Friday, April 10, 2015

Dark Storm Rising--Part 10

Max stood and paced the room, the same four walls were driving him nearly mad! If only they
could get out before the Majors came back! He winced as he remembered the earlier
interrogation with Major Ubel. It was enough to say that it hadn’t been comfortable. He rubbed his
shoulder, and I thought being with Major Ramond was bad!
Suddenly, he heard a sound over by the window. He turned and strained his eyes, looking out
into the black night. He paused, startled. Could it be possible? Yes, someone had taken off the
two middle bars and was tapping lightly on the window. Cautiously, Max unlocked the window
and raised the sash.
“Max, Max, open up. Quick!”
Max opened the window, then quickly lowered it when he saw the face.
“What are you doing here? Trying to get us in trouble?”
“I’m here to help you, ” Matthaus hissed. “Now hurry and open the window! We’ve got to get you
out quickly.”
“And how do I know you’re telling the truth?”
“Max, I know Daniel.”
Max looked at him skeptically.
“I’m telling the truth! He’s engaged to be married to your sister, Lesiel.”
Max slowly raised the sash. “I’m not leaving without Helena.”
“Of course we’re not! Just as soon as I get this door unlocked we’ll go and get her.” Matthaus
agreed, climbing through the window and hurrying over to the door. Reaching in his pocket, he
took out a key, inserted it into the lock and slowly opened the door. Cautiously he peeked out
into the hallway. No one was there. He turned back to Max. “Go out the window and wait for
Helena and I. Don’t make any sound!” Max nodded and quickly climbed out the window.

Hurrying across the hall, Matthaus tried the door to the Major’s office. It was locked. Taking the
same key he unlocked the door, then silently entered the room.
At the sound of his footsteps, Helena turned. When she saw who it was, a look of disgust swept
over her face. “It’s you. What are you doing here? Did they send you to babysit me too?”
“I’m here to help you.” Too late, Matthaus remembered what Daniel said about having Max talk to
Helena. Well, he’d have to make the best of it.
Helena scoffed. “You? Help me? You want to get me in more trouble with Major Ubel?”
“Listen, I know you probably have a hard time trusting me right now, but I am here to help you. I know Daniel. He is engaged to Max’s sister, Lesiel.”
“Was, don't you mean. He was engaged. In case you haven’t heard, he’s dead now.”
At that moment the door to the garrison opened and both Matthaus and Helena heard the
voices of the Majors.
“There's no time to talk about that now.” He bent down and helped her out of bed. “Can you walk
at all?”
Helena gritted her teeth as she tried to put weight on her leg. “No. . .no I don’t think so. It’s been
hurting ever since yesterday.”
“Alright, we don’t have much time,” he said. At that moment footsteps started down the hall. “He
leaned over and picked her up. “You’re lighter than I thought you would be.” He grinned at her as
he hurried across the hall and entered Max’s room.
Helena glared at him. “I don’t know you. So please do not talk to me like you do.”
“Alright, alright.” He sat her down and helped her out the window, where Max helped her to the
ground, making sure she didn’t hit the ground with her leg. As soon as she was out, Matthaus
“Ramond and Ubel are coming down the hall. Let’s get out of here!” He exclaimed, picking
Helena up and hurrying away with Max close behind him. As they rounded the corner, they heard Major Ubel call out. “They’re gone! I told you we should have left a guard, Ramond. They’re both gone!”
Matthaus led them around the garrison and then ducked into a small shelter made by the fragrant
lilac bushes. Setting Helena down, he quickly re-arranged the leaves till it looked as though they
had never been touched.
“About a mile from here is where my parents have the car. We’ll stay here until they’re sure
we're nowhere close, then I’ll take you there.” He turned to Helena. “Do you think you could
manage if both Max and I were helping you?”
Helena hesitantly nodded. “I think so. For a little while at least.”
Suddenly there was a commotion at the front of the building, then the bright beams of the
searchlights swept over the entire area surrounding the garrison. Helena closed her eyes. When
would this horrible nightmare be over with?
Major Ramond sat at his desk while Major Ubel paced the room.
“We’ve got to get them, they can’t escape!” Major Ubel roared.
Ramond looked at him, a weary expression on his face.

“They can’t get far, Ubel. Thanks to you, Helena’s leg is vorse off than it vas vhen she broke it.
No, they von’t get far.”
“And how do you know that they don’t have someone helping them?” Major Ubel had stopped
pacing and now stood in front of the desk. “For all we know there’s a whole group of those filthy
Jews out there just ready to rescue them at their earliest convenience.” He paused and leaned
over the desk. “And, you know, this is partly your fault.”
At this, Major Ramond stood up, his movements calculated and precise.
“Did I just hear you say it vas my fault? My fault, Ubel? Really? I’m the one vho captured them,
I’m the one vho questioned them and I’m the one vho has kept them here for the last two veeks.”
He paused, now only inches from Ubel’s face. “Don’t let me hear you blame me for something
like this again!
“Alright, alright!” Ubel said, backing away a few steps. “We’re friends, Ramondl. Don’t take it
personally. I’m just so upset about all this!”
Ramond resumed his seat behind the desk. “I know, so am I. Before being so quick to judge
again, Ubel, remember that I’ve been in charge of this operation from the beginning. It vill be on my
record. And now that you are here ve are partners. It vill go on both of our records if they are not
found. I vant them back as much as you do! I just don’t vant them hurt in the process!”


