Friday, June 5, 2015

Character spotlight--Willem O'Brien

So are y'all ready for the next character spotlight??? Well, today, instead of getting one excerpt from the book, you'll get two. And before you think I'm being nice, it's only because I kinda need the extra part to help describe Willem. :)

Willem is Eira's twin. . .but the two are nothing alike! Willem is the older of the two, and his personality is very different from Eira's. Willem tends to think things over before he acts and it's not often his temper gets the best of him. . .although when he does get angry, you want to steer clear! He enjoys studying and is currently apprenticed to his father who is a  healer (doctor).  His looks are also just about as different from Eira as his temperament. And here's where the excerpt comes in to describe him for you :)

'Aaron started when he saw Willem, Why he looks more like he could be Kevin’s twin! The brothers had the same reddish-blond hair, green eyes and muscular build as well as a height that well exceeded six feet. He smiled slightly as he realized the fact that it was Willem and Eira who were twins; the two looked nothing alike.'

So, yeah. That pretty much describes Willem! He takes after his mothers scottish background in his looks. :) He plays a big part in The Silent Blade and. .. yeah. . .I'd better not say anymore!

“Hold still, Eira.” Willem had unlaced the leather shoe and was trying to gently pull it off over the swollen foot. Supper was over and Willem had finally found time to look at her ankle. The soup had turned out quite tasty as Eira knew it would. Thankfully, neither Rowen or Merek saw him helping and Stace hadn't said a thing.
“It hurts!” she exclaimed suddenly as she pulled her foot back.
He sat back and looked at her, “It'll hurt a lot worse If you don’t let me look at it.”
“And what exactly are you going to do? It’s not like there’s some special salve that will help a sprained ankle.”
Willem gave her the you’d-better-do-what-I-say-and-don’t-ask-any-questions look.  Eira groaned, but sat still as Willem continued to gently ease the shoe off. Even though Willem was usually easy going, there were times you simply didn’t cross him. Eira had learned to sense when her older brother was set on having his way--and this was one of those times.
~Except from The Silent Blade


  1. Sounds like another great character! Can't wait to read more about the O'Brien twins and their friends and family! ; D

  2. Ooo...can't wait to read some of "The Silent Blade"! It's sounding more interesting each time you post! :)

    1. Maybe I'll post some if it next week instead of a character spotlight. . . ;)

  3. What is it with you and girls with injured ankles! lol. Can't wait to read more spotlights and some parts of the story!