Friday, December 2, 2016

NaNo is over//Week 4

Guuuyyysssss. It's December 2nd. How did this happen?!?!?! *sighs* Wasn't it just November like . . . last week???
Alrighty. Well, I finished and won NaNo. I hit 50K words the day before Thanksgiving, and haven't written a thing since. Also, I finished the first draft of A Question Of Loyalty which now stands at 55,672 words. (I had written some before I started NaNo)
It'll more than likely be made muccchhhh longer when I re-write it, since I tend to leave out a lot of description in the first draft. Plus scenes will be added, etc, etc.
But. The first draft is completed, so I am happy! :)
This was my 2nd year completing and winning NaNo, and I'm already looking forward to next year! Meeting new friends on the NaNo site, sharing writing snippets, and all was so much fun!
And all the wonderful people on the NaNo '16 hangout chat were amazing. Without y'all I probably wouldn't have made 50K. The word wars and sprints were amazing, as were all the snippets and random conversations. (By the way, I can't wait to read y'all's novels sometime. ;))
Hopefully I'll have a November recap post up sometime in the next couple days. (Yeah, it'll be a little late. :P)
Well, here's the last round of snippets from NaNo 2016. A huge congrats to everyone who finished NaNo, and to everyone who participated. *throws confetti* You guys are awesome.

Rafe chuckled as Micah pulled his hand away and tucked it back down into his lap. "It's funny the sort of names we were given. You think they'd be a bit more obvious to those who are after us, but then again, perhaps the most obvious things are the things that can blind those in control the most. Now, I am here to collect information that you were supposed to have gotten from our friend, Erich. And," he looked up sharply and met Micah's gaze. "I'm supposed to pass you information from France about a certain man named Arnold."
At the name of his brother, Micah looked up quickly. "What of him?"
"You know him?" Rafe didn't answer his question.
Rafe folded his hand behind his head, and crossed his legs. Micah watched him, and the need to roll his eyes seemed to grow more and more pressing. Everything about this guy screamed "American."  The way he talked, the accent he had when he spoke German, the mannerisms he had, and the way he walked and acted.
Under normal circumstances, Micah would have laughed aloud, but Rafe was serious.

Micah nodded. "Yes."
"Before I answer your question, I'm trying to figure out how--and why-- you would know someone who is a part of the German armed forces." A deadly calm had come over Rafe's eyes, and Micah had the uncanny feeling that he was doing his best to get back at him for what he had said about Lily. No matter that everything he had said was true. It apparently had hurt Rafe in a place he hadn't expected to have to protect.
"I know Arnold, because he is my brother,” Micah spoke at last. Rafe should at least know the truth. Many of the other underground contacts knew it anyway; they had to. Micah and Arnold looked enough alike that they were often wary at trusting Micah with anything at all. 
At that, Rafe shot up, his back suddenly becoming rigid and his eyes looking as though they were about to pop out of his head.
Micah had so swallow a laugh at the sight. Telling the truth was so worth it, if only to see Rafe's reaction.
"You're brothers?"  Rafe exclaimed.
"Yes." Micah measured him carefully with his eyes before continuing. "And not only is he my brother..." He cocked his head to the side, putting as much time in between his words as he dared. "He is my twin. We're identical twins."
If Rafe's reaction before had been priceless, this one was worth the universe... and then some. He jerked to a standing position, knocking the chair to the ground. "What?"
Micah couldn't keep the smile off his face this time. Sometimes...sometimes it was fun to tell others about his brother and see their reaction. It only hurt when they still didn't trust him.
That wasn't a problem here, though. Rafe didn't have a choice.
As Rafe's chair slammed on the tiles, half the people in the establishment turned, and the place suddenly became deathly quiet. So quiet you could hear the ticking of the clock that hung above the counter.
Rafe chuckled nervously, and put a hand up. "Sorry, all. Sorry." He appeared to be visibly shaken as he turned and put the chair upright.
Micah wasn't sure just why, but when Rafe sat across and met his gaze, suddenly the entire thing didn't seem very funny anymore. All the color had drained from his face, and his eyes were distant. Rafe took a deep breath. "So, you're telling me, I could be talking to Arnold right now and not even knowing it?"
"You could, but you're not. I left my brother behind in France."


