Friday, December 15, 2017

Writing Update: It's finished

Okay, so y'all. As of 11:59 last night (yes, I literally cut it close) I finished the first draft of A Question of Loyalty. As of now it sits at 68,259 words, making it the longest book I've ever completed.
I can't even begin to tell y'all how much this book has impacted me, or how much I've learned from it. It seems kinda strange to be saying that about a book that I've written, but it's true. It seems that each time I begin a new writing project, God takes it and turns it into something I never expected, teaching me timeless lessons in the process.

This one ended up taking a complete 180 turn from what I had originally planned for it. And I'm still sitting here wondering exactly what happened. This story took me places I had never dreamed of going. Originally, the focus of the book was Normandy. But in reality, Normandy ended up being only a small part of it. This book took me inside concentration camps, and beneath the shadow that had fallen over Germany when Hitler was in power. Issues such as abortion came up, as well as the age old question of 'is it right to take a life, in order to save others?' And the writing of the book sent me back to the Bible, searching the scriptures for the answers to the questions. I'm not sure writing a book has ever challenged me so much. And I'm incredibly thankful that it did.

So now, the war is over. And to be honest, the ending was one of the hardest to write. Because I'll never write these character during WWII again. (Which is sad y'all. Just saying.)
The book is going to require several edits, and probably a few changes, but for now it's finished. (and hopefully y'all won't kill me when you read it.) It's a story of hope. beauty amid pain, and love. Salvation. Redemption. Sin. Depravity of human nature. And the grace and truth of God that brings light even into the darkens places in human history.

If y'all want a flavor for the story, listen to this song. It sums up the story so, so well. And then listen to the entire Band of Brother's soundtrack. Like, seriously. It's been weird how well the songs have fit this book. Almost as if they were written to accompany it.

Anyway. Yes, that's how writing has been as of late for me. I hope y'all have an amazing weekend, and I'll see you back here tomorrow. ;)


  1. Wow!!!!! Sounds awesome, Jesseca. Seriously. :)

    1. And congrats on finishing, BTW! I know that's such a great feeling. ^_^

  2. Yay! Congratulations!! It sounds like an amazing book and I can't wait to read it! Also, the Band of Brothers soundtrack is THE BEST. One of my favorite soundtracks ever. <3

  3. Congrats a million times over, my dear! <3 Was that really only two months ago we sprawled on my bed and brainstormed this one? Or rather you did and I listened? *wink* So happy for you!! <3

  4. My word, Jesseca! This is such an incredible milestone! :D Congratulations on this! I'm torn as to how I should feel right now. Only one more book to read about the awesome characters in your series...but also super excited that you were able to complete this big project at last! I cant wait to have the completed series on my shelf to drool over. ;) Way to go, Jess!! <3

  5. WAHOO!!!! That is so awesome!! Congratulation's!!!! Seriously, that is amazing how long the book ended up! I can't wait till it's published!!

  6. I am SO EXCITED for you! Unbelievable!

  7. Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to reading it someday - those type of stories that deal with deep questions are my favourite.

  8. *fangirls squeals* OH MY GOODNESS JESSECA!!! CONGRATSSSSSS!!! I am so excited to read it! :D :D :D