Friday, August 12, 2016

Writing, writting is so fun...

...until you think you're almost done. Then comes a character on the run, with more plot twists. ;) 
Yes, that was super random. It's actually a sing-song rhyme about doing dishes. I just changed it to apply to writing. xD Because how many times have we thought a story is coming to an end, and then a character decides to do something else and a whole new dimension is added to the story?!

Anyway...augh. It's been forever since I did a post totally dedicated to writing. So. I decided to update you on how a few of my projects are coming. 

--A Question of Honor--

Oh, this book. This book has managed to make me laugh and cry. In fact, it's the first book I've ever written where I cried while writing it.
It has hurt me, and yet at the same time shown me the beauty a single beam of light can bring into a hurting world.
Life it hard. War is hard. It hurts. And it changes people. Because after surviving through a living hell, nothing will ever look the same.

...they would learn together what it was like to go from living beneath gray skies and the constant threat of attack, to a place where the flowers still dared to show color and the sky seemed to always be blue.
 (From A Question of Honor)
This book has taken me the least amount of time to write, but the longest to re-write and edit. During the 2nd draft, a huge part of it was re-written, and a ton of small details from my research notes were added. It took way longer then I would have wanted, but it was needed.
A week after The Silent Blade was published, I completed the 3rd draft.
After that, I sent it off to my editor for the first go-through, and two alpha readers.  
And once I have it back from them...I'll be looking for beta-readers in the middle-ish of September. 
 Also...For nearly a year now I have had a secret pinterest board for this story, but now it is public! So if you're you'd like to see some of the story ideas/pictures I've can now see it here! 
And even if you don't have a pinterest account, you should be able to view it. :)

 That is how that project is coming. 
Since I'm kinda taking a break from it, I'm super excited to be starting the book that will come directly after it. I have a  tentative title, but I'm not sure if I'll be using it yet, so...I'm not going to share it. ;) 
It's still during the Second World War. Some of the minor characters from the first book are there, and you get to know them a little better. This book will take place almost exclusively in France, so research for that has been quite interesting. Here are a few pictures I've found just as references for when I write.

You know that moment when you find a picture and you're just like 'That's my character'? Well, that's what happened when I stumbled across these pictures. It was awesome. *hugs characters*

That's pretty much all I'm currently working on. I have many ideas for other stories, but I haven't done anything else other then dream about them. ;)  Of course, sometime they'll probably come to life as a short story or some other such thing, but for now they're just waiting. 

So, tell me. How is your writing coming? What helps inspire you to write? What's your favorite time period to write/read?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ahhhh! This book sounds so awesome! I can't wait to read it! B-)
    And to answer your questions... *cough* I'm not really writing right now, I'm editing. :)
    What inspires me to write? Pretty much everything. But particularly other people's book and things I've gone through.
    What's my favorite time period to write/read? Probably the Medieval period. Although I like writing about every time period. :)

    1. I can't wait for you to read it either!! ^_^
      Haha,'ve been writing a ton, so I'll excuse you from it for long as you're editing... B-)
      Oh, yes, reading always makes me want to write! :D
      Yeah, Medieval is awesome! ;)

  2. I believe in you, Jesseca! I know you can continue, I know you can write, and I understand editing. Bleh. You know how good I am at that. ;) I just write a gazillion more stories and push them away so I don't think about editing. ;) You are awesome, keep it up!

    What inspires me to write- everything. Literally everything. My problem isn't so much the writing as it is NARROWING IT DOWN to what I write. I really will write anything. I just often write too many things. And then I don't edit. ;)

    You are awesome, keep it up!

    1. Awww, thank you, Emily!! Yeah, editing is the worst part. ;P But.It's useful and needed, so I will do it. I guess. ;)

      Yeah, so many things that are inspiring!! Haha,'ve done good editing! ;)

      Thank you so much!! You are as well! <3

  3. That rhyme...bahahaha!! Love it. XD

    This BOOOK. *sniffles* *hugs characters because they need all the love they can get* It's precious. They're precious. I love it. :) <3

    My writing? It's not coming so well...*coughs* Writing children effected by war has got to be one of the worst things ever. What inspires me to write? People. Favorite time period? Do I really have to answer this one... B-)

    Great post, girl!! Can't wait to here more of this upcoming book! *hint hint*

    1. My babysitter taught it to use when I was younger and it. won't. leave. my. head. Ever. :P

      Haha, well, you're excused since, like Rebekah, you did NaNo this past month. ;) And yes, writing about children affected by war is so, so hard!! What story is this?

      Thank you!! Oh, and regarding the book...I sent you an email... ;)

    2. It really is!! Anyone affected by war is hard, but children are worse than adults... :( War Tears, what else? ;) I see. B-)