Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines day: Advice from Blimey Cow and George Strait

So, I'm sure everyone has heard the term that Valentine's day is "singles awareness day". Personally, I find the term a bit offensive. I mean, why do I need to be aware that I'm single? Why can't I live life in my own little happy world pretending that I have a guy who adores me? WHY MUST I FACE REALITY?! 


Okay, not really. And to all my fellow christian young people out there who don't have a date for Valentine's day . . .  *whispers* It's okay. We get more chocolate anyway. We don't have to share. I mean, hey, that's reason enough to celebrate. Also, I have the perfect evening lined up for you. So grab a blanket, some chocolate, and a teddy bear, and let's get some  relationship advice from the experts. 
What? You weren't thinking about relationships at all today? Hmm, yeah, I believe you. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone your secret.
(Also, to anyone who's curious, Blimey Cow is a christian youtube channel Oftentimes their videos deal with the messy/real things of life, but in a humorous and funny way. All of them are clean. ;)) 


Do you wanna know how to get that guy to like you? Are you trying to figure out how to get him to see you as more then a friend? Look no further! (But in all honesty, this one has some great advice on how to be who God made you to be... not the girl everyone likes.)

Just be yourself. Because let's be honest, you're actually pretty cool. 
Want to be 'just friends' with that great person? Be sure and check this out. Jordan walks you through the process with his usual ease. Though, remind me why we want to be just friends on Valentine's day? 
Pretend it's possible. That totally works. But according to this... it's not. 

The third wheel. We've all been there. If nothing else, Jordan will make you feel as if you're no longer alone. Someone else understands your plight. We must stand together, us outcasts. *nods solemnly* 
Stay strong, because there's no end in sight. 

Want to get the attention of that special guy or girl? Be sure and use some of these pick up lines! They're guaranteed to assure the other person you mean what you say! And of course, it helps to show right off the bat that you are a believer. Or . . . maybe you just study your Bible really well. 

Are you Adam? Because to me you're the only man in the world. 
Are you a homeschooler dating another homeschooler? Or maybe you like a homeschooler and want to know how to speak their language. Either way, in the video below lies all the advice you'll need. A guide to dating -excuse me-courting a homeschooler. 

The next time you're with your crush, causally throw out a reference to the Princess Bride! 

And now, at the end of it all, maybe we need to take a break and realize the truth- It's okay to be single! God's got us here for a reason... and I'm pretty sure that reason isn't so we can lament the lack of special someone. 
Your worth isn't determined by your relationship status.  Keep that in mind y'all. 


So you say, okay, but where does George Strait fit in? Well, he's written some beautiful country love songs. That are actually clean. xD And what is Valentine's day without a love song? But here I want to break off from the silly/humerus part of the post, and take on a bit more serious of a tone. 


Y'all, this is love at its finest. It's messy. It hurts. It requires sacrifice. (You can't tell me that being awake for eighteen hours to be with your wife as she's in labor isn't sacrifice.)
Love requires being there for someone. Even when it isn't easy. 
But this song talks about more then that. It's about how it's possible to see God by looking at the world around us. A tiny flower. A  sunset crested by mountains. A tiny, newborn baby. Each and every one is a reminder of the God who loves us. And who sacrificed His only Son to show us what love really means. 

Love never ends. And it doesn't matter what happens . . . Love bears all things. Hopes all things. Endures all things. Love never fails. It's not a feeling. It's making a decision each and every day to love. To put that person first. To care for their needs ahead of you own. It's a hard choice. Love isn't easy. But it is possible. God is love. And he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. 
You cannot love without God. You can't. It's just not possible. Make sure you're grounded in Christ, before you even lift your eyes to watch for that special someone. 
Because if not, you'll never be able to love them the way Christ commands. 


So yes. There you have it. Relationship advice - both humorous and serious. ;) I hope y'all enjoyed and had some fun! And I also hope you had chocolate. Because honestly, that's what Valentine's day should be about - National Chocolate Day, anyone? 

I leave you with this song, just because. It's one of my favorite George Strait songs, and the music is just so pretty! 

Happy Valentine's Day! =) 


  1. Adorably sweet and hilarious too. ;) Thanks for sharing, dearie. I'm going to go watch Blimey Cow and pretend like I don't have school to attend to... *ahem*

  2. Hi Jesseca! Nice post. And cool new look to your blog! I didn't recognize it at first. XD

  3. This was so fun! I really like Blimey Cow. :) My favorite of their videos is the "You Might Be a Homeschooler if" series. After watching that years back I didn't watch any of their others but now I'm addicted to watching all their videos. I'm with Faith—watching their videos and pretending like school isn't waiting to be done. :P

  4. I just recently discovered Blimey Cow! This made my day:) Totally agree with National Chocolate Day, or if you're an aunt like me, National Nieces and Nephews day, since until marriage they are our true loves, haha;)