Friday, April 24, 2015

Dark Storm Rising--part 12

I finished up the editing on Dark Storm Rising, so some of the posts will now have chapter titles ;)
Chapter 7---The Major Problem
Fremont opened the trunk of the car and took out the picnic basket. “Want a snack?”
Daniel nodded, “Okay, sure.”
Fremont set the picnic basket to the ground then reached once more into the back and pulled
out another basket.
Daniel gave him a puzzled look.
“Let me explain,” Fremont opened the top of the second basket to reveal a neatly folded
tablecloth. Taking it out, Fremont tossed it aside on the ground, then reached in and lifted out the
bottom of the basket, revealing three pistols.
“They’re all loaded. I thought you should know, just in case.”
Daniel nodded. “Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that.”
“Well, you want that sandwich now?”
Daniel chuckled,”Yes please!”
“How close are we?” Max asked as they stopped for a rest next to a small, clear creek.
“We’re about twenty minutes, more or less.” Matthaus answered as he reached down and took a
long drink of the cool water.
The other’s followed his suit, Kareena helping Helena.
Standing, Matthaus looked around at their surroundings. “We should split up and spread out to
make sure we’re not being followed. If we are, we’ll just lead them straight to where the others are waiting.
“That’s a good idea,” Kareena agreed. “We really should spread out all three ways, do you think
you’ll be alright here, Helena?”
Helena nodded. “I’ll be fine. But maybe you should move me closer to the trees, just in case
someone comes along.“
”You should be okay here.” Max said as he helped her into the numerous trees that dotted the sides of the trail.
“Max, we need to hurry,” Matthaus called.
You’ll be okay here, Helena. We’ll be back soon.” Max assured her, before hurrying back to
Matthaus and Kareena.
“Max, you go straight; make sure there’s no one ahead of us. Kareena you can go to the left and
I’ll go right. Don’t go to far. Just enough to make sure there’s no one around.”
Kareena and Max nodded and the three parted.
“Those kids!” Major Ubel exclaimed, slamming his hat onto his knee. “Just when we think we’re
close they slip away.”
“How do you know?”
“Look,” he pointed to the small nearly undetectable path they had been following for the last two
miles. “It disappears!”
“This is vhen ve need Vilhelm! He could track a rabbit and it never got avay.”
“Isn’t there some way we could get ahold of him?”
Major Ramond shook his head, “No, and he probably vouldn’t do us much gut now. By the time
he got here they vould be over the boarder. Ve should split up.”
Major Ubel nodded in agreement. “You keep going here and I’ll go further south.”
Without another word they both mounted their horses and continued on their way after the

“We haven’t gotten very far.”
“Don’t worry; we’ll get there when it counts.”
“And just when is that, Arnold? Listen, I don’t know why I let you talk me into this. I don’t know
the guy, in fact, I don’t even know why you’re after him like this.”
“I’ll keep this simple. You’re with me because I want you to be. I know enough about you to get
you thrown into jail for life. And let me remind you, I’m not out after Wilhelm. I’m out to hurt him.
I’m not out for his life; I’m out to make him suffer.
“But why? What exactly did he do to you?”
“Just be quiet, Stevan! If I wanted you to know, I would've told you!” Arnold exclaimed.
“Simmer down, I just want to know why we’re out here trying to get ourselves killed.”
Arnold smiled a sinister smile as he spurred his horse onward. “It’s enough to say I know his
secret,” he called out over his shoulder.
Stevan shook his head in confusion. What’s a secret have to do with anything? He wondered.
Major Ramond rode further into the woods. What will I do if I find them? Was the question that
continued to repeat itself. Strangely enough, and for some reason he couldn’t explain even to
himself, he was hoping they wouldn’t find them. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts.
Life had suddenly become so confusing. Just a couple months ago it had been so simple.  So
easy.  A united Germany, a strong leader, and the German people once again with an army to
protect them. But. . . then, then something had changed. New orders came, orders to eliminate the Jews, anyone who wasn’t pure German. He had followed them without question. . .until...until he had actually met two of the many “faces” he had been told to eliminate. That was when he had begun to doubt. How could two children do anything to endanger the Third Reich? He had fought it, trying to convince himself that Hitler knew best, that what he was doing was best for
Germany. But the doubts grew. Every day spent with Helena, every contemptuous look she
gave him caused him to wonder. Was this right? How could it be right?
Every rank he had gained by following orders, by being heartless and cruel, by killing people
meant nothing to him as he tirelessly searched for the answer.
Then Ubel had come, once again convincing him that the cause they were fighting for was right;
was good, even honorable. After all, weren’t they fighting for the rights of their country? Yes, he
had allowed himself to be reassured. He had chosen to ignore the small prickle of doubt that
grew larger every passing day. But now, alone, he could ignore it no longer.
Yet he also knew the other side of the problem. Those who left the Wehrmacht were thought to
be disloyal. He was a Major, and he knew that those who had gotten this high in the Third Reich

