Friday, September 16, 2016

"I was the troublesome one; you were my consience."

Helloooo!!!  Happy Friday!

Guess what happened yesterday? My mom pulled up in front of the KS DMV office.
Before we got there I talked to Dad, and he assured me that I was on our insurance.
My sisters and I had already talked it over, and we figured the worst thing that could have happened is I total the car and end up without a license.
The latter wouldn't have been too much of a loss. I mean, I already didn't have a license. But that car being totaled...yeah. I used Dad's van. Now THAT would have been a problem. Especially since he's had it less then a year.
So...yeah. *chuckles nervously* We were hoping that wouldn't happen. 

And ... guess what? It didn't!!! I ended up having to take the written test twice, but I passed it, and I passed the driving test on the first try. So ... I'm now a licensed driver in the state of Kansas. *shrieks*  It seems so strange. ;P
Mom took me to Starbucks afterwards, and it was awesome. Although the caffeine didn't go over too well since I hadn't eaten for a few hours because I was so nervous about it all. ;P

Okay. Enough about that. Thankfully I didn't end up in the hospital. I was prepared to either pass the test or wake up to monitors beeping. I'm pretty sure my mom is relieved it wasn't the latter. (Literally, the driving part was what scared me the worst. I blame a certain movie.)

Well, because of the fact that this week my mind was employed in a different place (like the driver's seat of my dad's van) I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about a post. Soooo, I just decided to post an excerpt from A Question of Honor for you all. And the quote in the title is from A Question of Honor. But it's from a different part. ;)

Also, but real quick I want to say thank you to everyone who has signed up to beta-read! You all are so awesome, and I can't wait to work with you guys! ^_^

Picture from google images. And so sorry you can't read it very well! I loved the picture, but the font wasn't cooperating. ;P

 “You been up in the Spit?”
David turned as Gil fell into step beside him. “Yeah, I took a quick flight around the airfield.”
“They’re not too much compared to the fighters back home, are they?”
“No. But from what I’ve heard they’re the best they have here.”
Gil wiped the perspiration from his forehead. “Yeah, and they aren’t terrible. Still, from what I’ve heard the Germans have been building up their air force. Their planes are all going to be new, or at least next to new. The few planes England has and the even fewer pilots. . .” his voice trailed off.
David understood the uncertainty in his voice. He felt it too. England was scrambling to prepare for the imminent attack; it was clear that they had never expected the German forces to make it past the Maginot line.
“Wilson, Sullivan.”
Both David and Gil turned and snapped a quick salute as Captain Foster approached them.
“At  ease, boys. We’re not too formal here. How’d the flights go?”
“It went well, sir. The Spit seems fairly easy to maneuver,” Gil replied.
Captain Foster's eyes switched to David.
“I had pretty much the same impression, Captain.”
Captain Foster nodded. “Excellent. Come inside a moment. While you were up in the air, a telegram came for both of you. They’re on my desk.”
David exchanged a worried glance with Gil. Telegrams never meant anything good.
They followed the Captain into the dispersal hut and stood quietly as he rummaged around on the desk for the telegrams.
Locating them at last, he handed them the thin slips of paper. “That will be all. You’re dismissed.”
Stepping out into the sunshine, Gil looked at David. “You want to open yours first?”
David looked down at the paper. How could one small piece of paper intimidate him? “Yeah, sure.” He broke the seal and scanned the one sentence printed there. A feeling of relief, then worry swept over him.
 Gil sent him a concerned glance. “What is it?”
“Nothing wrong at home. But it seems that I'm no longer a U.S. citizen. I’d be willing to bet that your telegram says the same.”
“Yeah, except for the fact that you’re a Christian and you don’t believe in betting.” Gil broke the seal on his envelope.
“Yeah, except for that. What’s yours say?”
“Hold on, let me get it out.” Gil’s eyes swept over the paper. “Yep, it says the same. Boy, I knew we were risking this, but I guess I never thought it would actually happen. This will complicate things when we try to go back.”
“Yeah. I guess we’re stuck here.”  A sudden longing for home swept over David. “I wonder just how long it will be until we go back.”
Gil offered him his signature grin. “Don’t worry. Thought it take years or even decades, I will be sure you make it back to Elaine. I made a promise, after all. I don’t take my promises lightly.”
David chuckled. “I think I need to write Lily a letter and tell her I’ll be sure you make it back. I don’t want the promises to be one sided here. And let’s hope we both make it back before a decade passes.”
GIl snapped his fingers. “Excellent idea. Not sure why I didn’t think of that.”
“Are all you Americans like that?”
Both David and Gil turned toward the voice. One of the British pilots stood off to the side, leaning casually against the side of the dispersal hut.
“No, not all of us,” David assured him. “Just Gil. He’s rather crazy.”
Gil nodded in agreement. “That’s why I’m here. No one else back in the states except David could put up with me.”
The pilot didn’t seem convinced. “I see.”
From the expression on his face, David was quite sure he didn’t.”
“Well, my name is Edward Warrington. Ed for short.” He put out a hand. “It’s great to have you here.”
David reached out and met his hand in a firm handshake. “It’s great to be here.”
Gil also shook Ed’s hand. “We’re hoping we’ll be more of a help than a hindrance in helping you fight them Germans.”
Something akin to a smile touched Ed’s eyes. “Well, we need all the pilots we can get. If you can fly, you're welcome here.”
David exchanged an amused  glance with Gil.
 “I think we can manage to stay airborne,” Gil assured him.
David grimaced at the challenge Gil’s tone held. Something told him that he’d better watch out, or one day soon he’d find himself getting grounded. . .or at the very least, a scolding. He didn’t exactly know what the code of conduct was in the RAF, but there was a good chance that it was pretty close to the same one the Army Air Force held. And that one didn’t allow for any of the acrobatics Gil was so fond of.


