Monday, September 11, 2017

Never Forget

The thick smoke clung to everything, almost as though it had been pasted on. But it wasn't just smoke. Even though the attack had heppened hours ago, ash still rained down from the sky. Ash, and bits of white paper, floating down so gently you could almost close your eyes and envision a winter's snow storm. 
But to do so, you'd have to ignore the smell. It clung to everything, just as hard, if not harder then the grey mist. And as I wondered down the streets, still in shock from what had happened, one thing burned in my memory, every bit as strong as the fires that had consumed the towers. 
Our nation would never forget this day. Our nation couldn't forget this day. The moment we did, we would cease to be Americans. Because the very minute we forgot this day, the freedom we so loved and held dear would slip from our grasp.
It has often been said that it is the memories with teach us of the past, and inspire us to make the future a better place. And the day we let this horrible attack slip from our memory, we wouldn't be worhty to fight for freedom's cause. Because without remembering the horrors of the past, we become complacent to the future. I pray that we will never settle simply for peace. And that peace would never become so dear that it would be worth giving up the fight for freedom. 

Sixteen years have passed since that horrible attack on our Nation. At the time of that attack, I wasn't old enough to understand what was going on, or what was happening. But I do remember coming out of my room and seeing my parents on their knees in front of the T.V. as live footage of the attack made it's way across the nation. 

Life changed that day. Perhaps we didn't all realize it then, but our nation would never quite be the same 

We still fight for freedom, and for that I thank God. And every year, we still remember. Looking back isn't just a way to honor the memory of those who died, though to do so is fitting. Many died in that attack. Many died in the rescue operations. And many more were wounded as they risked their lives to pull people from the rubble. 

However, looking back also serves as an spark to ignite the passion of those who still love our freedom. For those who fight for it. That it may never, never happen again on our shores. In the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

May God bless America. And May God save America, and turn us as a nation back toward Him. 

On that day, 16 years ago, all eyes turned to heaven, seeking help from our Creator. We as a people need to not look across the aisle to politicians or political leaders to save us. We need to turn out eyes to heaven with the same earnestness that we had on 9/11. And when that happens, American will be strong. Because it isn't the people, or the documents that make us a mighty nation. It's the God we serve.

Always remember. Never forget. And never, never stop praying, 


  1. Perfect reminder, dear. <33

    (How do you write so beautifully? How? HOW?! xD)

    1. Aw, thank you. <3

      *hugs* no more beautifully then you write. 😉