Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet Remembrance Release

In the despair of the Warsaw Ghetto, a young Jewish woman fights the Nazis with the only thing she has left—her memories.  

A little while ago I had the privilege to read a collection of fairy-tale retelling. And within that collection, there were two stories that I wished would be published on their own. 

Well, guess what?! One of them is being released as a stand-alone e-book today! I was so excited when I saw the announcement on Emily Putzke's blog, and was thrilled to be able to take part!  You can read my review of it here. 

Also, there is a beautiful cover for it . . . it's amazing. It fits the story so well. So why are you still here? Scroll down to see it! xD

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About the Author:

Emily Ann Putzke is a young novelist, historical reenactor, and history lover. She's the author of It Took a War,ResistSweet Remembrance, and co-author of Ain't We Got Fun. You can learn more about Emily and her books


  1. *needs to read this* *doesnt wanna spend $2 right now* XD

    1. You need to read it. Spend $2. It's less than coffee costs. B-)

  2. This is exciting! I really enjoy Putzke's stories. :)

    1. It is!!! Yes, me too! Her writing is amazing!

  3. Sounds like a great story! Must read sometime. :)


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