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Character Spotlight--Aaron O'Kelly and Trent Kane

Here's two more character spotlights for y'all! ;)

Aaron O'Kelly is what you would call Kevin's right hand man. He has been with Kevin since the beginning  and is very loyal to his friend. When Kevin is gone, the men respect him as the person in command and Aaron doesn't take that lightly. He's about Kevin's height and he has brown, wavy hair and blue eyes. He as, like Kevin, a master with the sword.

“No, Kevin. It what he wants. Can’t you see that?” Aeden, the leader of the three mysterious men pulled him around to face him. “Once Merek knows he has your siblings, he’ll not go looking for you anymore because you’ll come to him. He knows how you feel about your family. The most natural thing would be for you to try and get them back.
Kevin stared at him for a long moment, his eyes flashing, “They are my siblings. Whether you come or not is up to you, but I’m going. We all know where they’re headed, am I right?” he glanced around the circle of men. One by one they all nodded.
“Of course, Kevin. We all know where they’d go and Merek knows that we would know.It’s what he’s counting on.” Aaron said exasperated.
“Don’t you see? It’s a trap, Kevin. And you're just going to walk straight into it?”
It was Kevin’s turn to be exasperated, “What do you take me for? What have we been trying to do for the last four years? Get Merek of course! Now he’s given me a perfect excuse to do it. We’ll get Willem and Eira back and at the same time, we’ll get Merek.”
“How? We don’t have enough men and you know it. Merek has a band of followers that are there to carry out his every wish.”
“We’re three more then we were before.” Kevin stubbornly replied. Aaron shook his head in defeat. When an O’Brien made up his mind, there was no stopping him. It was either go along for the ride or else. He chose to go along for the ride.-Excerpt from The Silent Blade

“Aaron, we can’t just stand here and let this happen!” Patrick, one of the men who had come with Kevin sputtered in frustration.
Aaron, his hand on the hilt of his sword, glanced back the way Kevin had left. Everything that was in him agreed with Patrick. How could they stand there and let their leader be taken by the enemy?
He glanced over at Diarmuid and caught his eye. Diarmuid shook his head slightly and Aaron sighed. Why should Diarmuid be the one who told them what to do? He hadn't been with Kevin those four years. Yet, if he was honest with himself , he knew Diarmuid was right. If they stormed into Merek’s camp now, they wouldn’t have a chance of winning. God, please be with Kevin, and be with us. Guide our steps. He silently prayed before turning to Patrick.
“We’ll wait until Cian gets back with Aeden and Casimir. If we try to attack now, we’ll be slaughtered and that wouldn’t be of any help to Kevin.”
At that moment the sentry turned, “Cian is back.”
Aaron turned as both he and Diarmuid hurried toward the edge of the forest where Cian could be seen returning with the other four.
Aaron started when he saw Willem, Why he looks more like he could be Kevin’s twin! The brothers had the same reddish-blond hair, green eyes and muscular build as well as a height that well exceeded six feet. He smiled slightly as he realized the fact that is was Willem and Eira that were twins; the two looked nothing alike.--Excerpt from The Silent Blade

Trent is one of Kevin's men. He was trained in swordsmanship by Kevin and is one of the most trusted among the men. He has a quick and ready sense of humor, yet within a moments notice can be turn serious and focused. He is tall with broad shoulders and dark hair. Though he is one of the younger men, he has proven himself to be worthy of the trust Kevin has placed in him.

“So, how long have you known Eira?” Trent asked as they neared Merek’s camp. Casimir sighed. The whole trip he had desperately tried to avoid the subject, but it seemed Trent would not let it go.
“I’ve known Willem my whole life, we were best friends when we were younger. Eira is his twin sister and she was always tagging along. So I’ve pretty much known her my whole life as well.”
“You must be pretty good friends?” There was no doubt to what Trent was suggesting.
“Yes, we’re friends. And that’s all.” There was also no doubt to what Casimir’s voice was trying to get across. Trent ignored the warning tone and continued.
“She seems like a nice girl. I mean, I really don’t know her to well, but I think she's nice. It’s too bad you’re going to have to let her down, I mean, I don’t know about you, but I think our chances of getting to the cave in once piece are pretty slim.”
“I think your chances of getting to the cave alive dropped drastically  the moment you opened your mouth.”
Trent grinned, “Sorry, I can tell you're not to fond of teasing. It’s just there’s not really much else to do and you’re the only person around to tease. I usually try to find someone who is a little more agreeable if you know what I mean.”
Casimir clenched his teeth. Who did this guy think he was? And how in the world did Kevin put up with him? Whirling around, he stopped, “If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet! We are attempting to rescue Kevin who is being held by a madman who is out for revenge. Can we please stop all this idle talk and focus on the task in front of us?”
Trent took a step back, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was bothering you so much. Of course, I’ll be quite.”--Excerpt from The Silent Blade

