Friday, July 3, 2015

Character Spotlight--Rowen Nolan and Henry Walsh

Okay, two bad guy spotlights today! :) Since neither of them would have been very long, I decided to put these two together.Plus, that means you also get more excerpts from The Silent Blade ;)

Rowen is Merek's second-in-command. When Merek isn't around, what Rowen says is what goes. He isn't cunning like Merek and he prefers to say what he means instead of putting on a show. He is the same height as Merek, but has sandy brown hair and brown eyes.
“Willem, ride with Arden.” Rowen commanded, “I’m sure the bumps of the wagon will be uncomfortable and perhaps you can help make the ride smoother for him.” he said changing his tone until it seemed almost a request and not a command.
Willem gave Eira’s hand a squeeze, then hopped up into the wagon.
“Eira you can ride double with me,” Rowen began as he unsheathed his sword and cut the rope between her ankles. Then he mounted, pulling her up behind him as the small group began to move away from the anchored ship and toward the grove of trees.~~Excerpt from The Silent Blade

Henry can handle a sword quite well and is often chosen to carry out whatever assignments Merek and Rowen decide need done. He has dark brown nearly black hair and brown eyes. He is ruthless and can be quite mean and cruel, especially when he feels someone has cheated him.
Don’t ask. Just drop your sword and come with us.” Eira tried to turn toward the unexpected voice, but the point of a sword brushing across her cloak stopped her.
Eira glanced back at the first man who now had his sword raised as well. Knowing she didn’t have a chance, she threw it down, then took a step backwards and turned to face the man who stood behind her.
“Those swords are sharp, gentleman. Be careful with how you use them.”
‘Don’t you be tellin’ us how to use our swords. You're just a slip of a girl. I’ll bet you carry that sword around just for show.” The first man sneered, his sword still raised. The second man had put his sword back into its sheath, and then picked up Eira’s.
“Don’t tease her, Henry. Lets just get going.”
“No, Stace. First I want to see if she can use that sword.”
“One little round won’t hurt anything.”
“Merek said to do exactly what he told us. He didn't tell us to test her swordsmanship.”
Eira gasped, “Merek? He sent you? I knew something wasn’t right! Why does he want me? I don’t know anything that can help him.”
“Oh, just be quiet!” Henry snapped in an irritated voice. “Stace, give her the sword. No one will tell Merek and he’ll never know.”
Stace grinned as he handed Eira the sword, “This’ll be fun to see.”
Eira took the sword, then turned to Henry, “I don’t want to.”
Henry chuckled, “I suggest you do it or your brother will be dealt with harshly.”
“WIllem? What have you done to him?”
“Settle down. We haven’t done anything yet.” Stace replied. “Now, do as Henry tells you. I want to see if you're as good as your friend says you are.”
“My friend?”
“Yes, the boy in the blacksmiths shop. He said you were better with the sword then most.”
“And how would you know? You weren’t there.”
“Rowen happened to mention it.” Henry impatiently replied. “Now draw your sword and lets get on with it. Don’t worry, this won’t take long.” he added with a glance directed at Stace.
He raised his sword as Eira drew hers, then with a metallic clang they joined together. Stace looked in wonder at the rapid pace of the swords. Her friend had not been wrong. She handled a sword better than most men he knew. The swords went faster and faster; Stace noted that Henry was beginning to tire. Serves him right. he  thought. Henry won’t be so eager to go against Merek’s orders again.
Then, in one smooth arc, EIra bought the tip of her sword up and knocked Henry’s sword out of his hands and it landed with a clatter on the rocks.
Henry took a step back, breathing heavily then picked up his sword.
Eira sheathed her own sword and then glanced at Henry but before she could speak, Stace reached over. “You’d better hand me that sword.”
Eira unclasped the belt that held it around her waist and handed it to him. Henry, who had caught his breath turned to her with a growl, “Why you little--”
“No, Henry. You’re the one who wanted it and she beat you fair and square.” He fastened Eira’s sword around his waist next to his own, then turned, “We’d better get going. Rowen and Merek want to leave tonight and we still have one more errand to complete.”~~Excerpt from The Silent Blade

And here's a clip that has them both in it!
Eira was exhausted from the long ride and it wasn’t over yet. She had resisted the urge to lean her head on Rowen’s back this long, but she knew she couldn't keep it up much longer. Her eyes grew heavy and the plodding of the horse made her want to do nothing more then drift off to sleep. Then, without even realizing it, she drifted off to sleep.
A sudden jerk startled her and woke her. She nearly fell into Henry's arms as he roughly pulled her off the horse. She winced as a sharp pain shot through her ankle at the same moment her feet hit the ground.
“Henry, I said to be careful!” Rowen dismounted and helped her to her feet, casting a withering glance at Henry when he realized she couldn't put any weight on her right ankle. 
Henry only grinned at her, the ice in his eyes as cold as ever. Eira knew it hadn’t been an accident, and she also knew Henry would try his best to make these small “accidents” as frequent as possible. Better try and make sure I always stay close to Willem,Stace or Rowen. . .even Merek. Anyone’s got to be better than Henry!
Rowen helped her as she limped over to a tree stump and sat down, “Now you just stay here and I’ll send your brother over to take a look at your ankle.”


  1. Cool! Love the sword fight! B-) I'll be looking forward to more! :)

  2. Wonderful characters! Delightful scenes! Love it, Jess!