Friday, January 22, 2016

Behind the Scenes: The Silent Blade--part 2

So. . .I didn't get this post up last Friday *sheepish smile* I'm so sorry! It completely slipped my mind. . . I really should start using a planner, that way I'll have all the things I have to do organized in one way or another.
Also, I have gotten The Silent Blade back from all but one of my test readers! Just as soon they're finished, I'll go over the notes from all my test readers and do the final (hopefully) edit! After that I'll order the proof copy! I'm hoping for a late March/early April release date, so we'll see how it all goes! :) 
Anyway, here's the next Behind the Scenes post!

The Setting.

Every story, fictional of non fiction, fantasy or historical, the story has to have a setting. A place where the characters live and where their story is told.
The Silent Blade is set in tenth century Ireland. In the city of Dromiskin, Ireland, to be more exact.

View of the Irish Sea from the coast of Dromiskin.  Picture found via the internet.
 Dromiskin is one of the most historical towns within the county Louth. For hundreds of years it was home to a monastery, which tradition says was once visited by Saint Patrick. During the ninth and tenth century, Dromiskin was plundered and raided again and again, both by the Vikings and the Irish. The raids and plundering eventually destroyed the monastery and dispersed the monks. The city was eventually destroyed in 1043.

Ruins of Dromiskin, Ireland. Picture found via and internet.

Close up of the monastery tower. Picture found via the internet.
To this day the ruins of the monastery can be seen in Dromiskin, including one of the ancient Celtic crosses.

Irish sea. Picture found via the internet.

So. . .there you have it! This beautiful place is where The Silent Blade is set. I've found out so many fascinating things about the city, and one of my dreams is to visit it sometime. :)

What do you find most fascinating in a story setting? If you write, where is one of your stories set?


  1. I love Ireland...*sigh* I can see why you chose this as your setting, it's gorgeous! :)

    1. We should totally visit together someday! That would be so much fun!!!

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  3. Hey Jesseca. Here's your prompt for the Flash Fiction Challenge!! :)

    The 1,000 word count is fine (and ignore the previous comment, 'kay?)

  4. Sooooo pretty!!! I really want to visit Ireland one day...along with the rest of Europe. ;)
    So far all my stories are set in the good ol' US of A. ;) But a story of folks on a deserted island sounds appealing.... B-)

    Thanks for sharing, Jesseca!

    1. Hehe, yeah. Someday I'll visit all the different places I've set me stories!! :D
      Oh, a deserted Island? Do tell, what story is this???

    2. Um, yeah. ;) Probably "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". xD

  5. A most beautiful setting! I have stories set in a variety of places, mostly the U.S. though. I'd love to write one set elsewhere. Here I go, ANOTHER story to add to my "to do" list. Sigh. Well, having a list 20 ideas long isn't too bad, is it? lol.

    Country settings, rather than city, intrigue me. Pretty much anywhere where there aren't a ton of people. Haha, pretty much reflects who I am. Thanks for posting! I'm excited for more "behind the scenes."

    1. Hehe, nope. ;) I have a tone of story ideas that maybe *someday* I'll get to. ;)
      Yeah, I tend to enjoy country settings as well! In fact I don't think I've ever set any of my stories in a very big city. ..oh, except London. That's pretty big. ;)