Saturday, December 16, 2017

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas shopping

Y'all, I'm back with a new post for The Twelve Days of Christmas! And today we're talking about Christmas Shopping! We all do it, right? (I mean, unless you're the Grinch. Pretty sure none of y'all fit that category. ;))
So here is a rather humerus take on what to do (and what not to do) when you go shopping. trust me, I've learned from experience.

Do . . . 

-Get a cup of coffee from Starbucks. This is so totally necessary. We all know you need that peppermint flavor and caffeine to get you through it.

-Make sure you have at least one shopping buddy. It's no fun to go alone.

-Get coupons. Because do people really spend $6 on a 5oz bottle of lotion?!

-Make a list before hand. Trust me, it'll make it so much easier.

-And while you're making your list, sketch out a budget. It's helpful.

-Make sure you walk past the food court so that even if you weren't hungry before, you will be by the time you leave.

-Get into conversations with a stranger. Even if it's nothing more then "What are your plans for Christmas?" Not only is it polite, it also shows others that there are people who care. And maybe they haven't' experienced that before.

-Go shopping with a friend at least once. Seriously, guys. It's so much fun.

-Have fun

Don't . . . 

-Do it all in one day. Not only will you exhaust yourself, you'll probably get stressed and that takes the fun out of it all.

-Have too much caffeine. That may do more harm then good.

-Take all your siblings to more then one store. Seriously, all eight of us going to more then one place threatens to be disastrous. Especially when we go without mom.

-Try and avoid a certain song. Because it's just the rule that the song you hate will be the one that plays in every. single. store.

-Get into a wreck on the way to the mall. Just, don't. Yes this happened to me. Yes I'm okay. Yes I probably totaled me vehicle.  Lesson learned. Don't take Kellogg at rush hour. (Also, could y'all pray for someone who was taken to the hospital in critical condition? I don't know them, but there were four wrecks on the same mile of  road last night.)

And there is a complete list for y'all of the dos and don't of Christmas shopping. They were all totally serious.  What are some things you would add to the list?