Friday, June 19, 2015

Character spotlight--Kevin O'Brien

Kevin is 30 years old and the eldest of the O'Brien siblings. He is much like Willem in his physical appearance, tall and muscular with reddish-blond hair, although his personality is more like Eira's.
Of the four O'Brien siblings, Kevin and Eira are the closest despite their age difference, They have very similar interests and personalities, and Eira has referred to Kevin as "her knight in shinning armor."
For one particular reason, Kevin has not been around much the last couple years, hoping his staying away from the family will keep them safe and out of danger. Unfortunately, it didn't.
Kevin is also a master with the sword and one of Eira's favorite pastimes is for him to teach her more, although Kevin has realized there isn't much more he can teach her. ;)

Kevin located the stream with little difficulty, but stayed back in the trees for a moment as his gaze fell on Eira. She sat next to the stream, her sword by her side and her full dress forming a circle around her. Her black hair cascaded down her back in soft waves and her blue eyes were sober and thoughtful. I have a beautiful sister he thought with pride. But not only on the outside, she’s just as beautiful on the inside.
He smiled, “Eira.”
She turned slowly, almost as though she believed he wasn’t really there. When she caught sight of him standing there, she jumped to her feet and flew across the grass toward him. He began to run toward her and they met halfway. He picked her up and swung her around while she laughed. When he finally set her down, her face was flushed and a huge smile lit her face, “Kevin! It’s so good to see you!”
He grinned and tousled her hair, laughing as she ducked, “It’s good to see you too.”--Excerpt from The Silent Blade


  1. Okay, Kevin is my favorite now! LOL
    I love the big brother-little sister relationships in stories! :)
    Staying away from his family to keep them safe? Hmm....sounds interesting....:D

    1. Yeah. . .it's kinda the plot line :) I'm glad your enjoying the character spotlights!

    2. I'm totally hooked now, Jesseca! Post more soon, or I'll DIE!!! Okay, okay, I won't die...pass out maybe? :P just kidding;)

  2. Kevin's MY favorite now, too. I will fight you over him, Faith! ;) And if you win, I guess I'll run back to Aichear. ;)
    Great character post, Jesseca! I love it! Kevin is my favorite now too. :)

    1. I think you're both forgetting that Kevin is MINE! There will be no fighting over him because I won't give him up.He's my favorite! :D

  3. Kevin is great! But Casimir is still my favorite, haha. Good job!