Friday, October 7, 2016

Twenty Things About Jesseca

Greetings, readers. It is time for a post like none other!

Why is that, you ask? Well, if any of you are familiar with the usual style and writing of this blog you may notice a change in my particular writing style. In fact, some of you are probably already suspicious. This doesn't sound like Jesseca at all. It sounds like someone else... someone who is a bit more sinister. (Not really, but at times can play the part.) Someone who is more than familiar with hijackings, since it happens to her a lot.

Aha, now you're onto me! This isn't Jesseca, this is her kidnapper, Emily McConnell from Imaginary World of Emily McConnell. That's right, readers, Jesseca's blog has now been taken over by me!

*Gasps of horror*

Actually no, it hasn't. She signed into her account on my laptop so I could write this post. You see, your favorite Jesseca is now a resident of my humble abode in Washington, and is staying with me for ten days. We decided it would be fun if we did an exchange blog post- I post on her blog and she on mine- while she is here. So here we are and here I am and here is the post! I decided after spending four days with her of our ten day visit that there was only one blog post that could describe what an awesome and wonderful person Jesseca is. Thus the name, Twenty Things About Jesseca.

Before we start, I'd like to give you a quick background on how Jesseca and I became pen pals:

It started with Andi's blog and the fact we'd both comment on her blog with similar ideas. From there on out, I began to read Jesseca's blog and she read mine. During a blog post series I was doing where I posted some random clips from one of my stories, Jesseca contacted me and asked for all the clips from a spy story I'd written. Thus our friendship was born. A mutual love of history and three years of crazy conversations combined into a hilarious compilation of story ideas, and a well-cultivated understanding of each other. I am so blessed and honored to be her friend, and beyond happy to have her here. So without further ado, twenty things about Jesseca you might not know.
Jesseca and I at my work! She's such a big help!
1. Jesseca likes the nickname Jessa with her pen pals. Also don't ever call her J. Bad things happen to those who do.

2. She likes jalapenos on so many things. The horror! This is coming from a girl with Mexican heritage. I hate jalapenos, so gross. When we split a subway sandwich I accused her of poisoning my food 'cause she ordered jalapenos. 

3. Though quiet, Jesseca is actually very mischievous underneath. She's a contemplative thinker and takes in everything she watches. However she comes up with some great comebacks and one-liners, and can be quite playful.

4. She is probably one of the most mature girls I have ever met. At nearly twenty-one I don't think I possess her level of maturity in the least, even though I'm two and a half years older than her. She is always ready to help someone else, jumps in where she is needed and is respectful as well as kind. She can also be the voice of reason in a lot of situations, a good person to have around a crazy extrovert. ;)

5. Jesseca has an incredibly good Russian accent. I've been teaching her Russian while she is here and was shocked how quickly she learned to roll her "R's" with her words. She could almost pass off as a native. I quiz her throughout the day on different Russian words and she can repeat them with such accuracy it left me jealous. It took me forever to learn what she picks up in a matter of minutes. ;) 

6. She hates the Water Buffalo Song from Veggietales with a passion. Correction- she doesn't hate it but she sure doesn't like it. Her dislike for Larry's silly song is only trumped by Techno Chicken, which she thinks is weird. However, things like What Does the Fox Say? or The Chicken Yodel Song don't seem to bother her, though she told me they were weird.

7. I was amazed at how quickly she picks things up. Within the first day of coming to work with me she could identify three new types of apples she'd never heard before, two of them looking very similar. On our second day of work she was asking customers if they needed help with their produce or wanted bags. Again, that maturity playing through- she was on top of things before I had to ask her.

8. Until coming to work with me she'd never had apple cider cold. Only hot. But she's never had it in a pot nine days old. ;) And we don't plan to, either!

9. She knows what the sound of forgiveness is. Cue insider joke.

10. Jesseca handles meeting new people well. Though a little shy at first she doesn't take long to warm up and go with things. Quick to connect with others, and she has a very pleasant smile.

11. She's not a big animal person. She likes animals but isn't crazy about them like I am. Cats are one of her favorite animals, though, and of the horses we're around she likes mares the best. She seems to have an attraction to white mares especially, according to my observations at the stables I'm boarding my horse at while he heals.

12. I was impressed with how well she handled blood. My horse got his cast off and his proud flesh cut off (the flesh was pushing out of the wound and he had to have it removed for the skin to grow back) and Jesseca took it all in stride, even though there was blood everywhere. She wants to be a nurse someday, and I can attest she is well on her way and will do well! Except she doesn't want horses for patients, she told me. They're too naughty. ;)

13. Though she loves WWII fiction, one of her favorite book series of all time is Viking Quest. A certain Mikkel is her favorite.

14. Apparently one has to be careful what you tease her with, because she may come to strangle you later. I think I'm long due for a headlock with some of the jokes I made this week about the labels she made at work...

15. Jesseca is just so thoughtful. And sweet. And mature. This may sound like a repeat but I want to express how impressed I am with how thoughtful she is. She waited this morning to get up until I woke up, and let our cats take over her bed whenever they feel like it. I noticed her concern when we didn't find my little sister R upstairs, and how quick she is to ask for permission to do things. She is amazing!

