Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sisterhood award!

Hi everyone! I was nominated by Shantelle from A Writers Heart  for the Sisterhood of world bloggers award. Thanks, Shantelle! :)
Okay here are the rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
-Put the award logo on your blog.
-Answer the ten questions sent to you
-Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
-Nominate ten blogs.

Okay, now to answer the questions! :D

What genre have you read the most this year?
Historical fiction, but it's closely seconded by christian fantasy. I love both genres, but historical fiction is probably my favorite!

Do you enjoy fairytales? Which ones do you like the most?
I do enjoy an occasional fairytale, but I don't read them often! My favorite would probably have to be Cinderella. :D

Favorite Dessert?
Chocolate cake with Chocolate frosting and Chocolate or Rocky Road ice cream. With a cup of coffee of course. Can you tell I love chocolate??? Don't worry, it's not a dessert I have very often. ;)

Which Disney princes are you most like and why?
I have to say I honestly haven't watched a lot of the Disney princess movies. Out of alllll the movies, I've only see Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tangled and Frozen. Out of those, probably Rapunzel from Tangled. She wants to more about the world around here and can't stand staying on one place for to long. And she can be. . .feisty. :) Although, I'm not near as outgoing as her!

Which Disney Prince do you consider the most dashing?
Probably Cinderella's prince. He's so nice and dashing and he searches the whole kingdom for his true love. Which is pretty sweet!

What was your favorite blog post this year?
Ahhhh!!! There have been so many amazing posts I've loved! My top favorites would probably have to be the Hijacked! post on The Imaginary world of Emily McConnell  and the Oh, America post on A Writers Heart.  I also LOVED the Movie Review: When Calls the Heart: Season 2  on A Writers Heart. ;) There are so many more I want to mention, but I'm pretty sure I can't list more then a couple! :)

A few books I hope to read soon?
Uhh, you want a list? :-)
Heartbreak Trail by Susan K. Marlow
A Dream not Imagined by Shantelle Mary Hannu
Trust and Deception by Melissa Troutman
Dare by Tricia Mingerink
Red Crisis (once it's published!) by Emily McConnell
Okay, that's more then a few. ;)

Favorite book of the year?
Augh!! This is so hard to choose!! Right now it's be The Knights of Arrethrae series by Chuck Black, but that will probably change in a week or two. ;)

Summer or Winter?
Summer!! Besides the fact that my birthday is in summer, I love the hot weather and the surprises summer always seems to bring!!! :)

One goal you have?
Finish The Silent Blade before August! We're planning on going on vacation and I'd dearly love to have it finished before we go!!

Those we're fun to answer!! :D
I nominate: /Emily McConnell/  /Rebekah Eddy/  /Faith P./  /Bethany R./  /Rishona/  /Lauren/ /Jordan L./

And here are your questions! :D
What are you most looking forward to this summer?
What is your favorite movie this year?
Favorite instrument?
Favorite genre of books to read?
Favorite Bible verse?
Favorite historical era?
Favorite short story?
Favorite food?
Favorite hymn?
Favorite movie soundtrack?

Yeah. .  .I want to know all your favorites! I can't wait to read y'all's answers! Oh, and if I tagged you but you'd rather not do a post, that's fine! ;)


  1. Hi there - just hopped over to your blog from Shantelle's :) I wanted to say quick that I LOVE the Knights of Arrethtrae!! They have remained my favourite for several years. :)

    1. Ahh, yes! Aren't they amazing??? I Love the music at the end of the books; they're all so pretty and they go so well with the books! :D

  2. So glad you could do this post, Jesseca! ^_^

    Ah ... who doesn't like chocolate?? I love it!! Haha, :D And I'm honored that you have two of my posts as favorites!! And also my book as one you're excited to read! Yay!! :)

    Summer is wonderful, isn't it? ^_^

    And best wishes on finishing your story!!!

    Blessings!! :)

    1. Thank you for tagging me! :D I had a lot of fun answering all the questions!

  3. Thanks for tagging me, Jesseca! I'll get to it ASAP. ;)

  4. Thanks for the nomination :D I'm working on my post.
    I enjoyed reading your answers! I feel like I got to know you a little better :)

    1. My pleasure! Haha, yeah, I can be pretty random. (Which you probably noticed through my answered. :P)

  5. Awww, thank you soooo much Jesseca for the nomination! I LOVED reading your answers and felt very special with your mention of me. ;) I will have my post out very soon, probably tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks for the nomination! <3

    1. It was my pleasure! :) I'm glad you had fun reading my answers ;)

  6. Thanks, Jesseca! I'll try to get that done soon!

    1. I can't wait to read your post!! :D

  7. Could I be nominated? I found you through Bethany's blog.

    1. Sure! I love discovering new blogs. ;) What's your blog address? I need it so I can add you to the list. :D