Friday, May 5, 2017

April happenings + Introducing a new blog series

It is Thursday night, May 4th, 2017. The time is at 10:50pm. And my brain has decided to die.

Someone help me.

It's May.

I can't--I just can't wrap my head around it.

Okay, so this is supposed to be a month in review post of sorts, but as we have already concluded, my brain is pretty much . . .  gone. I'm gonna thank NaNo. So if this post makes no sense. . . yeah, that's why. Hopefully, by next week, it'll have recharged fully. (My brain, I mean. Not the post.)

Shall we get on with it?

April was craziness. Piano recital, visit from a dear friend, missions trip finalizations, and of course, NaNo. Somehow I managed to keep up and actually meet all the April deadlines?! Like . . . I have no idea how it happened. Many of my goals went down the tubes, but the deadlines were met. So that was good. ;)
I'm gonna divide this into two sections. Or three, rather. Visit, Missions Trip, and then the idea I had for a new blog series.


As I mentioned, I had a visitor for ten days in April! Emily McConnell flew down here and we had a blast! Honestly, I can't believe it's already over. It was amazing! We visited the zoo, fed the giraffes, toured museums, jaywalked our way over to an Air Force base (don't ask. It was her fault), became the president for a day, (shh, don't tell Trump), laughed till we cried over a goodbye scene in my story, walked around a cemetery, and touched the Berlin wall. Or, a section of it at least. xD
In between, we talked, laughed, were completely random, and then had totally serious conversations. Sometimes we would talk at the same time, other times we'd both sit in silence, thinking. 
It was the busiest and most wonderful ten days of my life. I'm so blessed Emily was able to come and visit, and I'm looking forward to going to visit her again next year!
We were also blessed to be able to visit a mutual friend of our, Kate, and spend the day with her and her sister. It was so much fun!

Oh.You want pictures? Okay. xD

Yes, people. I just signed a bill into law. No, I have no idea what it was,
but it must have been of grave importance. 

With Kate and her sister. 
Emily and I. 

-Missions Trip-
I'm preparing to go on a missions trip to Mexico this June. We're going to be up in the mountains near the bottom of Mexico, almost into Guatemala. Most of the stuff for the trip got finalized in April, and I'm really looking forward to it. We'll be spending ten days in a small village up in the mountains. I believe we'll be running a clinic, as well as doing some bible study groups. I've never been out of the country before, so this will be a new experience! 
I'm going with two older couples from our church, and I'm looking forward to getting to knowing them better on the trip, and seeing what God has in store for me. 
So far, that's about all to report on this end. Oh, except for the passport. Do you guys have any idea how scary that application is? Okay, so it wasn't bad once I started. But seriously. It's supposed to take you 85 minutes to fill out. In black ink. You'd better not get anything wrong. xP And the photo... *shudders* Whyyy do official photos seem to constantly get the worst side of you? xD
But, oh well. At least they're done. For the next ten years. ;) 

-New blog series?-
So yes. There's a small peek into how my life was this past month. Crazy, wonderful, and blessed. 

That brings us to May. And . . . a new blog post series. Or, at least, maybe. Depending on what y'all think. 
As many of you know, I've been researching a lot on WWII from the pacific side of things as I worked on my camp NaNo project. As I did so, I wondered why I'd never learned any of it before. And how I wished someone had at least given me a bit more thorough of an introduction to it than my 11th grade history class did. It seems that a lot of books, instructional posts, etc., focus on the European theatre. And while I think that is awesome to study, too, I realized how many amazing stories we've missed by glossing over the War in the Pacific. 
All that to say . . . . a blog series on the battle of Guadalcanal? It's one of the main battles of the early war, and one I'd never heard of before. It's eclipsed by battles such as Midway, and Okinawa, or the battle of the Coral Sea. But in reality, it was one of the major turning points in the war. And it's pretty cool to research and learn about. 
So. Now it's your turn to let me know. Would you enjoy a 3-4 part blog series on The Guadalcanal Campaign this month? Each post would include a spotlight of one major battle fought over the island, a list of facts/statistics related to that battle, and also spotlight one of the many unknown heroes who fought in it. Does that sound like something you'd read? Enjoy?

