Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Editing, Writing, and . . . Nazis?

Picture taken from pinterest. 

*smiles* I know, I'm sure y'all are wondering just what in the world I'm doing with a post title like this. And a picture like that. 
Well, basically, this is a random post. So it deserved a random title. A friend suggested I use the title, "I am a Nazi. A Grammar Nazi." I . . . decided against that one. xD

I've been editing a lot lately; getting ready to publish Beyond the Horizon in Kindle on the 16th. And I've also been writing. (Christmas stories, anyone?!) And when I'm both editing and writing, I get super conscious of how I am using grammar. I also notice how everyone else is using (or misusing) grammar. This inevitably causes me to get many "grammar Nazi" jokes thrown my way. Especially when I use proper English and punctuation in a chat where two of my best friends are talking in hashtags. 
This ended up with us having something of a meme war. And they made me laugh so. hard.
So I thought I'd do a post with them. That way you can laugh with us. ;)

Anyone familiar with "Hogan's Heroes"? This is Hogan, an American pilot. And he does not want you to be confined by the rules of  the Nazis. xD
Have you ever been called a "Grammar Nazi"? Or are you someone who would rather use hashtags? ;)  Can you believe there are only nineteen days till Christmas, guys?!?!

Also, just thought I'd add real quick . . . when it comes to matters of WWII, I'm on Hogan's side. ;)  I don't condone the Nazis in anyway at all. (Unless we're talking about grammar Nazis.B-)) 


  1. Haha this is funny XD

    No, I've never been called a grammar Nazi, because sometimes (especially during a chat), I can become lax with my grammar :P

    But usually, I'm a huge grammar freak

    Also, I don't believe I've commented on here before? *shrug* Well, I'm Hann (if you couldn't tell), and I believe we're both in that NaNo Cabin chat :D

    1. Isn't it?! My friend found some great ones, and I was like "I gotta use these!"

      Hehe, yeah, it's so easy to do that during chatting, especially when you're trying to keep up with everyone. ;)
      *nods* This is good. A fellow grammar user! Yay! :)

      I'm not sure if you have . . . anyway, welcome to the blog! And yes, I think we are! ;D

  2. *dies laughing* This post...THIS POST!!! Haha, I love it, Jess. XD Those jokes are amazing.

    Hashtags? What's that? Oh, you mean... #theselittlethings? #whowouldtalkinhastagsjusttoannoyyou? #pottsyandkrispywouldneverdothattosweetSunny B-)

    1. #pottsyandkrispywouldntdothatever #theyaretoosweet XD

    2. Glad you enjoyed, Faith! I thought they were amazing myself. xD

      Hmm. Pottsy and Krispy would. *nods* They're devious. B-)

  3. Great post, Jesseca! :D
    I can't wait until "Beyond the Horizon" comes out on the 16th! Will it also be available in paperback, or just kindle?

    1. Thanks, Rebekah!
      So glad you're looking forward to it! I'm working on getting it available in paperback, but it may be a couple days after the release 'till that happens. :)

  4. Jesseca, this post was awesome XD
    I love memes. That first one is so me B-)

    1. Thanks! xD And yes, *nods* It is. So you. And the one under it is me. All me. B-)

  5. Haha! I'm definitely not a grammar nazi... just ain't my thing. lol. And everyone thinks it's weird because of me being a writer and all. *sighs*.


    1. Well, not all writers are grammar nazis! And it's not weird! Writers are writers, not editors. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Victoria!

  6. *Sits there with a silent grin as she recalls the things she has sent to you*
    You know what they were.

    1. *silently laughing*
      I almost posted that video, but because of hos it ended, I decided against it. xD
      BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME! It's my favorite short movie EVER!

  7. This is fantastic. XD

    I'm very much in the "proper English spelling and punctuation all the time" camp. Text-speak... Ugg.


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