour in July, so head over there and take a look! :)

—Goals for June—
Ahh, yes. I've never actually had this section in a post before, but it's here this month!

~Finish Geometry (Yes, I'm doing school through the summer. But only so I can graduate in August!)
~Write a short, patriotic story for the 4th. 
~Get to 50 followers. (Like, I'm actually going to make it a goal. I might not get there. We'll see!)
~Finish up Civics. My sister told me she thinks the school curriculum tied in this class to the election year. I'm beginning to feel the same way with the essays they want you to write about presidential hopefuls. ;P 
~Meet a pen-pal. We're both praying it will work out to meet this month! :D 
~Get caught up on everything I've been tagged for. 
~Participate in the Recommend June Fest over at Deborah's blog! 

So. We'll see if I get them all done or not. 

And. . .I think that's all for now! How was your month? Are you looking forward to June? :) 


  1. you got your wisdom teeth taken out?!! oouuucch. I love these types of posts..they always make me feel so informed - or like part of your life somehow!

    And - OUR VAN WINDOW WAS BROKEN THIS MONTH TOO. But not from a friend lol (just a little bro)

    1. Yeah, it actually wasn't too bad, thankfully! Yeah, I think everyone's end-of-the-month posts would be on my lists of favorite posts. They're so much fun o read through! :)

      Haha, that's not fun! We were driving around for a coupe days with no window in the door. ;)

  2. Wow! You had a busy month! Thank you for posting, I always love reading these post!
    And just so you know, I'm dying to read A Question of Honor.

    1. Yeah, May was super busy! You're welcome! I'm glad you like them! You should do them. ;)
      Ahh, I know, I know. I hoping to have it ready for you to read sometime in August. . .is that soon enough? :)

    2. I wouldn't be able to do them as good as you. They'll be boring to read.
      Anytime will work. I normally don't know if I have a book to edit till the week I get it, so right now, August looks wonderful! :)

  3. I will cut you some slack on the writing ;) Since I know all about that speech you wrote to Donald Trump XD. I think the speech makes up for everything in writing you didn't get around too :)


    1. Thank you. And YES! I totally forgot about that speech! That was hilarious! ;)
      Ohhh, we can do it together! I don't mind geometry too much, it's just tedious. :)

  4. I'm needing my wisdom teeth out soon. :P Was it really not too bad? I dread going under and staying awake both. Ugh. I hate the dentist.
    Sounds like you got a lot of reading done though, I've read some of the Golden Filly series too, but not it years! How did you like it?

    1. Well, so far I've only had my bottom ones out. I stayed awake for both of the procedures, just because the thought of waking up groggy terrified me. ;P It wasn't too bad for me. I couldn't feel a thing, but you could "feel" them working, there was a lot of pressure on your jaw, and you could hear him breaking the tooth. I didn't really mind any of it, but I know it would bother some people. :)

      Oh, yes, I real enjoyed the Golden Filly books! A couple of them seem to be a bit redundant, but for the most part they are really good! The first five and then the last three are my favorites. ;)

  5. Nope, nothing earth-shattering...just glad shattering. B-)

    Sounds like an awesome month, Jesseca! You wrote 800 and I wrote 8,000. ;) But you did edit two books so that's super awesome! XD I'm still waiting for that one, by the way. *cough, cough*
    Ooo, I've read Letters from a Scatter-Brained Sister and Defy. And several of this books our on my soon-TBR. ;P Including The Heart Mender, Kate's Innocence, Salt to Sea, Where the Light May Lead, and The Girl from the Train, and You'll be like Faye. :)

    Oh, yep. I didn't even try to link to all the awesome Memorial Day posts. ;) Aww, thank you for linking to me though!! ^_^ YEEEESSS!! That USO show post was AWESOME. I would love to do something like that. ;)
    Good luck on your goals and I hope you get to meet that pen-pal! :)

    1. And geometry. Yes. Gag. Grrr. Ugh.

    2. How come I knew you were going to say that?!

      Yeah, so sorry it took me so long to get it to you! But you have it now!! :D
      Defy was amazing!! And yes, you need to read some of those!!

      I know, there were so many amazing posts!!!
      Oh, wasn't it?! I wan to do something like that as well SO MUCH!!
      Thank you! I hope it works out as well!!

      Haha, yeah ... geometry. ;P

  6. Funnn. I'm expecting to get my wisdom teeth pulled in the next few months. Ach! Oh, and I graduate in July (yay...I'm not the only one who finishes later!!!).

    Writing has been a little slow for me...but at least I've done some. Some is better than none, I always say ;)

    And all the books you've read sound great!

    1. Getting wisdom teeth pulled isn't so bad! Well, at least it's not as bad as I always expected it would be. ;)
      Oh, awesome!!!! :D So glad to know I'm not alone in finishing late!

      Yes, some is always better than none. Always! :)

      They were!! So many good books to read, so little time to read them all!!! ^_^

  7. Great post, Jesseca! These monthly review posts are the best. :) And thank you so much for mentioning my blog tour! You are so sweet! I really appreciate it! :)


    1. Thanks Ivy! Glad you enjoyed! Yes, I LOVE monthly review posts!
      Oh, you're welcome!!! I loved the post! ;)