“Please, can we stop a minute,” Helena implored. Matthaus looked down at her. Even in the cool
night there was sweat dripping down her white, pale face and her teeth were clenched.
He nodded and stopped, “All right. But just for a minute.” He and Max carefully lowered her to
the ground. She winced as her leg hit the grass; it had barely touched, but it was enough.
Max looked at her, a worried look in his eyes. She wasn’t doing well. It wasn’t just her leg, there
was something else. This wasn’t the same Helena he had grown up with. Matthaus walked a few steps away, making sure they hadn’t been followed. As soon as he was out of earshot, Max
dropped to the ground beside her.
“Helena, are you okay? What’s wrong? Besides your leg, I mean.”
“Oh, Max, I can’t bear it! First we were taken and I didn't even know why. Then. . .then I was hurt and I depended on Major Ramond for everything! Then Major Ubel came and--oh Max, my leg has been hurting ever so bad. And now I’ve got to depend on you and Matthaus. I can’t even
escape without depending on someone! I hate being so helpless!” At this, Helena burst into tears.
Max glanced around uncomfortably. He had never seen this side of Helena before. She had
always been someone to take the lead, someone who was never afraid of anything or anyone.
He put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, Helena. Matthaus and I, we don’t mind helping you. Helena, sometimes you have to depend on others. That’s not something to be ashamed of. We all do it at one time or another.”
Helena smiled through her tears. “You always did sound like my big brother.”
At that moment Matthaus walked back toward them.
"I don't think we’re being followed, but we can never be to sure. Let’s--” He trailed off when he
looked at Helena.
“Are you alright? Did something happen?”
Helena shook her head, hastily trying to remove the traces of tears from her eyes.
“No, no, I’ll be alright. Max just had to talk some sense into me is all.”
Matthaus nodded. “Well, we’d best be going.” He hesitated. “I hate to ask, since I know you hate it, but it really would be a lot faster and a whole lot less painful if you let me carry you.”
“Yes, alright,” she smiled. “I guess it’s better to be humble and accept help then to insist on doing
it myself.”
“That’s right, cousin. Like it says in the Bible; Proverbs 29:verse 23, I think. ‘A man's pride shall
bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.’”
“Ahh, I’ll remember to tell father that you were listening when he taught us, quite contrary to the
popular opinion.”
Max grinned. “Hey, since when is the truth decided by the popular opinion?”
“I hate to interrupt, but we need to get going.” Matthaus said, glancing anxiously behind them.
Helena and Max both grew serious. “Thanks, Max. I needed that verse.” Helena said, as
Matthaus picked her up. “If this doesn’t take care of my pride I’m afraid nothing will.”
Max winked at her as Matthaus again took the lead, walking briskly toward the Austrian border.
Luisa looked nervously out the window of the small car. “Shouldn’t they have been here by
now?” She asked, turning to Fremont and Daniel.
“Oh, I wouldn’t expect them quite yet.” Daniel answered.
Fremont nodded his head in agreement.
“It would have taken them long enough if Helena was able to walk, but I’m sure she’ll slow things
down a bit. Don’t worry, dear,” he added, noting his wife’s nervous glance at the dark
countryside. “God has gotten us this far and I know he’ll see us to the end!”
Luisa nodded, “I know, Fremont. I know you’re right. But it doesn’t matter how many times  we do this, I still get so nervous!”
“It’ll be okay, Mamma. Jesus is with us and He’ll make sure they get here safely.” Kareena
chimed in, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.
Luisa smiled at her daughter’s reassuring words. “Thank you, Kareena.” She reached over and
took her hand. “Sometimes I think you do better with this than I do.”
“No, Mamma!” Kareena protested. “You’re just as brave as anyone, isn’t she father?”
Fremont smiled. “I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. I think your mamma is the bravest
woman I know.”
Daniel sat back, smiling as he watched the family encourage each other. This was exactly the
kind of family he wanted to have when he married Lesiel. Dear God, please help those children to get here soon. he fervently prayed. While he wouldn’t say it outloud, he knew the children should
have been there long ago. The half hour was almost up.
“Matthaus, how much longer till we get to where the car is?” Max huffed as he leaned against
the rough bark of a tall tree.
Matthaus stopped walking and set Helena down on a rock. “We would have be there in about five minutes. I didn’t figure that it would take this long.”
Helena bit her lip as she looked down at her useless leg.
Matthaus saw it and was quick to say, “No, Helena, it isn’t your fault. You couldn't help it about
your leg, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t counting on having to come this way. The other path would
have been much shorter and--”
“Why didn’t we go that way?” Max interrupted.
“You remember when we stopped a little ways back?”
Both Helena and Max nodded.
“Well, when I went back to make sure we weren’t being followed, I figured out we were. They were still a ways away, but they knew what way we were headed. So when we started off again, I took you in a circle before coming this way, just to be on the safe side.
“Are you sure we aren’t being followed now?” Max asked, a worried frown on his face.
“I’m sure. To know this way to the border they’d have to know these woods. And they don’t.”
Helena quickly looked up. “Wait, did you say to the border? What about the car where we were
supposed to meet them?”
Matthaus sighed. “I can’t take you there. That’s exactly where the Majors are headed. I’m going
to leave you two here and go on ahead. I’ll tell my mom where to take the car. It’s not to far
away, but it’s less noticeable and It’s quite a ways from where the Majors are headed.”
“You must know this area well.” Max commented.
Matthaus smiled, “I’ve grown up here. But we’ll have enough time to talk later. Right now I’ve got
to get to the car before they leave. You two will be fine here. Just stay quiet.” As soon as he
finished talking he was gone and Helena and Max found themselves alone in the dark, unfamiliar


  1. Ooh....*shivers* us authors and dropping people off at the most exciting part! ;P Looking forward to the next section of your book, Jesseca! :)

    1. I know! We love doing it to others, but we don't like it when they do it to us :D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  2. Oh, poor Helena! I can't wait for the next part;) great job!!

    1. Thanks Faith! I know, I felt sorry for Helena as I was writing it!

  3. Every part! Every section! I'm in love!

    Good job, Jesseca!