Friday, April 3, 2015

Dark Storm Rising--part 9

Major Ubel groaned as a knock sounded on the door. He was busy enough trying to find something on Helena and Max without having to answer the door.
“I’m coming!” He barked as the knock sounded again. Slamming the paper down on the desk, he crossed the room and opened the door.
“What? What do you want?”
Matthaus immediately knew it was Major Ubel. The hard gray eyes bore into his own making him feel as though the Major could see through him.
“I’m Matthaus. I live not to far from here. I was wondering if maybe I could learn a little more about the Third Reich.”
“How old are you?”
“Seventeen, sir.”
“My title is Major Ubel, not sir! Well, come in I don’t have all day!”
“So, what do you want to know?”
‘Everything, Major Ubel. I’ve been thinking about joining when I turn eighteen.” Even as he spoke the words, Matthaus despised the falsehood. But this was the only way it would work.
“You’re just the kind of boy we’re looking for! How about I show you around? Would you like that? Seeing exactly what we do here?”
Matthaus nodded. “Yes please!”
“Well, lets go!”
Major Ubel then proceed to show him throughout the solid brick building.
It was small he noted, but nearly indefensible.
As they stopped before one closed door, the Major turned to him. “We’ve got a boy staying in this room. Caught him and the girl trying to help a jew escape over into Switzerland.”
Matthaus gritted his teeth at the lie, but then that’s what the Nazi’s loved to do. Lie. Make promises and break them. They’ve learned well from their leader.  He looked around noting exactly how far back the room was. As the Major opened the door, he inwardly chuckled. This was perfect. a window stood open at the other side of the room. Sure, it was barred over. But that won’t be hard to fix. he thought.
Max sat in a chair, refusing to face them as they entered.
“And this is the boy. We interrogated him last night, or rather Ramond did, but I’m doing the interrogation tonight. He’s not hard enough on them. and If I don;’t get anything from him, he’ll have no supper.”  Majur Ubel said in a voice clearly directed at Max. Max continued to stare straight ahead.
As they left the room, the Major started to open the room across the hall then stopped. As though remembering his manners, he knocked.
“This is Ramond’s office and it’s also where the girl is. She fell and hurt her leg on the way here. Ramond and I had little disagreement last night.”
I can already guess what that was over. Matthaus thought to himself.
“Come in,” a voice was heard from the room.
As they entered, Matthaus immediately recognized Helena, laying on the bed, her leg propped up on pillows. When she saw him, she gave him a withering look. He chuckled to himself. She’s got spunk all right, and she sees me as the enemy. He winked at her, earning himself another glare.
“Ramond. This is Matthaus. He’s interested in joining and he wanted to look around. Your room is the last one. “
Major Ramond stood. “It’s good to meet you. Ve are alvays looking for strong young boys like yourself to join us!”
Matthaus nodded. “It’s an honor to meet officers such as you.”
They whole time they were talking, Matthaus’s eyes darted around the room. There was no window, and no other way to enter the room other then the door. Well, if we get Max first, we should be able to pick the lock and get into this room.
“. . .so we’d better get going, I hope you enjoyed the tour.”
Matthaus turned back to Major Ramnod. “What was that you said? I’m sorry, I was just admiring the room. It’t be pretty hard for anyone to get in. It amazing how you can build things theses days.”
“Major Ramond nodded. “It certainly is. All I was saying is that You’d probably better get going. Major Ubel and I still have to interrogate, then we’ve got a meeting tonight.”
At this, Matthaus’s eyes lit up. Yes, tonight would be the perfect night for the escape.
As they left the room, grinned at Helena. She crossed her arms and turned away. Well, tonight she’ll know who I really am. he thought.
“Crazy, simply crazy. It was a crazy idea and a crazy plan from the very beginning.” Daniel grunted as he unsuccessfully tried to dodge a tree branch outside the Garrison.
“Yes, we all agreed that it was crazy, but it was simply the least crazy idea we had. And we didn’t have time to think of another.” Fremont reminded him.
“Well, here’s the part I still can’t seem to get around. Max simply will not trust Matthaus! It doesn't matter if he says he’s there to help. Neither Max nor Helena are the sort that will trust people after just meeting them. Even less after they’ve seen Matthaus with Ubel!”
“Daniel, just calm down. Everything will be okay. We’ll get these kids out and get them over the border. Now we’ve already agreed that the only way Max will trust him is if MAtthaus says he knows you. Not Wilhelm, but Daniel. For instance, You and Leisel being engaged. Only someone who knew you would know that. Now just calm down. And be careful of that arm. It’ll hurt for a while, and it only has a day to heal considering that you're planning on going back exactly as you left. Healthy and strong, not wounded.”
Daniel nodded. “You bet I’m going back healthy. No good sense in going back wounded, Major Ubel would know something was up in an instant!” he leaned back against the tree and winced. “Although hitting it on that branch wasn’t the best move. It’s hurtin’ something awful.”
Matthaus, who had been leading the way, hurried back when he realized they had stopped.
“Everything alright?”
Daniel shook his head. “I think you two will have to go on. I’ve got to rest.”
Fremont sighed. “You can’t stay here alone. If the guard comes You’ll be helpless. NO, I’d better stay here with you. Matthaus, you go on ahead and get them out. We’ll go to where mother and Kareena have the car waiting. You can met us there.”
Matheus nodded. “If it’s more than thirty minutes, it means we didn’t get out. Just go and leave us. If you get caught as well  nothing can be done.” he turned to leave.
‘Matthaus,” Daniel called after him. “You may have trouble with Helena.”
Matthaus nodded. “After how she acted when she saw me today, I figured that might be the case.”
“Have Max talk to her. She listens to him.” Daniel advised.
“Will do. I’ll see you later.” then he turned and was gone, lost in the shadows of the bushes.  Fremont stood, then turned to help Daniel do the same. “Come on, lets get out of here. There’s only about a mile to walk, then we’ll be at the car.”

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