Monday, May 30, 2016

Contest winners + Memorial day

Hello all! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend thus far! And .. Today's memorial day!!! Which means ... the results for the Writers Unite writing contest! I had so much fun being part of judging this contest. I want to thank everyone who sent in stories; you guys all did a really good job! And I also want to thank Soleil for letting me be a part of this wonderful contest, as well as all my fellow judges. It was amazing be able to work with you guys and I enjoyed it immensely! 
Okay.  I'll not make you wait any longer ... the winners are *drumroll*

1st place: In Honor By Rebekah Eddy
2nd Place: I did it for you By Blessings Counter
3rd. Place: Katie's War by Kaitlyn K.

Congrats!!! I love each and every one of your stories. ;) You should receive an email later today, if you haven't already received one!

So, now that the fun stuff is over ...

Today is Memorial day! A day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Those who were willing to die for our freedom.  

Guys, think about it.

The reason we are able to live in the peace and freedom that we have is because someone else was willing to die for us!
Of course, Jesus also made the ultimate sacrifice when he died for us. In Christ we are free from the bondage of sin! 


The one word holds so, so much. 

I was scrolling through pinterest the other day when I saw a picture with rows and rows of white crosses against a brilliant green blanket of grass. Come to find out, this was a picture of the Normandy memorial. The crosses that were placed for all those who did not make it through the D-Day landings. 

These pictures got me to thinking, and I wrote a short poem. (I know, I'm not the best at poetry! I wrote one last year as well, and you can read it here.) But I wanted to put into words something of the sacrifice these men gave. So ... here it is. I hope you enjoy, and have a blessed memorial day. 

So many crosses stretched out in front of me.
It seemed that twas all, as far as eye could see.
The sun was shining bright, a brilliant topaz blue,
While all around me, a gentle breeze blew.
It seemed so wrong, I thought,
These men all had fought,
With gray skies overhead,
While on the beaches they tread.

The sight of the crosses marking each grave,
Made my mind wander to an empty grave.
Christ died on a cross, that we might from sin be free,
And live with Him for eternity.

The tears came, as I looked at the names,
That marked each cross above the graves.
Someone loved each one, I know,
And the loss of a life is a terrible blow.
Yet each one of these men, died for me.
They gave their lives, that I might be free.

In return I have an obligation,
To those who gave their lives for this nation.
To treasure freedom, and uphold what’s right,
To stand for justice, for truth and light.

The memory of their sacrifice should never leave our mind,
For our freedom, their lives they signed.
All gave some, but some gave all,
They were willing to die,
For freedom, for Justice, for liberty.
For God and country, that they loved above all.

I pray that we may never forget the price they paid for our freedom. Freedom isn't free; the price is high. Yet some were willing to pay that price. 

I hope you have a blessed Memorial day 2016! 


  1. Great post!! And love the poem :) It certainly gets one thinking (btw, your poem is way better than ones I've written. Lol)!

    1. Thank you! :) And poems are hard to write! You don't want to know how much time I spent on this one. ;P
      I'm sure yours are great! :)

  2. Wonderful poem! Such truth. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  3. Wow. Not only am I super excited to have won first place...that was unexpected!!...but also, what a wonderful reminder. I loved your poem. <3

    1. YES, YOUR POEM WAS AWESOME! So deserved 1st place! ;)
      Thank you! I think it's something we need to be reminded of often.

  4. That poem... *sniff, sniff* Sooo beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks, Faith! Glad you enjoyed it. :)