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All the stories I'm currently working on! :)

A Question of Courage (Questions of War book #2)
Status: Drafting/writing 
Current word count: N/A
Genre: Historical fiction set in 1942-1943

A Question of Loyalty. (Questions of War book #3)
Status: First draft written during NaNo 2016. Currently editing.
Current word count: Around 55,000
Genre: Historical fiction set in 1943-1944/5-ish xD

The war in Europe rages on, Micah Wilson finds himself caught in the crossfires. With parents who firmly believe in the allied side, Micah takes it for granted that both him and his brother would take up England's cause. However, he soon learns his brother's loyalties lie on the opposite side . . . with the axis powers.  
Not willing to let his his brother tear their family apart, Micah volunteers for service in the red cross, hoping to be able to find his brother, who disappeared from their life nearly four years before.  
Yet, while on the battlefield, Micah suddenly finds his own loyalties tested. And when a fateful decision takes him to Switzerland, Micah comes face to face with a man who he had sworn to never see again.  
With the fate of his family resting upon his shoulders, Micah  realizes that not only will his loyalty to his country be tested, but that of his faith in God as well. 
Erich Essler never expected to be involved in espionage. Yet, he has proven himself time and time again and has been placed undercover in Switzerland. The moment he lays eyes on Micah, he realizes the potential the man could have to get information for the Fatherland. But the possibilities go far beyond that. Erich is well aware that Micah has a brother in the Third Reich, and he plans to use that information to his benefit.  
But why do that questions Micah asks disturb him so? Why is he suddenly doubting his loyalty to the country he loves? And what of this God Micah speaks about? Could he truly have the power to redeem one as wicked as he? 

Untitled Novel set in France during WWII
Status: Researching/writing
Current word count: Not enough to mention yet. ;)
Genre: Historical fiction set in 1940
Synopsis: Uhh. . .don't have one yet. So. . .here's a clip from it.

I closed my eyes against the harsh glare of the sun. The sky was still and quiet. Too quiet. I tried to push away the fear that gripped me, but it was useless. The french planes no longer filled the sky, neither did the RAF fighters that had been sent to our aid. Like a cold winter wind that cut to the bone, the knowledge that our city would soon be overtaken by the Germans cut to the very core of my being. I could not imagine my town in the hands of the German monsters, but it was happening. I knew that it would only be hours, no longer days, until their tanks rolled into our town. Like a fleeting wind, I could feel my freedom slipping away. Right now I was free. I needed to remember that feeling. I needed it to inspire me to fight in the days the were ahead. I would not sit idly back. How could one who had tasted freedom as I had be willing to give it up? 

I wrapped my arms around my chest and took a deep breath. The air was clean and fresh, but the breeze brought the distant rumble of tanks to my ears. They were coming. I took off at a run down the hill. The air whizzed past me, the grass brushed my legs. 
This was what it meant to be free. 

I took great gasps as I forced air into my lungs. Would I ever be free to do as I wished again? My hair whipped about my cheeks and shoulders, and I reached up to brush it back. The sun that had been bright only a moment ago now slipped beneath a gray wall of clouds. The shadows brought a chill to my very soul, and I felt as though iron chains were closing around me. And I knew. I knew that whatever may happen in the days ahead, I would fight against the enemy that was strangling our country.  With God’s help, the light that had gone out in France would shine again. 


  1. Jesseca!!! That clip of your 'untitled' book is amazing!! :)Write more soon...please? ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha, yeah. . .write more in that story and how many others?! ;P
      Glad you enjoyed it! :D I literally just sat down and wrote something that I've had on my mind forever. It felt sooo good to write again instead of edit!

  2. All of these sound awesome, Jesseca! I have a character named Eira too in one of my WIP's. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad they sound good I've never been good at writing up a synopsis for a story. ;P
      Really? That's awesome! I love that name. ;)

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  4. Whoa, they all sound super-duper interesting! I think the first one was my favorite!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Willowy! ^_^ The first one is almost ready to be published!! I'm so excited!! :)

  5. Hey, Jesseca! I'm Emily Joy, and I am so very pleased to have found your blog. *bows in greeting* ;)

    All of these stories sound awesome! I would have to say that The Silent Blade sounds the most intriguing... are you planning on getting it published? If so, indie or traditional? :)

    1. Hi Emily! It's nice to meet you! :)

      Oh, I'm glad it sounds intriguing to you!! ^_^ Yes, I am planning on publishing it, and I'm Indie publishing through createspace! :)

  6. I loved the characters of the 'Silent Blade'. Have you ever thought of writing a sequel to it? I don't know what the story could be about, since all was resolved in this book. But the characters are very memorable and lovable, that I think some kind of sequel would go over really well! Just a small suggestion. ;-)

    1. Aww, I'm so glad you liked them! ^_^
      I've never seriously considered a sequel, but Ive had a couple people ask about one, so...we'll see! :D

  7. You know how much I love your writing, Jesseca! And I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of your books as much as I'm able! (And I'm hoping to send you the Question of Honor stuff soon. I'm so sorry for how long its taken! *smacks head on keyboard repeatedly.)

    1. Aw. *hugs* You're awesome! :) Hehe, you're fine, I'm not editing that again till January, so you can get it sent whenever. ;)