Let me know in the comments! Also, I hope you had an amazing April! :) 

And, this is a bit unrelated, but . . .  last week, my dentist told me that I could help him pull my wisdom teeth. Like, I about fell out of the chair. He'd actually let me do that?! So now I'm looking forward to, instead of dreading, the operation. Which will probably happen sometime in June. ;) His take on it was: "It's gonna look great on a nursing application." We'll see. xD My mom's a bit worried . . . though dad just said something like "good deal", when I told him. ;)

And . . . It's now 11:54pm, but hey, it's still the 4th. So I'm gonna hurry and schedule this before it becomes the 5th. ;P 
Have a wonderful weekend! (If you made it though this post, you deserve chocolate. And lots of it. xP *hands it to you*) 


  1. I'm actually more interested in the Pacific side than the European. Maybe it's because I'm an Oregonian and I'm closer to it. Maybe it's because a dear friend of mine wrote a book set in the Pacific during WW2 and she rambles sometimes. Maybe it's because of PT-109 and Cherry Ames. Or maybe it's a combination of those.

    So, in summary, I would really enjoy learning more about the Pacific and the Battle of Guadalcanal! So do it! :)

    It looks like you had a great time with your friend! That's awesome. I hope the Mexican trip goes well ... I'll be praying for you!

    1. Oh, yay! I think I'm equally interested in both parts... all so interesting! The the Pacific is definitely less talked about. And oh, what book? I'm always on the lookout for new ones on the Pacific. ;)

      Thank you!! I appreciate your payers. :)

  2. Your visit with Emily sounds amazing!! I really want to meet all of you in person. :) And yes, I'd love the blog series! Enjoy pulling your wisdom teeth. And of course your mission's trip!

    1. Ah, I knowwww! I'd love to meet you, too!! :)
      Hehe, thanks. xD I'm looking forward to it!

    2. I'll be looking forward to reading about the trip . . . because I'm sure we'll get a post or two on it, right? ;)

  3. A hearty YES to the blog series!!

    1. Awesome! I'm working on the first post. ;)

  4. I went to that museum! I learn a lot about WWI and WWII! Yes, to the new blog posts! Have a great missions trip!

    1. Oh, wowwww! So cool! It is one of the most awesome museums EVER!
      Thank you! I know I will. ;)

  5. I enjoyed my visit with you as well. Honestly it was just the break I needed and such a blessing. :) Glad you posted some pictures, and it was fun to read an update from you! :) Blessings in the Lord!

    1. Aww, I'm so glad. <3 Hehe, wasn't too much of an update... but it was fun to write. :)

      Thank you, and blessing to you, too. :)

  6. GAH YOU HAD EMILY OVER. I want to crash your next party. XD
    Oh my goodness passport stuff is the WORST. I did a missions trip to Ethiopia and I couldn't believe how many hoops there were to jump through. >_< I was so glad my Dad was helping with the process. There would have been NO WAY for me to be able to do all that alone.
    Yes for the blog series. ;)
    Hehe have fun with your wisdom teeth. B-)
    *gobbles chocolate* You know how I love my chocolate. ;) Couldn't pass it up.

    1. YESS I WANT YOU TO, TOO!!!! I'm planning on visiting her next year, so we're definitely gonna have to work it out to see you. ;)
      Oh, I know! Crazy. ;P And yeah, thankfully I had lots of help, too. And it was a good learning experience. :)
      Awesome! I can't wait to start it!
      And yes, I know I will. It will be great fun. xD
      *hands you more* Here. I have more to share. *whispers* I eat too much chocolate... ;)

  7. Aww. Friends! HOW FUN! I'll be praying for your mission trip to go well.
    Those blog series sound interesting.

    1. It was a lot of fun! Thank you! I appreciate your prayers. :)
      I hope you enjoy it!!