Friday, July 24, 2015

Character Spotlight--Anna McGowan

Okay, last character spotlight! Sorry it took me so long to get it up, I was having trouble with the computer this morning. :)

Anna McGowan is Willem and Eira's older sister, though she's younger then Kevin. She is quite and unassuming, not often saying a lot, but thinking a great deal. She is married and lives nearby. She has the same black hair and blue eyes as her younger sister and is very close to her siblings. Anna is not a main character in the book, but she's vital to the plot! There weren't very many dialogue scenes with Anna, and those that there were gave away to much. ;) So here's one where Willem and his father are talking about Anna.

Willem sighed as he stacked the last of the herbs in their proper locations on the shelf. Once they were dried, they would be crushed and ground to powder then given to his father patients as medicine.
“Are you done?” Gavin ducked through the doorway as he entered the room. At six feet five, it wasn’t hard to see where Willem had gotten his height.
“Yes, papa. I’ve just finished.”
“Ahh, good! You’ll make a fine doctor someday, son, a fine doctor! Your mother has the evenin’ meal about ready. Why don’t you go and find your sister.”
“Eira? I thought she and Casimir came back when we did.”
“Aye, so they did, but when Casimir went home Eira left again. Probably went out for one of her afternoon rambles. You know how she is.”
Willem grinned as he leaned over the basin of water, “I do.”
At that, Gavin laughed, “I don’t need to be remindin’ you about your sister. You probably know her better than any of us, Anna and Kevin included!”
At the mention of the two older O'Brien siblings, Willem turned, “How is Anna doing?”
“Oh, she’s doin’ all right I expect. She’s near her time, though, and I know both her and Michel are looking forward to meetin’ their new little one.”
"Has she had any word from Kevin?"
Gavin shook his head, "No, and we can only assume that no news is good news. I wish she could have been spared all this. She needs to be able to live her life without fear of. . .him."
Willem nodded as he dried his hands on a clean cloth, then took the basin and tossed the water outside, “Well, I can smell supper so I’d better go and find Eira. We’ll be back soon.”
At his father's nod, Willem stepped out into the calm, cool night. He stopped for a moment as though trying to figure out where his sister had gone. Then, making up his mind, he started towards the grove of trees

I hope you all have enjoyed the character spotlights!
Now that I've finished, who is your favorite character and why? *smiles* I can't wait to hear!! :D


  1. I like Anna. :) She's really pretty and that picture is perfect! At first I was like "McGowan? I thought she was Kevin, Eira, and Willem's sister." Then I thought, "duh! She's MARRIED!!" Lol. ;P

    Kevin is still my favorite. I really like the big, protective brother characters!

  2. AHHHH! I can't choose!!! Can I say that they're all favorites? (Well, except the bad guys of course... that kinda goes without saying... :P) I really enjoyed reading all the character spotlights, and I look forward to reading the book! :D