Sunday, September 18, 2016

Book Review: Home


Heaven Is the Home You've Been Waiting For
In this world of fear, trials, and loneliness we often feel adrift--like we're still searching for a place where we can truly make ourselves at home. There's a longing for something more, something that makes us feel like we belong, something that resonates perfectly with who we were made to be. This longing is no small thing to be brushed off and forgotten--it's a guidepost letting us know we were made for another world. Earth is not our home. But it's close.
What we long for is the new earth, the place God has been preparing for our eternity with him. In "Home," Elyse Fitzpatrick explores heaven and the afterlife, demonstrating that our final destination is not some dull, featureless space in the clouds, but rather a perfected earth. It's a real, physical place that we'll explore with real bodies. A place of beauty and wonder and free of all death and decay.
No need to chase a bucket list. On the new earth there will be no end of glorious sites and amazing activities, and we'll never run out of time to do them all. Includes questions for group discussion.

~My Review~
3 out of 5 stars

  This book was a hard one for me to rate. During the first few chapters, I was fairly certain of the fact that the author and I did not see eye-to-eye on quite a few things. I know that not everyone believes the same way about Bible prophecies, so I kinda expected that.
However, I felt like, in a way, the author was saying it was okay to not be content with our lives here, because heaven is ahead.
While I agree to a certain point that God has put in our hearts a longing for heaven, doesn't He also want us to be content with living for Him here on earth?
Paul says in Philippines 4:11 that he has learned it whatsoever state he is in, there to be content. Yes, there is also a place where he says he longs to be present with the Lord, but even than, Paul realized that God's timing was perfect, and God had him on this earth, where he was, for a reason.
God has given us a longing to be with Him, yet at the same time, we are not to be okay with simply being discontent.
I think my biggest fault with the book was that I felt that this was thrown out of proportion.

All that to say, I did really enjoy the last few chapters. Heaven is our perfect home, where there will be no sickness, and no pain! Can you imagine how wonderful that will be?! The last few chapters were filled with hope, and that was so refreshing. After our time on this earth is done, a perfect, eternal, everlasting home awaits up with our Heavenly Father. And there, in Christ's presence, for the first time, we will be whole. Perfect. We will be His.

So yes. While I didn't agree with it all, I did enjoy the book. 3 stars!

~I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review~


  1. Not a book I'll be reading... So good to hear your thoughts!! ;)

    *gasps* This bbblooooogggggg lllloooooookkkkkk. Goodness, girl, it's beautiful!!

    1. Haha, yeah. If you want to read a christian living book, I'd recommend quite a few others, not this one. ;)

      Thank you!! :D I love it sooo much!! ^_^