would be dealt with harshly as an example to others.
He sighed as he stopped the horse by a small clear stream. Bending down he took a long drink, the cool water felt good going down his parched throat. He sat up and looked around. The night was so beautiful, so innocent. The dark, clear sky shone with a bright moon, the clear stream in front of him reflecting the moonlight as well as the bright blue stars. In less than an hour dawn would creep up over the hills, sending a bright orange blaze over everything in sight. His horse nickered and he smiled. Tonight wasn’t a night to be chasing people; tonight was a night to be lived to be enjoyed. If only he could. Suddenly the beauty of the night was lost as he remembered the duties pressing on him. He stood and was about to mount the horse when he stopped suddenly. I’m sure those bushes moved! He took a few steps closer before realizing what it was he stared at , no who it was he stared at. He stopped stock still. His mind willing him to walk forward but his body deciding otherwise. It can’t be!
At that moment there were a flurry of hoofbeats as two men rode into the clearing. The moon
illuminated the insignia on the uniform of the first man and Ramond, suddenly jolted back into
action, snapped a quick salute as the Colonel dismounted.
Helena sat motionless, keeping her eyes on the bright moon. Her eyes followed it’s path, all the
way down to where it reflected in the clear water of the stream. It’s beautiful, she thought. So
quiet and peaceful! She closed her eyes and listened to the soothing sounds of the
forest. Suddenly she opened her eyes, looking frantically around for whatever had made that
sound. At that moment a horse and it’s rider rode into the clearing. She desperately tried to press
herself deeper into the bushes. The man dismounted and walked toward the stream, leaving the
shadows of the trees. Helena gasped as she saw his face. It was the second time she had seen
it on a moonlit night; Major Ramond.
She sat holding her breath as he drank from the stream. Then he sat up and stared at the moon.
Helena willed him to move, but he didn’t. For what seemed like forever he sat there, never
moving, the same thoughtful look on his face. Then, to her surprise, he smiled as he took a deep
breath of the clear air. He actually looks happy! She thought with surprise. Then, as though
something had reached out and touched him, the moment was shattered and the mask once
again slid over his face, hiding any emotion. He stood and turned to his horse. Helena, realizing
that he was looking in her direction, moved back. Instantly she knew she had made a mistake as
her terrified eyes met his. He knows I’m here! He stood there, never taking his eyes off her. At
that moment two other men rode into the clearing. Helena shrank back in terror as she realized
one of them was also a Nazi. But not only that, he was a Colonel.
“Hello, Major.” Arnold said as he dismounted.
“Vell, hello Colonel, sir.”
Arnold walked around looking closely at the surrounding trees. “We’re out looking for two
children that were under your custody, assuming you’re Major Ramond.”
“Uh, yes sir. In fact, Major Ubel and myself are out looking for them now.” Ramond nervously
wiped the sweat from his forehead. He hadn't expected his superior to be checking up on him.
“You seen any sign of them?”
Major Ramond glanced at the bushes where he knew Helena was hiding. Suddenly he made a
decision. There was no reason for the Colonel to find her; Helena had suffered enough already .
“No, no sir. Haven’t seen any sign of them.”
Arnold stopped walking and looked at him, “Are you sure of that.”
Major Ramond nodded. “Yes, sir.”
“Alright then. I’ll let you resume your search and we’ll resume ours.” Ramond gave him a salute
as they rode off then glanced over to the bushes. Yes, he knew what he had to do.


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