Friday, October 9, 2015

No Greater Love--part 6

“Wait, Grandpa,” Nate frowned as he interrupted the story. “We want to hear your part of the story, not Aunt Rachel’s.”
“Besides, Grandpa. If you already left, how did you know what happened with Aunt Rachel?” Eva questioned.
Grandpa chuckled, “just because I was gone didn’t mean I was left out of what happened at home. Your Aunt made sure of that.”
“So can you tell us more about you, Grandpa?” Nate asked helping himself to a second cookie. “Where did you go after you left?”
Before Grandpa could answer, Grandma stood, “It’s nearly suppertime. I think you two need to get on home.” She smiled, “I don’t believe your mom wanted you ruining your appetite with all those cookies.”
“Aww, just one more story, please, Grandpa?” Eva begged.
“No, I think your Grandma is right. But you be sure and come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you some more, okay?”
Nate stood and pushed back his chair from the table, “alright, Grandpa. Come on, Eva.”
Eva nodded as she finished the milk in her glass and stood,” see you tomorrow, Grandma.”
“Ahh, no you don’t! You’re not going anywhere until you give me a hug.”
Eva laughed and turned, “sorry, Grandma.”
“Now, you two have a goodnight. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Grandpa called after them as they left.
“Was it as bad as you thought it would be?” Eva asked as she raised the kickstand on her bike.
“What are you talking about? I never said it’d be bad.”
Eva laughed, “right. You just said it would be boring.”
“No,” Nate shook his head, ‘I believe my exact words were “it wasn’t an important war.”
Eva followed Nate as they pedaled toward their house, “has Grandpa changed your mind?”
Nate glanced over at her and grinned, “maybe.”
They rode up the driveway and parked their bikes in the garage.
“Mom, we’re home!” Eva called out.
Mom smiled at them as they came in the door, “how did y’all enjoy the time with your Grandpa?”
“It was interesting! We didn’t want to leave, but Grandma thought we’d better come home,” Eva said with a sigh.
“And you, Nate? I know you weren’t looking forward to the assignment.”
Nate grinned, “I might be enjoying it more than I thought I would.”

“Good. I know Grandpa’s stories are amazing. He used to tell me them when I was a little girl,” Mom smiled wistfully. “Well, you two go wash up and get up to the table. Supper is ready.”
They both hurried toward the hallway, but Eva turned back in the doorway, "any word from Dad, Mom?"
Mom shook her head, "No. But he's halfway around the world. I hardly think he'll be able to call very often."
Eva sighed, "I miss him when he's deployed. You know, sometimes I wish he wasn't in the military."
Mom smiled, "but he is and we can't change that. Now go wash up so we can eat."


  1. Wait, Nate and Eva's dad is in the military???
    Wonderful chapter! Write more soon! :D

    1. Yesh. . .I thought you might like that twist. ;)
      Next part coming up tomorrow!

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    1. Welcome to the blog, Mikayla! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Thanks for commenting. :)