Arnold started to reply, then stopped himself short. Who was Micah to ask what he was doing? Gaining control once again, he leaned up against the side of the door-frame and crossed his arms. "I could ask you the seam question. I might also ask what you are doing with Erich. And on top of that, I really ought to ask you just why I was kept for three days in a small room where I was confined like a wild animal."
He kept his voice light, yet his gaze shot daggers.
Micah, as usual, didn't seem concerned. "Maybe you should be asking yourself these questions."
Arnold raised an eyebrow. "See, I already did that. The thing is, I'm not getting any answers. I thought perhaps you might be able to help me?"
Micah leaned against the opposite side of the door,and the two simply stared at one another.
At last, Arnold broke the silence. "Where's Erich?"
Giving  dismissive shrug, Micah replied, "He had business to attend to. If you wish to speak with him, you can wait till he gets back."
"Oh, really?" Arnold turned his head slightly. "Have you become his personal secretary?"
"The job position was open. I decided to take it."
The calm control Micah had over his words while he felt like flying into a million pieces enraged Arnold , and he suddenly reached forward and grabbed the front of Micah's shirt, his right hand going to his pocket.
Micah followed his movements, not fighting Arnold's grip. "I'd be careful if I were you. Seems a shooting in the building would cause a lot more ruckus than you want to deal with right now."
Blast it all, why did Micah have to read his thoughts? He shoved him back into the room, and then stepped over the threshold himself, closing the door and locking it behind him. "All right, so it's not the best time to kill you. But so help me, one day I'll do it."


So many memories wrapped up in piece of land.
Micah allowed himself the luxury of the memories, and the nostalgic feelings that they brought. He would never be able to return to that time, but that didn't matter. He could hold onto the memories and the good times that they had shared.
The shadows in the trees lengthened as the night turned dark, and Micah turned and pointed his footsteps toward the house. He had come the long way around, and he walked to the edge of the woods, coming out on the road. He would walk along it for a little while before turning and heading down the lane that would bring him home.
As he walked, a shape began to take form off in the distance ahead of him. For a moment he thought it was have been an animal, but as they moved closer to each other, Micah could clearly see that it was a man. 
His shoulders were slumped, his head was down, and his steps slow. And he walked with a limp.
The closer they got, the more Micah could understand why. One of the pant legs had been rolled up, and in its place, a wooden crutch was tucked under his left arm. It made for slow going on the uneven, gravel lane, and Micah began to walk faster. Perhaps he could help the man get wherever he needed to go.
And then, the man looked up, and Micah suddenly stopped stock still.
The man's face looked as though it had been badly burned, and the left half of the face was disfigured. But when he raised his eyes ... Micah knew.


They say I’m a traitor. And maybe I am. All that I know is that I did what needed to be done.
They are coming for me. I can hear their footsteps outside the door. In a few moments I’ll be leaving this world and walking through the pearly gates of glory. I am worried about the pain; about whether I can handle it, but I know Christ will be with me. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, but giving my life to Christ as was the one thing I did right.
In moments I’ll see my Saviour. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side of those gates, and when you enter, the first thing I’m going to do is see you. But this time, we won’t be enemies.  We’ll be  brothers in Christ. I did so much wrong to you, yet, you never gave up on me. I think you for that. I know my time on this earth is over. And that’s all right. Because what God has ordained is perfect.


Well, that's all for today, folks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! How did NaNo turn out for you? Were you able to finish your novel? Are you looking forward to December? (and snow?!?! :D)


  1. *gets teary eyed* those snippets! And i am hoping what i think happens in the end wont happen. *looks pleadingly*
    I can't believe it's December either. It's so strange.
    Can't wait for the draft to be done! Am like going crazy! ;)

    1. Ummm. Well, it depends on what you're thinking. ;) But ... you're probably right.
      Augh! It's crazy! The year has gone by way too fast!
      Hehe, well. hopefully I'll get the first edit finished in February or so. :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing and winning Camp NaNo, Jesseca! That's so great that you were able to complete the first draft of "A Question of Loyalty"!! :D Those snippets were SO great. I can't wait to actually read this book!!!! :D

    1. Thank you, Rebekah!! I'm glad they sound interesting! ^_^ I was quite please that I was able to get it completed!

  3. THE SNIPPETS. O.O Can't wait to read this book!!!! :D
    And congratulations on NaNo...I knew you could do it! :)

    1. Aww, so glad you liked them!
      Thanks!! MY goal was to finish before Thanksgiving...and I cut it so. Close. But it was fun! And awesome. ;)

  4. Yay, you did so well! Congratulations on NaNo, and the snippets are awesome. :D

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Aw, thanks, Katie! I'm glad they sounds somewhat interesting. They're so unedited... *cringes*
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. That next to last snippet...seriously my favorite part of the whole book. (Of what I've read anyway...*cough* XD) Just... <3 <3

    Congrats again on finishing NaNo!! :D

  6. Those are sooooooooooo good. I really, really want to read this book now. I also have this strange urge to pull your charries into a hug.