  1. That's awesome you got your liscense!!
    LOVE the snippet. Can't wait to read it!

    1. I know, I'm so excited!!
      Oh, yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed!! ^_^

  2. Yay for your license! I am so proud of you! And ah, this piece. ;) Gil, Gil, Gil, you are a character. literally. XD So proud of ya, girl! <3

    1. Thanks, Emily!! I still can't believe it. It feels surreal. ;P
      Hehe, yep, he is. In many ways. ;)
      Aww, you're so sweet! <3

  3. Yay!!! I'm so glad you passed! It can be a very nerve-racking ordeal.
    I love the quote in the title! And that scene...oh, I love Gil! ;)

    1. Augh, yes! It was horrible. But I passed. And that was all that matters. ;)
      Thank you! It's one of my favorite quotes in the whole book! And yes, Gil is so ... Gil. ;)

  4. Congratulations on getting your license, Jesseca!! I'm glad it went well. I was super nervous when I had to take the driving and written tests too. ;)
    I loved the excerpt from "A Question of Honor". I'm so excited to read the book!! :D

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Yeah, they need to find ways to make it less stressful. Not that that would make it any less. Just the thought of it is stressful. ;P
      Aww, thanks! I'm glad you're excited!!

  5. Oh, yay!! I'm so glad everything went well!
    Aww, I love Gil so much... And David, too! 😁

    1. Me to!! ^_^
      Haha, yesss!! I love them both so much! <3

  6. Eeeek! Congrats, Jess!!! :D That is so awesome. *high five* Haha, I know right?! It's such a strange feeling! The other day Daddy was like "oh yeah...I just realized you can go somewhere without me." It was...sweet. :) Um, yeah, the hospital wouldn't have been a good place to wake up...just sayin'. ;) I can't imagine having to drive in the big city of Wichita for a driving test! I drove on a two-lane back road... :P

    The picture, the snippet... Love it!! :-)

    1. *high fives back* it is amazing. Kinda weird if I stop to think it all through, but amazing all the same. ;)
      Hehe, yeah, all my siblings are realizing that. I've had them ask me to take them to the library, Grandma's house, the store ... and I've only had it for 4 days. ;)
      True. I like hospitals, but only when I'm not a patient. ;P
      Well, actually I took the test in Derby, which is smaller than Wichita. I'm still jealous of your 2 lane roads, though. I was still driving in 4 lanes. xD

      Thanks! I adore that picture! ;)

  7. Can not wait to read your book!!! Congrats on getting your license. Here on the field one has to be 18 before even getting a permit. On furlough I was just a wee bit young to get my permit. . .SONOTFAIR!

    1. Thanks, R! :) Wow, really? Is that because it's out of the U.S.? Here in KS you can get a permit when you're 14. :)
      Yeah, that is kinda unfair. Oh, well. You'll have fun when you get it! :D

    2. Yep. And even when they do get a license, most don't even drive like they should have one. XD
      I'll try. ;D

  8. Oh my goodness, your new blog look is SUPER!

    1. Thank you!! I think it's one of my favorites!

  9. Congratulations on getting your license!!!! :D And LOVE the new blog design! :)

    1. Thanks, Blessings!! And thank you!! I do, too. ;) I SO love fall!!