Friday, September 23, 2016

Book review + Author interview—Fitting In

Hi all! How has your week been? Mine has been crazy. Editing, reading, formatting, and also spending a large chunk of time at the hospital with my grandpa. And family came and then my brother got sick. So yeah. It's been crazy busy. I was so happy to have a post already set up for today!
Also, FALL IS HERE! *screams* Can you believe summer is over?!?! Kansas didn't seem to get the memo, though. Our high for today is 91* with a projected 80% humidity. Apparently we're loath to give up summer. And I'm just sitting here like . . . I WANT SWEATERS!!!

Okay, anyway,  today I have a book review and author interview for you! :)

4 stars
I really enjoyed this short-story by Rebekah Morris! While it's not my favorite of her works, it was still a fun, quick read! The characters were amazing, as always, and I loved the husband/wife relationship. It was sweet and natural, but not overly romantic, which was such a refreshing change!
The message about standing up for what you believe in was also wonderfully done--something we all need to do! :) 

* I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for my honest review*

~Author Interview~

What is your favorite of the books you have written? 
I must say I think this is the most common question an author gets asked. And the simple answer is, can a parent pick a favorite child? ;) That said, I'd probably say that my top favorites were Home FiresGift from the StormThrough the Tunnel, and Stephen. Yeah, I know that's more than one book, but . . . I just can't decide on one. What is your favorite?

Hmm, my favorite of the ones you've written would have to be Gift from the Storm!  I love it sooo much! ^_^ Home Fires of the Great War either ties for first or gets a close second. ;) 
What is your favorite time period to read/write about? 
I love american history especially the times after the Civil War. If you take a look at my books, that's what I've written. A few modern ones have crept in, but most of my stories will fall into the late 19th Century through modern times, with the 20th Century being the most prominent.

Ahh, yes! American history is fascinating!  
Why do you write historical fiction? 
The short answer is because I love to read historical fiction, and it's so much easier to write something that you love to read. :) I also know that there is a need for good, Christian historical fiction books. Ones that aren't "politically correct" or "modernized." I try to make my characters real, yet not sound or act like they are living in the 21st Century as so many historical fiction books do today.

I agree with the need for clean Christian historical fiction! It can be so hard to find.
Any tips for writing historical fiction? 
Sure! One is to read what was written and published during the time you are writing about. I think so often we tend to want to read the stories written today about yesterday, but if we use that as our model, you may be copying historical inaccuracies without even knowing. Sure, you can use modern stories, but you must be careful. And, to really get the flavor and feel of history, read what was written then.
Another tip would be to read what was in the papers during the time you are writing. Of course if you are writing middle ages, that would be a bit difficult. :) But you can find headlines for newspapers from a really long time ago. It's amazing what tidbits you can gather from them! (I had so much fun with this when writing Home Fires of the Great War.)

Ohh, I've never thought of finding old newspaper headlines. I will need to try this! I bet our Library has some I could use. :) 
And lastly, In what way does your relationship with Jesus Christ affect your writing?  
As a child of the King of kings, my goal is to share Christ with those I'm around. It might be by the words I speak, the things I do, or the stories I write. I will not write anything that I would be ashamed to have Jesus Christ read. If I feel the need to try and justify something, I should probably not even write it. When I write I try to keep in mind the verse that says to think on whatsoever things are true, right, pure, lovely, of good report . . . And everything I write, I write to the best of my ability because, if it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing well.

Thanks for having me over, Jesseca!

Thanks so much for being here, Rebekah! :) 

~About the Author~

Rebekah A. Morris has lived her entire life (as of now) in Missouri. Being home educated during her school years was great, except for writing. That was the worst subject (along with math) that she had to do. It wasn't until after she graduated that she discovered the joys and wonder of writing. Now she can't write enough. After spending six years in research and writing, she completed her first book, "Home Fires of the Great War," a 500+ page, historical fiction about home life in the United States and Canada during the First World War. Since then, she has been an avid writer and always has more than one story going on at once because only one story at a time got tiring and dull.
You can visit Rebekah's website here. 


  1. Great post, Jesseca!!! And I totally agree with you about the sweaters. *lectures Kansas to stop hanging on to summer*

    1. Thanks, Deborah!! I think your lecture worked!!! Yay for cooler weather! ^_^

  2. I enjoyed reading your review and the author interview, Jesseca! You asked some great questions.
    I just bought this book yesterday and I am looking forward to reading it. :)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Oh, I hope you enjoy it!! It's such a sweet story!

  3. Such a fun author interview!! :D I really enjoyed "Fitting In". :)

    91?! WHAAA?! It was, um, 55 here this morning when I left for the library...wearing pants and a jacket. Wanna come to the mountains now? ;)

    1. Thanks! And me too!!

      YESSSS!!! *gets on a plane to some see you* ;)

  4. Really enjoyed your review and LOVED the interview! The first answer to the question "Can a parent pick a favourite child" - hilarious ;) And sooo true :D

    1. Thanks Blessing! And yes, I loved the interview! Rebekah had awesome answers!

  5. This book sounds interesting! I've seen some of Rebekah Morris' books around, but haven't actually read any..

    I'm behind on reading your blog, Jesseca (I know, shame on me), so I just read the excerpt from your book (I was the troublesome one; you were my conscience), and I'm already looking forward to reading A Question of Honor some day! That small section definitely had my interest, and the story line sounds intriguing! Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Oh, oh, if you want to try one of hers you should try "Gift from the Storm"!! It's my favorite of hers!

      Oh, thank you! SO glad it sounded intriguing!! ^_^