Monday, August 1, 2016

June/July month in review

And...I'm back for the June/July month in review post! 


Oh, June was a busy month! Which is why I didn't get the review post up. I'm going to just write about a few highlight of both June and July, and then for the writing, reading, etc., I'm just going to combine them all. :)

 — I got the last few beta-readers for The Silent Blade. And one of my beta-readers, Amanda Tero, designed me the most awesome cover ever! :D 

—I attended the 18th birthday part of my dear friend, Deborah! I watched a Sight and Sound production for the first time and it was awesome! We watched Ruth, and I'm looking forward to seeing the others! Also, I was introduced to scattergories. And I LOVE it!

—My parents celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, so they went out for the weekend and our wonderful piano teach came to stay with us. :) 

—I met one of my internet friends, Kaitlyn, for the FIRST TIME EVER! AND IT WAS AWESOME!

—I got an email saying Merry Christmas from a friend of mine. (It was totally intentional.) 

—Hosted my very first guest post here on the blog! You can read it here. (It was amazing!)


—I turned 18. *hides* Yes, on the 1st of July I legally became an adult. And I have an amazing family. I woke up to doughnuts, a rose and birthday card from my dad, and then all sorts of birthday cards from my siblings and friends. God has blessed me with so much! And we ended the day with a midnight trip to Sonic to get a milkshake. Hey, no one said I had to act like an adult.

—A friend kept making me cry with all the story clips she sent me. 

—I avoided a strangling by a friend. I just got her focused on someone else. We had an awesome time. (And yes, I know this makes no sense. Think fictional strangling. ;))

—We celebrated the 4th, of course! Red,white and blue, fireworks, hamburgers and the annual frog races! (What, you've never seen a frog race? They'e super fun. ;))

—I was able to watch a restored B-29 take off for the first time since WWII! Mom and all us girls went out to watch it, and it was so amazing!! After it was finished and we started walking back toward the van, we were able to talk to a WWII vet. His story was just incredible, and I'll write up a post on it soon-ish! Until then, here's a teaser picture.

—And. . .I published The Silent Blade! That was sorta a big part of the month. ;)


A Heart most Certain--Melissa Jagears
Secret Sabotage--Andrew Eddy
The Lady of the Vineyard--Kellyn Roth
The Fragrance of Geraniums--Alicia Ruggieri 
Dawn at Emberwilde--Sarah E. Ladd
Remembrance--Theresa Breslin 
Never--J. Grace Pennington
The Silver Flower--Rebekah Eddy

Light in the Shadow of Jihad--Ravi Zacharias 
Recapture the Wonder--Ravi Zacharias 
Coffee Cake Days--Amanda Tero
Where Shadows Lie--Tialla Rising 
Finally Home--Deborah Raney 
Annabeth's War--Jessica Greyson
Anchor in the Storm--Sarah Sundin
Twinepathy--C.B. Cook
Touching the Clouds--Bonnie Leon
A Way through the Sea--Robert Elmer

So yes. Eighteen books in two months. Not too impressive, but not too bad. 

If I remember correctly, all I got written these past two months was the epilogue for A Question of Honor, and my 4th of July story, Freedom's Price. However, I did edit The Silent Blade two more times, edited A Question of Honor once more, and sent it off to my editor and two alpha readers. I'm looking forward to getting back to actual writing this month, though. :) 

Well, that's how my past two months have gone! I hope you guys have had an amazing summer! I can't believe it's almost over!!

Also, I'm just going to add this in here, my mom hasn't been feeling well lately, and she has some Dr.'s appointments tomorrow. If you all could keep her in your prayers, that would be awesome. :)

I hope your week is off to a great start! God bless!!


  1. I've watched all the Sight and Sound Theater stuff and it's all awesome!! :D Definitely check the other ones out! Noah is a personal favorite. :)
    I enjoyed reading about your month! Thanks for the post!

    1. I'm really looking forward to seeing the others!! I've heard Joseph and Jonah are really good as well!!
      I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

  2. I loved reading this post! These post two months have been so busy. ;P
    I'm so glad you enjoyed Ruth!! You definitely have to see the rest of them! =) Scattergories is my personal favorite game, so I'm thrilled that you love it too! We'll have to play some more...sometime. :)

    1. Haha, yep, they have. ;)
      I did really enjoy it!!! It was so good!
      And yes, we need to play it again sometime! :)

  3. Your blog banner is SO beautiful ;). Just say'in.
    -Mic from Mic's Room (

  4. Ohh I'm jealous about you seeing the B-29 fly! We unintentionally saw one of the few Avro Lancaster bombers flying with another plane. I was so excited when we realized later that it was a flypast and we hadn't even known about it!! Lol.

    And congrats on turning 18! It's a great age :)

    We love Scattergories!! Really works your brain!

    1. It was so amazing!!! We weren't able to get too close, but it was still awesome! :)

      Oh, wow!! That's cool! It's always fun when you have no idea what somehting is, and then it ends up being something totally awesome!

      Thank you! That's what I've been told... ;)

      It does! It's tough, but still so much fun!!
      Thank you for commenting, Olivia!!

  5. It sounds like you've been having a great summer so far, Jesseca! :)
    Happy (late) birthday!! :D
    Out of the books you've read these past two months I have actually read none of them. ;) Although I am in the process of reading "Anchor in the Storm", I'm really enjoying it so far. :)

    1. We have! It's been amazing!
      Thank you!!
      Oh, yes, that book is amazing!! I love it sooo much!!
      Thanks for commenting!! :)

  6. YOU TURNED EIGHTEEN!!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! *throws eighteen pieces of confetti* ;D

    Ok, ok, ok, let me start from the top first :P

    YES. ‘The Silent Blade’ cover was AMAZING! Absolutely loved it :) Oh, what are scattergories? They sound interesting!
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!!
    COOL. Meeting Kaitlyn is amazing!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (i know, i said that already, but it doesn’t hurt ;)) Hope you had an awesome day!
    Haha, strangling? xD
    I’ve heard of turtle races and dog races and horse races but frog races? Never :P Are they trained frogs, or you just let ‘em run wild?
    CONGRATULATIONS on publishing ‘The Silent Blade’!
    And wow, you read a pretty large amount of books! :D
    Sorry to hear about your mom not feeling well :( I’ll keep her in my prayers :)

    Really enjoyed reading your post, Jesseca! :)

    1. YESSS!!! It was crazy awesome! And thank you! ^_^ *Dances in confetti*

      Aww, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed! It's a word game. You have a huge dice that has 26 sides, all with a different letter of the alphabet. You also have a list of paper with different categories, such as "A Villain" A vegetable" or some other such things. Then you have a certain amount of time to come up with words for each category starting with whatever letter was rolled. Does that make sense? I'm not too good at explaining... ;P
      Thank you, and thank you again. ! :)
      Yeah.. it was painful. But I'm still alive, so thankfully it wasn't successful!
      Nope, we just go and catch wild frogs or toads, set up the racing lines, and let them go. They sometimes need prodding, but it's so much fun!!
      Thank you!! :D
      Haha, well...I have 40 more to go till my goal. So far, it's going pretty well! :)
      Thank you so much! Your prayers mean the world!!

      I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for commenting!

  7. Crying? Tears? Strangling? Sounds...intriguing. XD Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton! :D

    Ooooo. What did you think of Finally Home?! Someone may or may not have started writing a spin-off short story from that book...*cough*

    1. Very, very intriguing. You should know. B-)

      It was good! I enjoyed it!! Augh, now I must read this story...

      Thanks for commenting, Faith!