Saturday, April 18, 2015

Meet the Characters--#2

Hi everyone! I'm sorry this has taken me so long to get up. . .I needed to find the right pictures for the characters. :) 

In order of appearance:

Fremont Baxter
Fremont and his family live just outside Serfaus, Austria. They lived a quiet life until the Anschluss. When Hitler took over Germany, he knew they couldn't just stay stay silent while God's chosen people were being "exterminated". Their house has know become one of the many stations on the way to the Austria/Switzerland border. Being the last house before the boarder, they are responsible for helping each family over the boarder. Fremont is convinced that helping the Jews is what God has called him to and he leads his family wisely as they work together for the Lord. 

Matthaus Baxter

Matthaus is 17--almost 18, and the eldest of the two children in the Baxter family. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and strives to be a good example for his sister, Kareena. He has taken on a big role in helping the Jews when it would endanger his father to do so and he accepts the position with a ready knowledge of what will happen if he's caught and a quick and ready grin. He, as well as his father, mother and sister feel that God has given them a duty to help his chosen people and desires to be a tool in the hand of his mighty God. 

Kareena Baxter

 Kareena is 16, and the youngest child in the Baxter family. She is happy and carefree and her enthusiastic personality makes those around her feel almost immediately at ease. She enjoy's working with her family and is also a great encouragement and comfort to their her mother who struggles with the danger her family is constantly in. Kareena also enjoys spending time with her brother, Matthaus and they are very close often not even having to ask what the other is thinking because they know without asking. They have been playmates their whole life and their bond has only grown stronger as they have gotten older.


  1. Super job! Thanks for posting!

  2. Matthias looks like Prince Caspian from the movie "Prince Caspian" he?
    I love the pictures...they're all perfect for the characters! :D

    1. I actually never noticed it before but I just looked up the picture and it is!!

    2. It was hard to tell at first because his hair was cut... :P But he did look familiar...and him actually being Prince Caspian explains it! :)

    3. I wouldn't have chosen him if I knew it was Caspian. . . He's a little to familiar :) Never mind, I still think he looks like Matthaus! ;)

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  5. LOVE the pictures. :) I think I took some of them on Pinterest... ;D