16. She is not a big romance fiction fan but enjoys it now and then. Don't get her started on her rant about Amish and Mennonite romance books. ;) 

17. She is very familiar with Brazilian culture and well versed in understanding how they work. One of my coworkers is Brazilian and Jesseca chatted with her for a long time. They got along great and found it fun how many of the same food dishes both liked. Being more culturally aware of European society, I was at a loss as to what they talked about, a first for me! Jesseca is really knowledgeable about Brazil.

18. Though she doesn't like to have more than one story she's writing at a time, I noted Jesseca has books all over the guest room that she's reading. And she's reading all of them. I tend to read one book at a time, while she reads several all at once. She is never lacking in books, a true testimony to her dedication as a writer. Writers read, people!

19. We grew up on a lot of the same school curriculum. The Millers series, the Moody series, etc. She is the first person I know who read most of the same books I did growing up!

20. And last but not least...
Jesseca has such a strong faith in the Lord. I am so impressed and awed by her dedication to Christ and her love for Him. It shows in all her writing, in how she talks and her actions. She is such an inspiration to me, and a good conscience check. I hope I can have at least half the faith she does in our Savior.

Well readers, that is it for now. Thanks for letting me steal her for a week or so, it means the world to me. ;) When she gets back you can have her blog posts again. She is an awesome blogger, writer, friend, and, well, everything! I'm so blessed to have her here and to know her. Praise the Lord for pen pals!

Take care everyone, and God bless. Thanks for letting me hijack the blog for a day!

-Emily McConnell


  1. This was so fun to read! And, I have to admit, I'm incredibly jealous of you both right now! :) Sometime soon we all need to sit in the same room together and talk. And talk. And talk some more.
    *correction: Emily and I will talk, Jesseca will listen and nod every once in awhile. XD
    It's SO AWESOME that you finally got to meet! Can't wait until I can meet you guys again! :)

    1. I wish we could have worked something out to have you there, Rebekah. I know I really wanted to, but unfortunately I didn't take any time off of work while Jesseca was here. :( I had to keep going. Hopefully next time, da? :)

  2. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing things about Jesseca that most of us don't know. ;) And I hope you have shown her just how wonderful apple cider can be cold or hot! :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Glad you enjoyed! Apple cider is the best always. Especially from Hansens, where I work. We make it the best. ;) We're cider snobs, I must admit. I can't drink any other cider.

  3. (Oh my goodness penpals are the bestest)
    I'd be so happy if you checked out my blog,Mic's Room ( a little ring to tell me you stopped by ;)

    1. Aren't they? We had so much fun together, it was awesome. :) Glad you enjoyed reading the post, Michaila! I like your name, by the way, it sounds Russian. :)

  4. Awwww this post made me beam <3 It's so exciting to get to meet and stay with pen-pall/online friends! I really want to meet both of you now AHH <3

    1. Haha glad you enjoyed, Hannah! Meeting pen pals is super fun and awesome. :) I'm so glad the Lord blessed us to be able to do this after three years!

  5. Meeting pen pals is SUPER... so happy for you two!!! VIKING QUEST SERIES?! MIKKEL?! Yes! I love Lois Walfred Johnson! I can not believe I've met someone who intensely dislikes Amish romance too. We'll have to get together and rant sometime. :P
    Thanks for posting this Emily!

    1. I ADORE the Viking Quest series, but Jesseca loves it even more than me. ;) In fact Viking Quest is part of the reason I have grown to like more of the viking age than before. And we can all rant on Amish romance together. ;) Haha glad you enjoyed, R!

  6. So awesome! And you know Russian?! Such a cool language.

    1. Jesseca now knows some Russian, da. ;) Are you interested in Russian, s.m.b? My Russian is limited but I'd be glad to direct you to some good ways to learn. :)

    2. Hey Emily! I wouldn't mind learning more Russian. I went to Russia this past summer and still communicate with a couple people there.

    3. Ohhh well than I'm more than happy to assist! Again my Russian is basic, but I know the Cyrillic alphabet and enough Russian to get by and make myself understood. ;) I hope to take intermediate sometime in the Spring. You can contact me on google plus if you'd like! :)

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    1. Whoooaaa Jesseca, your blog is so popular google wants to put ads on it. B-)

  8. *whistles the Water Buffalo song*
    Wait, what? No cold cider? O.O It's best that way!! Well, really good anyway. :P
    I picked up on a few of these things when I got to hang out with Jess for a little while last fall. She was so calm, mature, and 'with it' the whole time, and I'm over there about to hyperventilate... #slightexaggeration

    Enjoyed the post, Emily!! :) So glad y'all had a nice visit! :)

  9. She also likes to research.....she's been researching all morning....she is researching right now....she also researches in different places.....right now she is researching on the floor....but before that she was on a bed....and before that she was in a whole different state.... *continues to observe Jesseca's actions*