Trent glanced at the heavy green foliage around them ,”I think we should get closer. We need to be able to keep an eye on what’s happening.”
Casimir cautiously agreed, “Alright, but we can’t get too close. Merek may have guards out, in fact, unless he’s crazy, he will have guards out.”
They slowly crept closer to the camp, being careful to stay hidden behind the trees and bushes. Presently they came to a place where they could clearly see that fire, but still stay hidden. Casimir put a finger to his lips as the sounds of voices drifted across the night air.
“I’m heading in,” Rowen set the cup down on the hot stones, “You planning on staying up?”
Merek noded, “I told the men they didn't have to stay up and watch. Henry and I can do it tonight.”
“But shouldn't you have someone watching the woods?”
“I can see them from here,” Merek snapped.
Rowen shrugged, “Alright. I’ll see you two tomorrow morning.”
He stood up, then disappeared into one of the huts.
Casimir and Trent exchanged a glance. There are no other guards! Casimir could hardly believe it. He glanced back towards the fire. Kevin still sat on the ground tied to one of the smaller trees.
“I hope you’re mighty good with your sword,” Casimir whispered to Trent.
“I am, what is your plan?”
“I’m estimating that by the time they realize we’re there, we’ll have about thirty seconds before anyone else is alerted. I’ll rush in there and try to distract them; you cut Kevin’s rope and get him out of there. Don’t look back, just go. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.”
“Casimir, are you sure?”
“It’s the only way. Now, lets do it.”
Trent nodded.
Casimir stood and advanced toward the fire, coming in behind Henry and Merek. He was about five feet away when he stepped on a dry twig. It snapped beneath his weight and both Merek and Henry turned. Stay in the shadows where they couldn't see him, Casimir stayed hidden as they both stood and unsheathed their swords, walking slowly toward him. Casimir glanced beyond them and saw Trent silently slip behind Kevin’s tree. Now If only I can keep their attention.
He reached out the tip of his sword and expertly knocked the sword out of Henry’s hand, it landed with a clang on the rocks.
Merek turned, seeing Casimir for the first time and lunged toward him. Casimir ducked from the blow and brought his own sword up, catching Merek by surprise and causing him to take a step backwards. In between dodging Merek’s blade and wielding his own, he saw Trent disappear into the woods, Kevin draped over his shoulder. Perfect! Now if only I can get away before anyone else comes!
Henry had retrieved his sword and Casimir was trying to dodge one blade at the same time he raised his to detract the second blow . Alone, neither of them would have been to difficult, but together they were almost unbeatable. Casimir glanced toward the huts. The other men had been awakened; it was time to get out of here.  With a mighty thrust he brought his sword up and hit both blades, then dropped to the ground and rolled out of the way as Merek’s sword came crashing down. Hastily he sheathed it, then began to run. At that moment he felt a searing pain tear through his side. The edge of Henry’s blade had caught him below his right shoulder. Tucking a hand around himself in an effort to staunch the flow of blood, Casimir continued to run, Merek close behind him. The blood was trickling through his fingers and he felt himself beginning to weaken. A short burst of speed caused him to gain ground, but then he began to feel faint. He slowed, searching for a place to hide. He slipped to ground at the same time he heard a voice call his name. Looking up, he saw Trent running toward him.
Casimir shook his head, “No--Kevin. Stay--with--Kevin.”

Trent paid no mind and reached an arm underneath his shoulders. The last thing Casimir was aware of, was being picked up and carried as a searing pain shot through him and he slipped off into unconsciousness. --Excerpt from The Silent Blade


  1. I absolutely love Trent and Csimir's argument. It's hilarious! I want to read this book sooooooo badly!!!!!
    Are you planning on publishing it?
    Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. I agree with Jordan, Jess. You should so publish this one!

    2. I've thought about it. It'll take a while, but I'm hoping to get it published! ;)

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    1. Oops! Meant great, not Greta.

    2. I'm glad you like them! ;)

  3. Ahhhh! Hurry and finish this story Jesseca, I love, love, LOVE it!!! And I haven't even read all that much of it... ;)

    1. I'm trying!!! I'm almost finished! :D I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

    2. Really? That's awesome! How close are you to being done with writing it?