Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Question of Honor Blog Tour--day 2

Annnndddddd, we've arrived at day #2!

The lovely bloggers lined up for today are . . .

Kellyn Roth -- Review @ Reveries Reviews
Faith Potts -- Review @ Stories by Firefly
Kaitlyn K.-- Book spotlight/Author interview @ Twin Thoughts

Be sure and check out their amazing posts!! :D 

And three random facts for today about A Question of Honor . . . 

1.) The official soundtrack for this book is the Pear Harbor soundtrack. David and Gil's relationship was actually inspired by the brother/friend relationship between Rafe and Danny on Pearl Harbor. I would not recommend the movie, but if you've read the book and you'd like to watch some (clean) clips that inspired AQoH  . . . shoot me an email. ;)  This song was almost like the book's theme, and this version is litrally Gil and David when they were boys. (Well, minus the "Tennessee 1923. xD)

2.) In the first, second, and third draft, none of David's family was mentioned in the story. Well, other than Elaine and his sister Ann, who was briefly mentioned in the letters.  When I re-read it after sending it to beta-readers, I relaized David had to have some more background to his story. So his brother, another sister, and his parents all came into being. 

3.) In my very first NaNo draft, there was a scene where Joyanna was kidnapped and Erich had to go after her. It was taken out later when some readers pointed out that it really had no place, since it didn't add or play into the story in anyway. Thus, it was taken out, and remains the only actual deleted scene since the first draft. (Though many were heavily revised. xD) I've thought about posting the scene here for y'all to read, but so far I haven't been brave enough to do so. ;) 

Here again is the giveaway . . . 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Release day is tomorrow, y'all!!! :D 


  1. That video, Jess!!! *squeals* That. Is. Adorable. ;P
    Okay, I totally need to read that deleted scene now. It's funny how much a story changes from your original intentions! ;)
    YIPPEEEEE! Tomorrow!

    1. Isn't it?! I love it SO MUCH! :D
      Hehe, I've played around with the idea of posting it tomorrow special for release day . . . I'm not sure if I'll do it or not. ;)
      YESSS!! I'm so excited!! :D

  2. Did I read that scene? I can't remember ... I vaguely remember it, I think? Or do I just think I think I remember it? xD

    1. Haha, I am actually feeling the same way, Kellyn! XD I honestly don't remember, but I'm thinking not... Lol

    2. Haha, after seeing these comments I went back and it was actually my Alpha reader and critique partner who pointed it out. So I don't think y'all read it, unless you somehow got a hold of an earlier draft. ;) *gasps at such a terrifying thought*

  3. More fun facts! #totallyknewthese PH SOUNDTRACK YEESSS

    1. Haha, yeahhhhh . . . because you pretty much knew about EVERYTHING before it was even written. #feelspecial. xD (Yes, I used a hashtag. Shhh!)

    2. *beams* *feels special* #haha #yesinoticed #andyouareonInstagram #Faithhasbeensucessful

  4. *Screams!* *grabs table* THE DELETED SCENE. I WOULD BUY YOU AN ICE CREAM IF I COULD READ IT IT. AHH GOSH. I would love it if you posted it. You're brave. Very brave. Keep being brave! =D ;D
    The soundtrack is kinda making me cry jeez. ;')

    1. *hides* I haven't read through that scene in probably a year now . . . it's more than likely awful!
      But I'll have to look at it tonight and see if I can make it decent enough to post here. I think it might be fun to do that instead of the three facts for release day. ;) *takes a deep breath* I'll see if I can be brave enough . . .
      Ahhh, yesssss, I know! It is beautifully sad!

    2. It was NOT awful! =D *shoves chocolate at you* Girl it was awesome.... as in, I want to slap Erich, and huggle Joy. ;D Which means you are a great writer!

    3. Aw, thanks! Though I sill think you're too kind... xD But thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


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